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Mercenary Companion Ideas and thoughts

so right now we are seeing the changes of cards as we get closer to season 4, so far some of my favorite changes have been related to companions, they just seem over all easier to keep track of and are more build in to classes and races as well. but the one type of companions we have not seen any changes of yet are Mercenary Companions and they are in need of a big redesign as there are no ex versions of abilities any more. so i been thinking of how they might change and came up with three things i think might be fitting,
(this is just some random ideas/thought and not any thing that should be taken as criticisms or demands or even hopes)

Number 1: i don´t think we need to have a Mercenary Companion for every class or maybe we don´t need class based Mercenary Companion at all. as it is now we have a enormous amount of Mercenary Companions and they are kind of just the same classes but a different race version of those classes, so you end up with 4 or more Mercenary Companions that are all warriors for example, that do very slimier things and are only really different in one way and that is that they are different races. so i think it is better to not focus on making class based Mercenary Companion and instead something more unique to each race and that brings me to my second thought.

Number 2: Mercenary Companions that focus on race lore and trends. we want of course to have Mercenary Companions that represent the main races like elf dwarf gnome kobold and porc, but i don´t think we need to have one for every class instead i think it would be better to make 2 to 4 Mercenary Companion cards for each race and have them be based on the classic stereotypes/ trends that the different races have. here are a example using kobolds ( Kobold Bandit, Kobold Wayfarer and Snowbold.)  this is just a simple example but i think you get the point from this. you would have one kobold specific ability that each of the three sup types would share, like all of them do 15 damage or gets to roll two dice something typical for kobolds, then they would each have a unique think that represent there sup type they are, snowbold can hide in snow and attack by throwing a snowball that dose 15 ice damage or something like that. this would help make shore each Mercenary Companion feel like there race while still having a there own unique mechanic and play style.

Number 3: this is just a miner last thought but i don´t think attributes will work for Mercenary Companions in season 4. Rob has been doing a great job simplifying Companions by converting them in to single cards but that also mean that the Mercenary Companions personalty passive docent really fit anymore with the new companion card structure, i do not  think it necessary have to be seen as a great lost as you could just pull a attribute card during character creation and put the card of table, making it more of a unofficially think that you could do for fun then a actual mechanic of the game. 

and that´s just my random ideas/thought about season 4 Mercenary Companions, if you folk have your own thought or ides i would love to hear them bellow  ;)


  • I already have an idea for what to do with mercenary companions. They won't be part of the launch set of companions tho.
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    o ok thats cool to know, how many companions is it then that works with the chief card? would that card need to change or is there still enough cards left now when most mercenary companions are out of the core game? i think there are only like darkenhobgob gnoll goblin gobolf and harpy left, only did a quick look but yeah there are not that many.
  • Your asking me about cards that are still S3 cards.
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    aaaa you have just changed some of the the attributes cards ok thought you was working on both attributes and cornerstones cards my mistake
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    After seeing the first s4 Dead Realms campaign i feel just like Rob mentioned in That campaign, That we might be in need of more companions for s4. It should help keeping it balanced and make it less likely that you would always get the same companion. I Do think That we Have some monsters That can be added, like maybe flesh monstrosity now when we No longer Have flesh weaver as a class, fat rats from the ageless peasant campaign might work or mermaids depending on how they would handel Living on land. But in the end i think giving mercenary companions a second chance to be a part of s4 might be necessary, or at least giving it a thought If there are No more good ides for new companions.
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