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Should Second Wind take you out of Danger?

Lots of healing spells now take you out of danger - I feel, like bearserk, Second Wind is powerful enough that it should take you out of danger.


A massive dose of adrenline, and fighting through the pain is the healing thing i would say WOULD take you out of danger normally.


  • I think the main issue is that it would be over powered if it did. Generally being able to take yourself out of danger is powerful as there is no longer a way to do it normally without the help of an ally. Having that tied to something that fully heals you and gives you 3 bonus actions would make it extremely powerful. You're right it does make sense from a lore perspective, but my theory is that Rawb didn't include it because of how powerful it would make the ability. 
  • There is, Bearserk is 50 gold and takes you out of danger. There are other abiltiies that do so, such as lotus dew drops and Hydro Pump. Hydro is also spammable.
  • I think from a mechanical perspective, it's more interesting if it doesn't take you out of Danger. The reason Bearserk has that effect is because it gives you incentive to use it later in the combat rather than just being a buff you apply to yourself at the start every time. Second Wind would be a lot bigger of a no-brainer to use, if it could get you out of Danger, whereas it only fully heals stamina if you're not in danger, there's a risk-reward where you have to consider not waiting until your stamina gets too low before using it.
  • I think it makes more sense for a berserker to get themselves out of the danger than warriors because that's how they fight, living life on the edge. They're used to being in danger and are really physically capable people.
  • I'm surprised it doesn't, but i think the idea was to use it before your in Danger. If an attack is about to put you in danger, you get a Second Wind and counter it.
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