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Dead Realms Thread: The S4 Campaign

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Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed todays campaign, leme know what you thought! I wish the cards were more polished and complete, still a lot of work left to do.


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    As much as I miss the amount of content that season 3 had I see the potential of a smaller character creation and think it promotes more working together with other players, and is more accessible to newer players (and easier to manage from a gamemaster / modding standpoint). Overall I'm excited, though as you said yourself some things require a bit of polish.
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    I hope you keep Porc the way it is now. I like the variety of two different companion passives.
  • I like how season 4 is looking
  • There was a campaign today? Heck, I missed it
  • Really liking season 4 so far, but need clarity on one ruling, If you use an anytime/limited ability, can you use it again if you have the anytimes available? Or are those abilities one time use? Otherwise, loving the new merged system, makes choice of actions and stuff valuable and removes so many unnecessary actions!
  • I think because of the arcano lute text you can't use limiteds more than once a combat.
  • @Whoneedspacee ah yes, just read it myself. Thank you!!
  • Looking good so for Rawb, keep it up and can't wait to see a physical release in the future if it comes to it :dank: 
  • Great to have urealms back. Finally able to catch it during the liveshow after 3 seasons.
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    *yeah i did the same thing as Woolfy vvv*
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    *ignore this comment I posted it in the wrong chat*
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