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URealms Chibis

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Hey all! The wonderful Boobsmith, @Sixelona, has made some absolutely wonderful Chibis based off of URealms Live Characters! If you are interested in more information on them, you can get some more on this form.


  • @AStar_ There is one that I can not put my finger on. Trying to remember who it is. The characters name at least the character that is next to BruceWillakers who was that supposed to be. They look familiar.It is driving my insane. I oun the poster and I am just going insane. *Mabey to many Blankets of Darkness* BUT..
     Do you think you could help or if you know who it is?

  • @Badger_IronHide Oh, you mean on the "Choose your Destiny" poster? Well, this is a bit of a separate beast, but the character you're thinking of is either Janah Barringster or Virendra Willakers
  •  Janah Barringster Thank you so much
  • Update on these: we have 2 WEEKS left until the order form closes! 
  • Hey all @Sixelona has blessed us with some previews of what the chibis are going to look like! Please Note: Preorders end July 20th! That is about one more week of orders before it will be closed. Take a quick look here -> 
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    Thank you for posting star :heart:

    Here's some tweaks to the darker charms :) Going to invest in one more test batch. Cross your fingers!

    Oh yeah, the bird is from another set, non urealms. If you're curious about him there's info on my twitter ♥
  • Chibi Phineas here I come \o/
  • @Gen yeah they are all so cool!
  • @AStar_ Honestly I wanted them all :( but I have to restrain my wallet xD
    And then there's inshow Donations to think about :P
  • yeah I know @Gen ;
  • Been over 2 months since the last batch of charms orders were completed, and Six is getting ready to prepare some more charms for order very soon, but first you have the ability to VOTE on which charms are chosen! The top 5 will be chosen! Vote here ->
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