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S4 Seeker Remake

I like Seeker too much to see it go in S4 so I remade it, any feedback will be appreciated since I'll be tweaking these cards so I can use them in my own games. (Thanks to @Sonderp for help with the card links)

custom card
custom card
custom card
custom card
custom card
custom card
custom card (credit to @Dart for the idea for this spell)


  • This is a pretty nice compression of all the 12 S3 seeker cards into 6 while also adding a cool new ability, but I feel like it's quite difficult or problematic to implement with the new Season 4 shop. Primarily the fact that there's only one random spell deck, no elements.

    Proposal for replacement of tome of the Elements: custom card
    With this, you're literally seeking through the spell deck to find something that fits you best, and it builds on the idea Rawb had about the class at first, that the seeker is the option to pick for building your own class. And it also gives use to those spells you get from your race or cornerstones that probably won't get use, since you can use them as "fodder" to fish for new spells.
  • @Sonderp Yeah but I don't want a player constantly telling me that they want to reroll spells. As for element decks we can just make those ourselves Sondero, hell we can even use the model currently being used for the element decks.
  • Feel like tome of elements should lock you into 1 element so that way you aren't just picking 1 spell out of the group that you want every time and think more about RP and what element would be the best long term
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    @xa44 Originally it said you can only buy 1 element once but it didn't fit on the card, as far as roleplay goes it doesn't change much. It's not like how the tome currrently works locks you into a single element, but it gives you the option to just build your character around being a follower of a single dragon aspect.
  • Rob
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    This class has zero class identity in S4 tho and you haven't fixed that here. It's just a bunch of "get random cards".

    Last year it was about building around a certain element and that was pretty meh in class design. This is the reason they are benched for now. It's a dumb class design with the new basic ability system. When all your class cards are generic, you aren't really a class.

    Is now a generic card for this reason. 

    Tome of Legends is straight up buy 2 legendary spells for the price of one. This made sense last season when Legendary Spells were new and this class used all the new systems, but now it doesn't make sense for them to have a card that gives them 2 legendary spells when they could just add a legendary spell to the shop. It's a waste of a card in a 6 slot class.

    Tome of elements does not work. You cannot draw Spells of certain elements anymore. 

    The once per game abilities are just goofy because it's so silly to have a class with 6 once per game abilities on their cards. When your trying to add that many "Once per game" effects, your going to just end up doing the same things over and over again which makes them boring. 

    Selective Knowledge is also just awkward and pointless. It adds more RNG to a process already filled with RNG and doesn't do anything for your character after the fact. Why have you kept the text "you can buy this card multiple times". This isn't really dumb to keep when you also have "Once per game" on the cards because then those effects aren't once per game. Everything about this card is super complicated and ultimately adds nothing fun to your character other then more RNG.

    Now most of the above are just re branded versions of old seeker cards you have added a ton of extra text too, but Record Spell is a pretty cool card. The range doesn't make any sense because it implies you can only block spells that are being cast from 1 space away, but the spell is pretty cool. However in practicality it's a worthless spell. Most Foes aren't going to be casting Spells you can learn so it's just this weirdly niched ability that forces the gamemaster to cast spells you could learn then what they have prepared in the campaign. You don't want a classes main focus to be learning spells as well when you filled it up with RNG spells too.

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    @Rob Let's go over this one at a time.
    As far as class identity goes I'd say that's not true. Seeker has and still is a makeshift build your own caster, like Magician but you know your random spells ahead of time.

    Yes a lot of the cards where simple and were made into Basic Abilities, that I agree with. I didn't see Professor of Knowledge in the Basic Ability deck so I'll remove that and you're right about Tome of Legends, that doesn't work with the new system however given that I'm working on this before we see how it the system works I'm not too worried. 

    For Tome of Elements I plan on making spell decks myself so unless if you removed the element of spells of the cards then it would work.

    The reason I added once per game abilities to all of the cards was because I was following the example you set for creating passives.

    For Selective Knowledge I agree with you on it being awkward but I wouldn't say it's pointless, in previous editions of the game relying on Random Spells was always a gamble so I wanted to give this Random Spell focused class some more consistency but I can see that it doesn't really work. I'll make it more clear on Selective and Elements that it's once per card instead of once per game but I don't think that this is overly complicated at all.

    Record Spell also needs a touch up, you're right that it's range doesn't make any sense but I intended it on being soley used for recording spells aimed at you. If it was lets say 10 range then you could use it to block spells for allies which isn't my intention, I'll just make the directed at you part a bit more emphasized and buff it's range a bit. Also on the part of most Gamemasters won't let this spell work from my extensive experience in playing the game most Gamemasters do prepare spells that you could learn such as Fireball. But even if they aren't using an official card most spells are simplistic enough where the Gamemaster can give you a watered down nerfed version. The only fault with this is if the Spell is some kind of almighty summon 5 Whelplings to aid you kind of spell but I could just add that trying to record powerful spells are much more difficult than normal. But I do agree that space is an issue with trying to learn spells midgame and getting rng spells at cc, I can either make this a clearly defined branched class like S3 Shaman or I can just go all in one of these aspects.

    Thanks for the feedback Rob but I've lost all drive to work on this class.
  • On the topic of Record Spell, I don't see a reason the spell would have to be aimed at you. Like if you want to use it to block a spell that's about to hit one of your friends that are on the verge of death, why not?
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    @CasualCow ;
    Rob has said this before, but sometimes when he posts things in text, he comes on stronger than he means to. If you heard his real voice saying everything in his post, it would probably be like two buddies sitting down laughing over some beer.
  • @Cloud
    Tone can be conveyed via word choice.
  • Originally my post was longer too but I deleted the second half as I changed my opinion :P
  • ya sorry if i come off aggressive. people aren't use me talking frankly cause i'm a different person when i'm entertaining. im all business and direct when it comes to this nerd shit tho lol.
  • What are the benched classes in season 4? is it any of the classes unfinished now?  (I assume thats the case)
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