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Does anyone else find the Murder Bros worship kind of creepy?

Now, don't get me wrong, that campaign was very entertaining. But, the fans of the murder bros really weird me out with how much they love them. A lot of their fans seem to legitimately think that they are somehow not bad people, when all they did was murder innocents. They are not good people!

I know that you can be a fan of the campaign without thinking they are good people, it just seems like most Murder Bros fans are furry edgelords.


  • I see no reason to judge other people for enjoying some murders in a good campaign
  • It wasn't that they enjoyed the fights, it just creeps me out when people say they want to hae sex with the murder bros and make justifications for all they things they did.
  • Basically the distinction i'm making is between people who thought the campaign was fun and people who seem to think that what the murder bros did was right.
  • You want a good 'bold, but you need the bad gem.
  • I enjoyed it. But i wouldnt call any of them good people. I think its just furry edgelords like you said. (Oh god just saying furry edgelord made me cringe)
  • @nikiduke Yeah, and I find it really hypocritical that people hated Lyn Azveltara for doing something similar. Yeah, Lyn Azveltara was more cruel, but they both committed wanton slaughter of innocents. I really think the murder bros only got away with it becausw they were "furry". The campaign was funny, but i haye it when people make excuses for them.
  • Personally i really don't care about what Lyn did. We already knew the Beenu were dead. I don't care who did it. It wasn't a shock to see them get killed. I think that people only dislike what Lyn did more because Rawb made a conscious effort to say. "Hey. This elf chick and her friends are doing a bad thing here. I'm not gonna give the Beenu a fighting chance to magnify the fact that this was a bad thing" 
  • Major difference between Lyn and the murder bros is that the murder bros killed for silver ( and in some cases for fun ) whilst Lyn killed because we promised her a child. Neither are good people but one is more understandable even if not justifiable
  • I hate lyn as a character and as a person, I like the murder bros as characters but hate them as people. Also the law side was really cool as well. I'm surprised so many people like ghostblade going by the same logic.
  • I agree. Lyn is both a bad character and a bad person, and one of my least favorite parts of the series, while the murder bros were still fun, even if they were bad people. I just hate how fans of the murder bros try to excuse their actions, rather than just admitting that they enjoged the evil characters.
  • Thats just the difference between Player Characters and Non Player Characters imo. Player Characters are always more loved, even more so when your a fan of the Player playing them. I see tons of fans whose favorite Characters just happen to be from the same Player. It's pretty normal considering I make you guys spend 3-4 hours with each of the PC characters. Lyn is one of those cutscene characters you dont see that often. Sure we had Spiff play her in a campaign, but I mean that was already after fans had big opinions about the character.

    But the Beenu massacre is very comparable to the Murder Bros wiping out the people in the silverflats. Lyn and her assassins killed all the Beenu at the silver mining facility but the Murder Bros murdered an entire town of villagers at a silver train station. Both events are very similar, but the fans put all the blame on Lyn when there were others with her in that massacre as well.
  • But you blame the commander the recruit since the leader is the one who gave the orders
  • Rob
    edited June 2019
    @War_master_9 yeahhhh no. Your not a solider when your murdering innocents I'm afraid. Not to mention some of the ways the Characters murdered innocent Beenus were more brutal and savage then Lyn whose just erasing em with her hands.

    You end up the bad guy even if you follow orders murdering innocents who don't fight back.
  • While I agree with soldiers shouldn't attack innocents nor civilians(like making civilians an object of an attack is a war crime), they still need to follow their superior's orders, along with getting some punishment if they don't follow them. 
    BUT The Murder Bros aren't an army. It's a criminal gang. Most armies work under a state or larger faction, which MB isn't. It is just a group of people that got together in this case, as far we know.
    As for Lynn's assassins... I could see how they are leaning more towards being an army due to her own political power, but I am not sure a large numbers of only assassins are a good army per say.
    So far, we got two proper armies in URealms; The Ageless army and the Grand Paladin Order (Sunswords being part of it). 
    This could lead to some interesting stories, on topics already touched on and I feel are hinted to come in the future. Alright, rambling done, happy Midsummer eve;)
  • @Rob I always had a lot of problems with the Azveltara Z campaign, it's probably my least favorite, and now I think I know why. The players didn't know when to stop joking. I don't think the extreme violence would have bothered me if it was treated dramatically, but the way the players continued to goof off and joke while horrifically torturing and killing women and children, with a lot of focus on victims screaming and begging for their lives, made it extremely cringeworthy to watch. I've been rewatching all the campaigns while waiting for season 4, and I can barely get through Azveltara Z, it just makes me upset to watch, and i'm not normally bothered by fictional violence.
  • Opinions matter of course but i kind of like the fact that the players were going very extreme with the murders because it kind of fits though i wouldnt want too much of those kinds of campaign because then it would just be a slaughter fest
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