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UForums: The Knights Who Say Yis (Canceled)



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    @Gushy48 (You are riding him. That's why you don't see him, he's beneath you. :p )

    Blade attempts to read two more times to pull more Random Spells. Unfortunately, the section of the Scroll he is reading has been smugdged, and thus he can't read it.

    Meanwhile, Blade the Horse Hat Rat will pull another spell out of his Regal Top Hat, pulling out custom card, and buffing himself. (Your Horse really likes the light, man. :p )

    @Jj_TeRroR_jJ Big Chedder waddles closer and then pulls a Spell out of his Hat; he casts custom card. Unfortunately (unless you want Cheddar to Run), he isn't close enough to harm anyone with it.

  • @friskyBrisky
    Nah, he's fine wasting it a bit.

    He'll just be wary of his positioning, wanting to avoid being targetted.
    He's timid.
  • @friskyBrisky (Ah. I finally see a target I can attack with either three/four of my actions, four of horis's actions, or four of benny's actions.) 

    Drew would first cast thick hide on Alexia's hat rat, Benny, and robo hat rat. (rolls in order of listed rats)
  • @friskyBrisky
    Okay I would like Barney to cast marytar 

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    @Loreteck (I'm going to have to roll to see if Cynical Barney would do this right now. Above 10 I'll let him do it, although I think that would be OOC for him. )

    Zazzs orders Barney to use Martyr. "Uhhh, boss," Barney says, "I don't think we're gonna need it right now... Plus, you really want me bitten by one of those things? You know that thing spreads infection, right?"

    @Toruk Drew immediately casts Thick Hide on Kapharine and Benny, but fails to cast it on Robrick (the Robo Hat Rat).

    @Jj_TeRroR_jJ Big Cheddar casts the Magic Burst, but Fails to hit anything with it, slightly intimidated by the Plagued Hat Rats and the fighting.
  • @friskyBrisky
    another random spell from mr rat  
  • @friskyBrisky "Come on, give em the one two benny. You too Horis ya big guy. Put up your fists and give them a show!" Drew says with some cheer in his voice, waving his fist around*

    Benny is going to cast Pebble fall twice, splitting up the total 20 damage on the four evil rats (so five each)

    Then Benny is gonna use some of his fantastic ink to cast Rubberspell in such a way it bounces in between the four harrass

    Horis on the other hand is going to shadow tusk the three skeleton hat rats 

  • @friskyBrisky
    Wow okay remember when I said in I control him in battle Don't just invalidate my moves like that and let's do little logical thing here that one, the rats are too far away to hit him and two this distracts the rats from hitting anyone else also he follows without question so there's none of what trying to do ever in the future.
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    @Loreteck (Sorry. You're right; I was out of line doing what I did. Forget the last post with him entirely, and I apologize again, this will not happen again.)

    Barney casts Martyr on himself.

    @Toruk Benny first casts Pebble Fall, hitting the Crazed Hat Rat, and the 3 Skeletons, dealing 5 Damage to each; he tries to do it a Second Time, but Fails. Then he shoots a Rubberspell at the Hat Rat and his fiends, dealing 10 more Damage to each. Finally, Horis casts Shadow Tusk on all the Foe Targets, which kills them all.

    Alexia sheaths his sword. "Yis?!" He yells.
    (What in Quintara's name was that about?!)

    As he Sheaths his sword, however, more Random Hat Rats show up.

    "No!" Yells Gaary the teen Knights.
    (Oh no! We're facing a horde of Ratomon! Quick! Yischoice! Use a Spell on them!)

    "Yis!" The Hat Rat Yells, pulling out a Random Spell. The Hat Rat casts custom card on the Large Hat Rat. It appears to do nothing to it, however.
  • @friskyBrisky
    I move two spaces down and I'm going to hydro flame west of me that group of new hat rat's that decide to join the party

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    Zazzs moves down and casts Hydroflame. All the Rats, somehow, realize what Zazzs is about to do, and all simply roll out of the way, avoiding the Hydroflame entirely. (We have now established that Hat Rats are aware of their surroundings when infected. This is very good to know.)
  • @friskyBrisky
    Alright then I'm just going to put flame burst runes from my southeast,southwest,northeast and northwest of me and that's my turn I guess

  • @friskyBrisky (I can only save one as I believe I have a fourth action?)
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    @Toruk (What are you saving?)

    @Loreteck Zazzs decides to surround himself with Flame Bursts. He places three down, but fails to place a fourth one.

    (I think that all that's left are some of the NPCs. So I'll do those first thing in the morning, and then the Enemies turn, then it'll be back to you guys.)
  • @friskyBrisky
    I can't crit fail.......
  • @friskyBrisky (A hat rat. I can only save one down there from infection if I do have a fourth action)
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    @Loreteck (You're right. My mistake, I was tired when I made that post. I'll fix it ASAP.)

    @Toruk (Ah. Unfortunately, looking over your Character Sheet (which is still a WIP, mind you), you only have 3 Actions.)

    Ashleigh, another Teen Knight, yells "Yis!"
    (Yisachu, use your Hat!)

    The Hat Rat Reaches into their Hat to draw a Random Spell. The Hat Rat pulls out a custom card, which turns into a Flame Burst, releasing a wave of fire that deals 10 Damage to 3 Hat Rats.

    The Lady Knight is going to try to get her Hat Rat to not be intimidated. The Lady Knight sings a small, soothing song to the Hat Rat, which makes it immediately spring into action. It first casts custom card, which deals 20 Damage to half of the Hat Rats, including the big one. Then it uses its own Action and casts custom card at a Hat Rat, killing them.

    Two Knights no one talked to run up to attack the Rabid Hat Rats. One Knight misses, but the other Knight successfully hits with their sword, dealing 5 Damage to one of the Hat Rats.

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    2 Hat Rats will cast Spells on the Rabid Hat Rats. Both are successful, one casts custom card, forcing one of the Hat Rats to do what they previously did, move up. The other Casts custom card, dealing 10 Damage to one Hat Rat and Killing another.

    Borst and 'Nastassia will use their Invisibility Cloaks to go invisible. Both Borst and 'Nastassia go Invisible. 'Nastassia's Invisibility is so good she can not be hit for the next Round of Combat.
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    The Rabid Hat Rats all move into position. One is forced to move further up then they want to, due to Round of Applause. All the Rabid Hat Rats, except the Big one, are going to Bite the nearest Hat Rat they Can.

    The Large Rabid Hat Rat, however, is going to use custom card.

    All but 2 of the Hat Rats successfully Bite, and the Large Hat Rat releases his Poison Cloud. However, because Barney has Martyr on, he will take all of the Damage. Barney takes 120 Damage, and is forced to Death Roll. Barney Survives, but is Poisoned, and his Stability decreases.
    (@Jj_TeRroR_jJ, @Loreteck, @Toruk, @Pufflemore, @Gushy48, @Murlin22)

    @Loreteck Barney starts coughing badly. "Boss, I don't feel too hot," he says. "I've probably got what those Hat Rats got..."

  • @friskyBrisky ;
    Clair and Robrick will try to get in range to cast spells at the hat rats (so about 10 spaces I guess) 
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    Alright, as the turn begins, Lucy will trigger her Melody, trying her damn hardest to get the thread eliminated as soon as possible.

    This will turn all of her allies attacks into Criticals, provided they do not Crit Fail.

    (Accidentally typed in Hot Mix the first time as I was debating which to use first prior to this.)
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    @Pufflemore (Alright, this will require running, which requires rolls. Since Robrick is on your arm, I can have it that you just run and he rides on you.) Claire and Robrick successfully run up, getting within Range to cast any Ranged Spell.

    @Jj_TeRroR_jJ Lucy casts Melody, playing a decent tune on her Afornian that turns everyone's Actions into Critical Successes, so long as they do not Critically Fail.

    "Nice!" Alexia yells.
    (Good job, Lucy! We've got to stop these Hat Rats!)
  • @friskyBrisky
    "Do not let these Hat Rats bite any others! That is an Order!"
    She yells out, sprinting as close as she can to the plagued Hat Rats, and with Big Cheddar following behind her.
    (Sprinting Roll, as i'm quite a distance away. )
  • @friskyBrisky ;
    *Robrick witll blockade and stageshow  
    *Clair withh cast a random spell at the big boi and hold the arm with Robrick on it as high as she can to keep him from being bitten 
  • @friskyBrisky
    I screwed myself with my Higimonser actions lol. I don't have the ability to use them twice because I only got one Spirit Orb.
    Blade Rat will move himself and Blade closer to the 5 Hat Rats down below, using an action.

    Blade Rat will use Regal Top Hat once (one more action). 
    Blade will cast random spells from Scriptures of Arcane twice (two actions left):  

    I'll save the rest for now
  • @friskyBrisky
    Okay you need to wait and not jump the gun cause going to anytime counter spell sloting in ignite to stop the poison attck.

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    You need to give frisky a break. The thread as it is has been a bit slow, he needs to do what he can to keep things moving. It's always been like this, and when you're snapping at him like this for trying to keep the thread moving, it's being a bit rude to him considering he's trying to keep everyone here satisfied, not just you.

    It'd take a month to do a single combat if we wait for every foe to do an action and then pause for a day as he needs to ask 'Okay, is anyone going to interrupt this?'. Not everyone is on at the same time, and for frisky, when he does the foe's turn, it works out easier for him to do the entire turn at once rather than taking a few days waiting for reactions.

    If anything, the way he does this is a benefit as a player because you get to see what could happen and then get to choose if/how you want to counter the ability.

    I'm hoping that you still remember to blur the line between character and player here, because that reaction is what I expect from Zazz the character, not Lore the player.
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    @friskyBrisky (I see a rubber spell opportunity with the amount of bounces)

    Drew is going to cast Thick hide on the talking hat rat and the door hat rat (I wonder where that big one went, and I don't mean cheddar jj)  (WELL THEN) "Hey guys, don't get bit. Being bit is really really bad. But the ink magic should help you a bit! Makes your fur get drawn much thicker so any pain you shouldn't feel! But wow is is draining to cast this, hold on I might need a breather" 

    Drew says as he is jumping up and down in the corner shouting at the hat rats, Benny runs (Not actually run) infront of Drew  and casts Rubberspell twice at the group of mad hat rats down below 

    This is the reroll of the one as I am being told that this can be rerolled: 
  • @Toruk ;

    I think you might be able to reroll that first crit fail on your rat there due to Lore's rat being a paladin.
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