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Death of Kallisto (4/4)



  • @Firelie Just a question, as the Forbidden spell is in the spell section, and because it is such a easy spell to use, is it still only a one time use? Just curious
  • @Firelie Thank you, am really having a think
  • Starting gold: 1420

    Class Purchase: Darkfire (1320) Thunderclap (1220)

    Shop Purchase: FireKick (1120) Lirunda Blade (920) Incanters Jacket (820) Power Leveler (720) Call Mjollnir (620) Molotov Cocktail (570) Rebirth (70)

    Final Gold: 70
  • edited June 2019
    I am taking Blanket of darkness, Essence tap, grand ravens claw, mind burn and disappear from class shop

    Then I am taking bone skull staff, offhand assassins blade, studded armour, release the beasts, malnourished and swipe clothes 

  • @Firelie
    Okay I'll take conversion then since no one is taking it then.
  • @Firelie
    Id like the studded armour
  • @Murlin22 ;
    Im sorry, but the studded armor has already been taken. But since there are only two pieces of armor in the shop and they have been taken, ill let you buy it at double price if you want.
    @Loreteck @Mortem @Kingedyou ;
    You all look good.

  • @Firelie
    eh nah I’ll just be squishy af I suppose

  • Starting Gold: 290

    Class Purchases: Adventurers Backpack (280)

    Shop Purchases: none

    Final Gold: 330

    Character Sheet: Bard
  • @Firelie May I ask how many anytimes we will have? As this season you are meant to get extra from somewhere but they haven't being added yet I think
  • @Mortem ;
    i was unaware of such a mechanic. I wouldnt be too worried though, this is a rp heavy thread
  • All good, maybe Rob changed it or something, thank you for letting me know
  • I am glad it is rp heavy, my character is totally a Thief, I considered making him a assassin with forbidden spell, but the idea of summoning 8 blood snake queens was too good to resist
  • @Firelie
    am I Okay to continue?
  • @Murlin22 ;
    yes, you may move on
  • @Murlin22 @Mortem @Kingedyou @Loreteck ;
    Just a reminder to begin the final part of CC so we can begin
  • Name: Deaus Unorlox
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Personality: Sharp, arrogant and not long for this world the dwarfs main goal is to enjoy life for as long as she is able, reading what she can, doing whatever she wants, as she is suffering from a disease that will eventually kill her. She doesn't show anyone really any sign of kindness outside of her companion the blood snake queen. She gains most of her money through assassinations, known for being able to sneak in and out with ease
    Appearance: Long black hair, stocky 
    Additional Info:
    Character Sheet: Deaus

  • Name: Oble Minsoa
    Gender: Male
    Age: 42 ( around 20 with the help of silver )
    Personality: A playboy who enjoys the company of females and handsome men.
    Appearance: fairly tall for a Dwelf with brown hair and brown eyes with a tiny amount of burn tissue on his hands. He wears a long golden cloak that can turn him invisible. And wears nice white clothes underneath.
    Additional Info: Oble is an expert demolitionist because of his childhood mining and as such is also extremely practical and thinks outside of the box.
    Character Sheet: Oble_Minsoa
  • edited June 2019
    Personality:A sotic warrior from a clan of kobolds who live in the frigid north of the realm, he is quite serious about everything which can make him a stick in the mud but he's always in a good mood for beer or brawl.
    Appearance: a light brown muscular and heavily furred kobold who is tall for his kind, he wears a leather jerkin with some leather reinforced pant's with a black tattoo on his right arm that depicts a lighting bolt striking staring from his upper shoulder to his lower wrist.he has brown eye's and a short ears and tail.
    Charcter sheet: Thundertuff

    edit:Forgot to put seek destiny on the sheet.
  • Name: He only goes by his old wrestling name, The Ravager
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35

    Personality: He is extremely arrogant and will constantly bring up how he used to be a professional wrestler, he tends to handle problems on his own as The Ravager can face no struggle. He is also a drug addict and alcoholic always up to put any sort of substance in his body (This ruined his career).

    Appearance: He's as big as a keen can get and extremely overweight, his eyes are constantly sunken and its very clear the effect that substances have had on his body. His hair is dark brown, at least whats left of it because he's already balding.

    Additional Info: In his prime he was well known and well liked for his great persona and incredible talent. Though nowadays next to nobody recognizes him.
    Character Sheet: The_Ravager
  • @Kingedyou
    my only question is why you bought lirunda blade whilst being a brawler
  • @Murlin22
    It's a thematic thing, I want to treat it as a small dagger that he carries around and shanks people who screw him over during drug deals and stuff. Just to really sell the sleez ball aspect.
  • @Kingedyou
    k just letting you know it nerfs you pretty hard
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