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UForums: The Knights Who Say Yis (Canceled)



  • @Loreteck (It's cool, that's one of the nice things about Forum RPG's; you can go back in time slightly.)

    Zazzs, realizing the worst Hat Rat is the large one, casts Ignite as a Counter Spell on the Large Hat Rat, stunning them. Barney isn't Poisoned, but still takes 110 Damage from being bitten by a bunch of Hat Rats. Barney is not poisoned. (But is still forced to Death Roll, and he still gets the sickness.)
    @Jj_TeRroR_jJ After playing her song, Lucy barks out orders and moves up closer to the Hat Rats.

    @Pufflemore Robrick, still on Claire's Arm, Blockades himself, and will be unable to take Damage this Round. He then casts Stageshow on himself, setting up a street magic-like show where he holds some cards out for people to pick. "PLEASE TAKE A CARD, ANY CARD. SQUEAK." It says in a very crunched voice.

    Claire then holds up Robrick to protect his Stageshow. Despite Clair being the smallest person here, her holding Robrick up will make it impossible to do any damage to Robrick.

    @Gushy48 (It's fine, this is a learning process. :p ) Blade, still riding Blade, moves closer to the Hat Rats. Blade the Horse draws a Random Spell, drawing custom card. (Where would you like to cast this?)

    Then Blade reads his Scriptures of Arcane; because he Critically Succeeds twice, he reads custom card and custom card. (If you want, you can Siggneeos Doom Clock. :p )

    @Toruk Drew, realizing the situation is bad, casts Thick Hide on Barney and the little Hat Doorrat. Both of their hides become very tough, and they will be immune to Basic Damage for the remainder of this Combat. Then Benny the Inkblot Hat Rat runs near the Hat Rats, and casts Rubberspell twice. The first time is successful, dealing 20 Damage to all of the Foe Hat Rats. His second attempt would have Critically failed; however, Barney, being a Paladin, forces a Re-Roll the first time an Ally Critically Fails. Benny is then successful, and throws another Rubberspell dealing 20 more Damage and killing most of the Hat Rats off, with only the Big Hat Rat remaining.
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    Death Web on that big Hat Rat boi
    Now, I'll like to use Siggy on Yurokium and just go ham with Death Rolls. 

    Wait, does this trigger twice from my wand? If so, hell yeah
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    @Gushy48 (Yes, and you cast 20 of them because of the Melody Crits, so your casting 40 Yurokium Death Beams. Primarily at the big Hat Rat. :P )

    With all the other Hat Rats dead, Blade the Horse casts Death Web, placing it under the large Hat Rat. The Large Hat Rat would Death Roll... But Blade uses his Ssiiggnneeooss to cast Yurokium 20 Times; combined with his Wand of Limited Possibilities, that casts Yurokium another 20 times, casting it 40 times in total on the Large Hat Rat. The Hat Rat dies excruciatingly; every Yurokium destroys another layer of his being, until it is no more. Combat is over.

    (@Murlin22 and @Loreteck, since you didn't get a chance to do any Critting, I will let you guys both have a Crit for the next Encounter. :) )

    Everyone rushes over to Barney, who clearly does not look good.

    "Yis?" Alexia asks.
    (Is everything alright, Hat Rat?)

    "No," Barney says angrily. "Take me to a damn vet now!"

    As everyone stares at Barney, Claire suddenly has a seizure, and falls down onto the ground. Robrick, the Hat Rat Robot, yells "EXECUTING ANTI-SEIZURE MEASURES. PLEASE GIVE PATIENT SPACE." The Robot then produces a rod to shove in Claire's mouth for her to bite down on. Robrick almost makes it to Claire's Mouth. All of a sudden, he runs into an error, and can't complete his process. "OPERATION FAILURE! ABORTING ANTI-SEIZURE MEASURES."

    As Claire has her Seizure, she has one of her Clairvoyant visions...
    In a strange jail, an Elf is escorting an Eye Patched Kobold, wearing a scarf, roughly.

    "Welcome to your new home, rock monkey," The Elf says demeaningly at the Kobold.

    "Thanks, I'm sure I'm going to like it in here," the Kobold says politely. The Elf looks annoyed by this Kobold's happiness.

    "Now, normally," the Elf says a little meaner, "We don't like having you Beasts sharing cells; your too crafty together. But we don't got a lot of room right now, so you're gonna be sharing your cell with another Kobold." The Elf and the Kobold arrive to a Cell. Inside is another Kobold, wearing only a head band and pants. "Hey, Chimera," the Elf says. "You got yourself a Room mate. Treat him better then your last pal, huh?"

    "Kobold..." The Kobold, Chimera, says slightly sinisterly as the Elf shoves the other Kobold in. When the Elf leaves, Chimera says "So, fresh meat. What you in for?"

    "Oh," the Kobold says slightly nervously, "Uh, attempted thievery and, elfslaughter."

    "Elfslaughter?" Chimera says, almost laughing.

    "Y-yes," the Kobold says reluctantly. "I, killed an Elven child, on accident."

    "Man, what kind of pansy ass accidentally kills a Child? What, were you trying to steal cookies from grandma and pushed a little girl a little too hard?"

    "H-hey! I didn't want to hurt anyone! A-and I wasn't stealin' 'Cookies', I was trying to get a Sun Key for some Gnomes!"

    Chimera's smirk fades. "... You were what?" Chimera says sternly.

    "Y-yes, a-a couple of Gnomes and I, we were trying to get this Sun Key thing, from Gwyneth Sunsword, but, things went south, and I-I had to resort to blowing up the Sunsword Headquarters... And that's how Dave's kid died."

    "Hold up!" Chimera says. "You, killed, one of Dave's Kids?"

    The Kobold says dissappointedly. "Yes, I did..."

    Chimera squints, confused by this Kobold. "What's your name, Kobold?"

    "Oh, th-the names, Philhippe. Philhippe the Kobold..."

    (And Legendary Roll. )

    (And 3 for Barney. )

  • (No one got their Legendaries from these rolls, but everyone does get a Legendary Roll for this Encounter, including the Hat Rats.)

    @Gushy48 @Murlin22 @Loreteck @Pufflemore @Toruk @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ;

    "Yis! Yis!" Alexia yells at the rest of the troops.
    (Men, women, get everyone here to a Hospital immediately! Something screwy is going on here. Plus Claire is having another one of her Seizures.)

    With that, the Soldiers start taking everyone to the nearest Hospital and Vet, to make sure everyone is okay.

    (I'll post the first shop in the Morning.)
  • @Pufflemore (I roll for Legendaries, and I already rolled your Clairvoyant Legendary Roll. I don't want to cheat you out of your 20 here, but at the same time you kind of jumped the gun. So what I'm gonna do is a new roll for you; if I roll 11 or more, your 20 will count. If I roll a 10 or less, your 20 will not count.)

  • (So @Pufflemore, who appears to have been destined for this, was the only one to get their Legendary from this Encounter. Congratulations @Pufflemore! And please, don't roll for your Legendary again, or I will give you Sheheight Point. :p )

    (Shop will be posted first thing in the morning.)
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    That's cool.

    Can I have Lucy use her Conjure Fortune before the scenario wraps up? I would've used it sooner, but I was sleeping when this all wrapped up.

    If so, here's the roll for that: , which I would then use my scenario-crit to turn into a crit success for that nice legendary alongside the gold.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ Lucy successfully Crit Casts Conjure Fortune. (Note to self, for future Campaigns, make it only work on Actual Crit Rolls.)

    @Pufflemore, @Gushy48, @Loreteck, @Murlin22, @Toruk Alright, everyone here gets 50 Gold, and @Gushy48 gets an additional 50 for killing the Large Hat Rat.

    *custom card
    *custom card
    *custom card
    *custom card
    *custom card
    *custom card
  • @friskyBrisky
    (Yeah, I am sort of cheesing this using my Dwelf Abilities, but tbh i'd end up using it for my LR otherwise :P).
    Is it +100 gold and Legendary, or +200 Gold and legendary? I'd go with the 100 gold since I kinda cheesed the roll, but maybe you're particularly generous for some reason
  • @friskyBrisky
    Blade is taking that skull. Why? Blade needs them for the skull throne.
  • @friskyBrisky
    I'll have Lucy buy the Rainbow Goop, looking to a possible way of analyzing it for a fresh cure, and the cheese crumbs, as while she can't particularly eat it herself she could give it other purposes.

    Being able to magic up money is useful, and i'll have 1 spare slot in my inventory after this still.
  • @friskyBrisky ;
    i will take the eye because she already got a paw 
  • @friskyBrisky
    I'll take the tail and paw so that we just have every item in the shop.
  • Sorry for no posts today, life got super busy. Tomorrow morning I should be able to post most, if not all, of the day.
  • *I need that hat rat skull. Talking ink skull yes*
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ (I feel generous, let's give you 200 G. :p )

    @Toruk (Not entirely sure the Ink Skull would be able to talk, but we'll see. ;) )

    @Murlin22 (You sure you don't want to buy anything? Also, I won't punish you this time, but next time, you gotta drink your Hush Puppies or you're going to be in trouble.)

    @Pufflemore, @Loreteck, @Gushy48 (All of your purchases have been noted.)

    A few days go by, and reports of the strange infection spread through out all of the Abracadab Kingdom. The City Guards and even the Knights end up having to take care of a multitude of infections, resulting in more and more Hat Rats on the team getting infected. After a few days, Cavalier Alexai Corsai is called to the Royal Court.

    Alexai is lead through the Yis (The Imperial Kremlin) by the most loyal of Dvergrs. Eventually, he is brought into the royal Chamber of the Monarchs. There, talking to one of the many Hat Rats in the Palace, is Queen Mythra Abracadab.

    The Hat Rat scurries away as Alexai and his Hat Rat, Kapharine, kneel before the Queen. (My Queen, Lady Mythra Abracadab,) he says in his native tongue. (My service, eternal, is to you.) The Hat Rat squeaks similarly to what Alexai says.

    (Arise, Alexai Corsai, Cavalier of the Knights of Yis, Lord of Mazdakistan,) Mythra responds in her pleasing voice, (There are very pressing matters to discuss.)

    Alexai stands up. (Yes, My Liege,) he says. (What are these matters?) He then looks around, and realizes the Queen Consort, Abigail the 'Devout' Hat Rat Queen, is not here. (... And, where is the Queen?)

    Mythra sighs sadly. (That is part of the problem. You may have heard rumors of Golestandt's reawakenening. I regret to inform you that these rumors are true; we have received word from the Sunsword Elves. We are to send Soldiers to join the Elves and Grand Paladins immediately.)

    Alexai is a bit surprised. (The Rumors were true, we're entering the 3rd age... Me and my soldiers will be ready to join immediate-)

    Mythra holds her hand out (However,) she says (I know that you have seen Hat Rats, with Rainbow Eyes and spit, biting other Hat Rats and attacking Dwarves.)

    (I have, my liege.)

    Mythra nods. (I have as well. One got in here, and was this close to biting my dear Abigail.)

    (By Thor's Grace!)

    (I sent her to hide in the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry until we get the cure.)

    (A cure?) Alexai is confused by this. (My Liege, I don't mean to insult you, but our attempts to heal these Hat Rats have so far failed. We can keep the infection slowed down, but we can't stop it, not even with Greater Lay on Hands. Once a Hat Rat is bitten, they are doomed to be infected...)

    (That, is where you are wrong, Alexai.) Mythra signals a Dwarf to her. This Dwarf is holding a piece of paper. (Years ago, longer then most of us can remember, a Plague just like this spread across our Kingdom, and almost wiped out the Hat Rat Population. My father, King Mazdak, in desperation to save his Subjects, learned of a thing called 'Moon Wells'.)

    (Moon Wells?)

    (It was rumored that as Phanto died, he cried in pain, and his tears fell from the Skies to various places through out the Realm, creating Moon Wells. These Moon Wells were rumored to cure anything, even Death itself! It was believed that they could even resurrect Phanto, although no one can reach his body.)

    Alexai listens intently, as Mythra continues (My Father learned that one of these Tears may have landed in the Swamp of No. He gathered the bravest warriors in the Kingdom, and sent them in. One of these Warriors, was your Great Grandfather, Jules Corsai.)

    (Great Grandpapa? He was sent into that deadly Swamp?)

    (Yes, as well as many other Brave Dwarves and Hat Rats. Weeks passed, but by Ouro'ras's Grace, they found the Moon Well, guarded by Gumiohs, and returned with a gallon of the Waters. Not only did this cure save most of the Hat Rats of the Kingdom, and wiped out the Plague, the heroism and bravery of these Dwarves is why the Knights Who Say Yis were formed, and why your family leads the Order.)

    Mythra hands Alexai the piece of Paper. Alexai opens it up and sees that it is a Map of the Swamp. (This is the map you will need to go through the Swamp. You and the Knights Who Say Yis must once again save our Peoples from this accursed disease, as you had done once before...)

    (B-but,) Alexai says, (The swamp of No is treacherous, full of dead ends and unstable magic! Handling Ageless is one thing, the Swamp is a death trap for my Knights!)

    (And that is why you have the map. Follow it to the letter, and you should remain safe.) Mythra puts a hand on Alexai's shoulder. (Can I count on you and your Knights?)

    Alexai thinks for a second, then nods.

    (Good luck, Lord Corsai. May Quintara Lotus' give you her favor.) Alexai is led out, as Mythra turns around, trying not to show her fears and worries of losing her Hat Rat peoples, as well as her Wife, to this disease...
  • (@Jj_TeRroR_jJ, @Pufflemore, @Gushy48, @Murlin22, @Loreteck, @Toruk)

    Alexai returns to the Barracks and informs his Knights of their mission; to go to the Swamp of No and find the Moon Well within it, gain a Gallon of the Well Water, and return with it. Fortunately for them, they have a Map that would take them directly to the Well in 3 Days. And they're going to need it; Barney, Robrick, Drew and the Hat Doorrat have all been feeling under the weather after their bites. Especially Barney, who has become irritable and a bit violent lately.

    After a day of gathering supplies, the Knights Head out. As they leave their Barracks, a large parade is being held by the city for the Soldiers. They had been ordered to join the Sunswords and Grand Paladins to go fight the Ageless Thralls Golestandt will create. Many young Dwarves and Hat Rats march, and even more wave and cheer, casting spells in the air and throwing pieces of paper to celebrate the righteous cause.

    The Knights, however, will get no celebration, as that is beneath them. Instead, the quietly march out of town, and into the Swamp.

    By night fall, the Knights make camp in a secluded semi-alcove near a lake. Barney (@Loreteck) is already asleep in his tent, feeling worse today then he has. The Hat Doorrat (@Murlin22) is sleeping uncomfortably in his hat, shaking from cold and feeling hot at the same time. Robrick (@Pufflemore) keeps getting errors from even the simplest of tasks, and Drew's (@Toruk) Ink is feeling a little on the dry side.
  • @friskyBrisky
    "I had hoped that I would never need to return back to this swampland... I was so hopeful that the plague was gone for good, but it had to return... I can still recall some of the struggles I had to go through with the soldiers back then..."
    Lucy says somberly, fully remembering the struggles that the first time this swamp gave.
  • @friskyBrisky
    *Clair nervous pets Robrick and ever once in a while checking on the Gornton software he has to see if the virus is being slowed by it and fixing do some troubleshooting to see if she can get some functionality back
  • @friskyBrisky
    Ah yes I’ll drink some hush puppies as a stumble along. And yeah I’m not buying anything that’s my hush puppy money
  • @friskyBrisky
    "Swamps are bad for blades and Hat Rats. I remember a story where there was an ogre and a donkey living together in the swamp. Terrifying things."

    Blade looks at Blade Rat, checking up on how he's doing.
  • @friskyBrisky
    Zazz just grumbles in his sleep about how stupid the knight's order is and how he hates parades.before sighing and getting back up"Stupid swamp, not even the zaaz can stand the stench of this place to get a good night sleep."
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    @Murlin22 (Okay.) Relmar successfully drinks his Hush Puppies, getting drunk while his Hat Doorrat suffers in his hat.

    @Pufflemore The Gnorton Anti-Virus Software is barely doing anything. The Errors just keep coming, and Robrick has had to been (soft) reset twice since the attack.

    @Gushy48  Blade the Horse Hat Rat is a little spooked by the wet, smelly, dark and gloomy swamp, but is otherwise fine. He has not been bitten, so he's not sick.

    @Loreteck "Noh," Alexai says to Zazzs.
    (Now now, no need to complain, we're all in this for the benefit of the Hat Rats, especially yours. He took quite a lot of bites with that Martyr of his.)

    "Yes," Borst says.
    (And we need to avenge our own Hat Rats! Who were, tragically, killed in the attack from those Rabid ones...) Alexai doesn't believe Borst and 'Nastasia's lies, but won't call them out on it yet. He'll reprimend them when they return to Abracadab.

    @Jj_TeRroR_jJ "Yis," Alexai says.
    (It is a good thing, though, that you came with us. It's really useful to have a guide aid us on our travel. Even though we also have this map from my Great Grandpapa.)
  • @friskyBrisky
    Blade feeds him a piece of cheese. "Good boy, eat that cheese up, so you can carry more blades for Blade!"
  • @friskyBrisky
    *she mutters to herself mostly/Robrick 
    ”I wounded how can that goop gave you a computer virus...”
  • @friskyBrisky
    "He only took those hit's because of your knight and how they stupidly ran into the rat's when they had range spells, those idiots! Don't they know what a taunt is,Grrr,anyways The reason why I'm even in this circus show is the cure and cure alone otherwise I would blown this Popsicle stick long ago." he cross his arms"Hmpf,This order has just been nothing but trouble for me and my companion." he flicks one of his hair spikes.
  • @Loreteck
    ”Hey Robrick and Benny got jump by them so what do you mean we all ran into them and got them infected.” *Clair says a bit annoyed 
  • @friskyBrisky
    "Yis, yes."
    (It is in a sense. The swamps have changed since I last was here, but enough remains the same. Care must be taken however. Even when your great-grandfather guided us through this swamp, it was still very dangerous.)
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