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Swordslinger Legendary Class Idea

I made this class because why not. The class starts with 3000 gold because, assuming that these cards would also go into the regular decks, I wouldn't want someone to buy legendary cards for cheap. This class is mainly a combination of Spellslinger and Sharpsword because I really liked Nisovin's character in the one campaign. If you're wondering where the sword part of this class is, the magical revolver shoots swords instead of bullets, but for quite a few of the cards there wasn't enough room for flavor text.

This simply plays off of the six-shooter trope, but gives some generic and meaty power to the class that every legendary class should have.

This is the reason why I made the class. The Zhonyas Hourglass-esque take the player out of combat combined with a steadily increasing chance to die made me think that this card was great. The only worry that I have with it is that it may punish the player in that it stops you from playing the greater game in favor of a mini game, so I added the reward of a really long turn, consisting of all the actions you passed up, if you win. Since the longest that this would last would be three turns, the player shouldn't be taken out of combat for too long. 
P.S. The predetermined deathroll mechanic, if it wasn't clear enough, is meant to allow the player some leeway with how much risk/reward they want, almost like in movies where the trope of a "longshot" comes into play.

I don't remember if Super CC is a thing in season 4, but I feel like its needed for legendary classes.

This ability is meant to give guaranteed, but less than average, damage.

Maybe High rolls should be changed to Naturally Rolled High Rolls/Naturally Rolled Critical Hits. I felt like there wasn't enough to the class so I added this. Maybe the balancing should be around the card's price, like making it 3000 gold so you become a one trick pony. I Know that Rob said he didn't like math, including adding rolls to each other, but I thought that a once per round small number dice would be fine, especially given how rare a legendary class would normally be.

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!


  • Funnily id argue that this class is still way way way weaker then the season 3 base Spellslinger
  • Honestly, the balance on this is a little bit off in my opinion, and the gold costs could use significant revision 

    The weapon is extremely strong for their price, heavily out-damaging the majority of weapons, and in most scenarios is likely to overpower most of the legendary weapons which already exist when it can do (in optimal scenarioes and not counting damage multiplication) 120 damage split between 6 targets. 360 when fully optimised with tripled damage, and per round with circumstances that aren't too challenging to reach. It isn't as powerful as unleashing a Pyroblast on an area, but you can do it every round without needing to think about it much.

    I'd compare this to gherkinsbigbetty, which is 20 damage base to a target which you can attempt twice. It is capable of hitting more targets but requires significantly more work in positioning to utilize due to needing to hit in a line, plus requires 2 attack rolls as opposed to one. 

    Chosen Showdown is quite underpowered due to how severely it can backfire and the high risk to reduced reward. Say you force the loser to Brutal Deathroll:
    • If you win after 3 rounds, you have a 50% chance of killing a single foe, and then gaining 3 actions from the victory. Best-case scenario, you kill a big target/boss, and then wipe a few minions with the use of the weapons of the class. Worst case, you get a couple of bonus actions to use against an otherwise untouched boss.
    • If you lose after 3 rounds, you have a 50% chance of death, and afterwards, the foe gets 3 actions to immediately use against the party. Best case, it's a minor foe, you survive the Deathroll and they spend their actions failing. Worst case, you're now dead, and the big foe on the board now has gained multiple actions to then lay waste into the rest of the party.
    This also doesn't account for the fact that during this time, the rest of the party can't touch this foe, and you wouldn't be making use out of the powerful weapons you have due to being stunned at the same time.

    Arcane Gun Polish quite simply is not worth 600 Gold. It is double damage which also carries a blinding effect on it if you high roll. Due to changes to Blind in Season Four however, the moment a foe manages to land a hit through the blindness, they're now immune to blind until the end of combat. Foes might also simply be immune to blind due to items such as being nearsighted or scentedcandle, and when you have comparatively better sources for double damage such as grindstone or the bluntsaxophone. Combined, the card is simply not worth the extreme price tag.

    Distraction as an ability is fine, it's basically converting your regular action into an Anytime Action so that you can react and protect yourself more often, and with a 30% chance of a heal. Gold pricing needs adjustment, which is brought up later in this message.

    All-in for this class is just a repeat, if not slightly weaker version of allin. The difference being that for the Spellslinger, it doesn't have the damage restriction on it.

    Luck at High Noon is really not worth the money. Adding a D6 to a single roll is powerful, it can make any miss into a hit after all, and could possibly let you change the tide of a conflict. The attempt for a once-per-game divinityslash for your attacks is a nice touch too, but when a low roll destroys your weapons and ultimately destroys the use you have in combat for the rest of the game. The risk you take to cause maybe one or two impossible death rolls isn't worth it in the long run.

    The overall cost of the cards is the last major issue. 3000 Gold from a class is too much, legendary or not. The need to make the cards difficult to buy is understandable, but that amount of gold at base ends up breaking economy in the other direction.

    Maybe, instead of buying Arcane Gun Polish, I instead choose to buy giantsbloodaugment and hammeroflight from the shop to deal 50 damage per attack, burning or freezing on each attack and healing an ally for 50 and removing them from danger on each attack. For half of the cost that Arcane Gun Polish would cost. 
    Is that hard to obtain? Yes, but it helps show how much value simply 300 gold can give you.

    I would probably instead go for halving the gold the class earns (to 1500) and completely reorganising the costs of the cards to better match their worth. Arcane Gun Polish I would align to be closer to 100 Gold at the current power level, while the weapon could remain the same price and give two copies of it on purchase.

    Or maybe put in a note on each card where the price is doubled if not the specific class, either could work.
  • I love the idea of legendary classes it adds that extra little flavour 
  • I love the idea of Legendary Classes just being two classes fused into one OP class.
  • *Reads Rawb's post.* Oh, are we getting a Palknight?? Dreamman? Flamejacks?
    Ninja, cool idea^^
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