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Good Starting Campaign

So i have a couple of friends who are interesting in starting watching the game and was wandering what you guys though a good starting campaign would be. 


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    I always say start from the beginning, (Band of Thieves) it's a good campaign in its own right and then that way you can show them Nader's unforgotten tales video once they're finished watching the campaign so they can get an idea of what the show is capable of doing, and then they won't miss out on any of the inside jokes moving on from there.
  • I've always thought that the best one to start with is Sunswords. Doesn't have too many connections that you have to know about to other campaigns and is definitely one of the best of S1.
  • I would say just start with the first campaign of any season. It doesn’t matter to much which. Hell you could tell him to wait for campaign 1 of season 4.
  • I'd say murder bros because if they're interested in the show, there is a direct sequel to the campaign if they want more and they get the experience of "oh those are the guys from the other campaign as the bad guys"

  • I would say sunswords, and if they like that sip to the prison campain, and if they still want to watch tell them to go to 8 and New Crew (Forgot the name of 8) Cus they are both importent for lore, then continue with season 2 from there
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