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  •                            UPDATE 

    If your wondering no this thread is not dead and no I am not dead, I'm currently taking a break due to E3 plus IRL Stuff that is currently happening in my life. the thread has been...whishy washy to say atleast. Then again hicups are expected since it's my first time doing this but I do have some of my gripes. first being is People thinking it's cool to unannounced themselves away from the thread...cause you know it's perfectly fine to just disappear and waste peoples time thinking your going to come back anytime soon(BTW it's not),soo I encourage players to you know ether PM or say in Discord or just plan out here that your ether going to be gone soon or your not going be on a day. or taking a vacation, whatever I just need communication OCC your availability so  don't put other players in awkward positions waiting for others to come back online, when the person is going to be gone for like 5 months(Also I would like to give props to Knifu_Waifu who gave me an update about  being busy for a while, that's real cool and what I was looking for).Another thing(Which I think is ridiculous to address)is that I wish people were  bit more respectful towards me, when I made the rule about discussions on how event's play out I did meant "Discus" Not"Go into argument and insult" Because if your not happy with something I did please don't sass me or be passive aggressive against me, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth and it makes me less motivated to GM with you and just GM in general.

    With my grievances out of the it's not all been drowsy it's been fun actually even with said problems(Which my only hope is that people feel the same way) Which come to three of my major things I want to address.

    first being That I need to recruit a co-GM.Why? you may ask, simply I need someone to interact with people in my steed when I am gone And because most of my players Are in different time zones compared to me which leads most of my time ether the early morning or late afternoon.So basically I'm looking for someone to help me GM, I'll be looking for someone who can be on here and can interact with people.

    second which combines with the third is that I'm going to integrate the systems of S4 of Urealms into this thread, Which means we will follow by those rules however, any retired cards on your character can remain but they will work in rule set of S4,Shop in this thread however will remain free, which leads into the next thing, once S4 is fully released officially, I will be making a Campaign using the system.I would like to put that out there so when it pops up it doesn't just look like it came out of nowhere.

    Anyways that's all for now.I'll probably come back once E3 is done or little after but as of now this thread is taking a chill pill.
  • (The hess trucks back and it's better then ever, the new year is here, the hess trucks here!
    Alright back a recuperated from E3 so let's continue this shall we)
    @Jj_TeRroR_jJ  ;@Firelie  ;@Knifu_Waifu ;
    Well while you all were going to do something, like walk away, punch a guy who was asking a question The building starts to instantly rock knocking you all off balance and onto the ground prone has feel like something major just hit outside as you notice from the weather explosions, lot's of explosions plus some lovely screaming....This can't be good.
    It nods on your shoulder as you get your food.
    Alright from inspecting the pedestal you can tell that the artifact and it's location seems to be some sort of personal noble tome, you think that the object are placed is more ritualistic matter maybe for a trail of succession which was common back in elven times, quizzes for the elves and usually deft defying traps for practically anyone else, object infront of you is clearly something that enhances magical power though then again it would be strange if it wasn't. a faint hum comes from the circle and it seems to give off an orange glow.
  • @Loreteck I'm gonna carefully pick up the object
  • @xxthatguy11xx
    (Fathers day was busy day)
    You pick up the object with ease, there seems t be no trap connected with the pedestal.
  • @Loreteck
    He continues to fall in line, while eyeing the non-locals he isn't familiar with in the inn
  • @Phendrix
    You notice while in line that a lot of non locals seem to be armed but in the typical armed adventure kind of way and more of the para-military kind of way.
  • @Loreteck id like to inspect the object
    (Roll if needed)

  • @xxthatguy11xx
    Well you gain no new information on further inspection other then, you know it's probably valuable and not an illusion. 
  • @Loreteck kk, I’ll take a small rest in the room and sketch out a drawing of the item as well as a map of what i’ve seen inside so far. after that I’ll pack up the object and continue on my exploration of the temple
  • @xxthatguy11xx
    Please roll for how good this drawing is and Where are you going to go to continue to explore...are you heading to the corridor that surely have traps...that your going to face backwards?
  • @Loreteck yep! An im going to look out for traps as I go. 
    Roll for art 
    (If needed) roll for trap detection 
  • (first one, heh
  • @xxthatguy11xx
    You make nice image of the temple sanctum....also traps what traps this hallway is clearly safe since you enter through the secret entrance.
  • @Loreteck lol, kk i keep walking down through the temple then
  • @xxthatguy11xx
    Your walking and walking and waki-*Klick*Oh,oh no it's seems there were traps after all as the door behind you closes As twin spikes extend out from the wall to impale have one action to d something about this,you better hope it's good one with a good roll or else it's a death roll and not the good kind.
  • @Loreteck imma use my wand of limited possibilities to blast a spike with magic hoping to destroy it and then hide in the gap where the spike was. It should also cast a random spell 
  • @xxthatguy11xx
    You blast it with magic...dink does nothing but random seven side strike so you smack it seven times with a basic attack doing enough damage to break one of the spears, just one of them as one sinks into you dealing a searing 50 damage.
  • @Loreteck alrighty, imma take it out and wrap some bandage on myself to heal back from that damage. (Rp stuff)
    "agh, i should really be more careful, I don't need anymore injuries."
    Lemme roll for bandaging if needed 
  • (hit send by mistake, on mobile rn)
  • @xxthatguy11xx
    You make a makeshift bandage it stops the bleeding but no the hurting.
  • @Loreteck (i bought some bandage back in the city before though along with some herbs.)
  • @Loreteck i'll try to make some medicine with some of the herbs to deal with the main a bit 
    (Medicine roll if needed)
  • @Loreteck ;
    well i guess ill check the screaming out. See whats up
  • @xxthatguy11xx
    Alright you make some medicine and the pain goes away.You notice that spend a bit of time down here patching yourself up.
    @Firelie  ;@Jj_TeRroR_jJ  ;@Knifu_Waifu ; 
    It seems to have come from outside you open the window and see nothing serious in our current proximity...well other then the fact that The city is now being under attack by a large invading force. Oh dear.

  • @Loreteck imma continue through the passage way being more careful this time for traps
  • @xxthatguy11xx
    Okay roll for your awareness.
  • @Loreteck @Firelie @Knifu_Waifu ;
    Mika sighs.
    "This always happens whenever I am the one dealing with things elsewhere, doesn't it..."

    She then makes her way to the door, and turns to the other two
    "Well, We need to take charge and help the city against the invaders. I don't care for whatever motives you might have currently, I need you to come and assist me. Innocents are at risk, and the last thing that needs to happen is to have innocents murdered."
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @Knifu_Waifu @Loreteck ;
    ”agreed. theres no need for innocent blood to be shed.” Carmyn says as she follows mika through the door
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ; @Firelie  ;@Knifu_Waifu ;
    Jake"Hey..still stuc-" James get's picked up by O'maley and he cut's the rope out, freeing Jake"O-oh thanks" Jake say's"Whatever burnt toast, Now I wouldn't be so giddy to help someone who was going to slobber jock me in the face but right now me brother is the city and most definitively in danger."O'maley say's as Maeve nods in response"Now I could eazliy steal zat amulet off of vou, but I az of now I help along only, If we come to zee a certain madum is safe." 
    (NPCING Knifu until I get a response back from them.)
  • @Loreteck ;
    Sorry i was gone for a bit. Had problems with the wifi connection for a bit


    He just thinks to himself "Huh, the jobs in town must be that good this week if we have interesting people coming"
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