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Writing A World of Honor (TellTale like RP) (4/4)



  • ( @nikiduke )
    All the elders' just stared for a second, with one, being Wacca's grandfather, saying this."I have known Altra since she was a little girl, she isn't that kind of person to do such an act." He states simply, but the others don't seem to happy, as one say
    "Then if you didn't do it, who did, all the evidence points to you." 
    That is when David speaks up, "It wasn't her, but me you old fools!' David yelled, as every now looks at him, "It was me, I placed Flame Beetles into the bag with black powered, they must have awakened that night and start on fire." David claimed, but it wasn't that believable 
    The Elders' start to talk among themselves, but stop as Girk speaks up, "Please don't listen to this old fool, he is just trying to save his daughter from punishment." Girk voice seems nice calm and very convincing.

    Does Altra try to do anything? 
  • @WritingWyvern ; "If you truly believe that i am the culprit. Then present a reason as to why i would light that fire. My own stock was kept there. And anybody who has met me knows that i am not one to waste resources. All the evidence you've provided has little to do with me." *Altra speaks in an even calmer and more convincing tone. As she maintains a poker face*
  • @WritingWyvern
    *in a soft voice she says this 
    "I am being blackmailed by Vank..." *and she wipes away some of the makeup with her hand revealing the mark "not to mention he threated my life if I told anyone. When he asked me to come and seen him he gave me some wine in what he said was a way to help claim my nerves..but it turned out it was so he can springed a stupid deal on me when I was not in the right state of mind...please forgive me,,,"  *as she says this the crying get more noticeable 
  • ( @nikiduke )
    The elders continue to speak to themselves with this information, as the captain stands there without a response, but them someone yells from the crowd. A man she knowns as one of the puppetry, says this
    "I do not know much about this place, but all I know is that woman isn't well in the end." After he said this everyone turns to him, "Well I'm just saying, we were holding a show for children, but she came by and watched it as well, I didn't have a problem until she laughs like a crazy Nimer. Does crazy need an explanation?"
    After he said this, the flood gate open as other speaks up
    "She is always strange, she had the weirdest reaction winning that box from before."
    another voice, 
    "I saw her follow and stare at this strange for a long time, she creeped me out."
    "She was running around town like she was chasing someone, but I saw no one."
    "She is one of those weird silent ones, maybe she just broke then?"
    "I never liked that bright pale skin of hers, it's just weird."

    The town people are now in a large chatter about everything they don't like about Altra, before I continue, How does she feel about this AND does she try to say anything as the mob are talking about her
  • @WritingWyvern ; Altra feels as if all of her theories have been proven for once. She doesn't reach physically. But she does look over to the crowd "Your conceptions of me have nothing to do with this trial. If you wish to accuse me of bad character then fair enough. But it gives you no evidence other than that i am not as normal as you. If you wish to discuss character. Then anybody with enough interaction with me would know that i am an orderly person. And a simple farmer that certainly wouldn't commit criminal acts without proper cause. In short. I ask that the elders don't trust the opinions of those who have had little interaction with me." *She says very calmly. You can feel no signs of dishonesty in her words*
  • @WritingWyvern
    "Watch the flanks and help the people get to safety! We can rebuild if we can keep the people safe, don't go trying to kill any Nimer unless there is someone in danger, and don't go too far!
  • ( @Pufflemore )
    As Nev is crying, she feels a warm soft feeling across her body, as she sees Èthylene giving her a big hug, and gives a sigh, “Nev, you should have talked to me earlier, I would have understand.” She takes a deep breath, “Why didn’t you trust me? I would have been able to help earlier.”
  • ( @nikiduke
    As she says this, she could hear Wacca yell, “yeah! Altra maybe a bit strange, but she isn’t that bad of a person whatsoever. She is very nice and kind once you get to know her and she is one hard worker!”
    as she says this, the husband and wife Gogah speaks “Yis, she is smart girl, good, very good at bartering like any trader.” While the wife says, “she is also quite pretty.”
    the doctor also comments, “last I saw her, she injured her hand. If I had a Koa every time I hurt myself I wouldn’t be here. She is pretty normal if you ask me.”
    then Erik speaks up, “look she isn’t the kind of person who does that shit, she just has bad luck, I remember once she ran into the pickpockets I was chancing. Her luck it the only bad thing I can say about her.”
    her reaction to this surprising amount of support 
  • @WritingWyvern ; Altra blushes a tiny bit. But it's hard to see from afar. She also turns to the puppeteer* "As for you. I apologize for liking your show. It's just that i watched it as a little girl and it always brought joy to me. Memories i wouldn't soon forget."
  • ( @Jj_TeRroR_jJ )
    the people start to follow you command, but then one of the Nimer’s Hans axes flies into the shoulder of one of the people that Walka told this too. They scream in pain

    While The guards are trying to keep the Nimers at bay, they did kill two, but others are taking their place and they will get over welded, what does Walka do next?
  • ( @nikiduke )
    the Puppeteer goes silent, but as he does, everyone else hears another voice. Very familiar one at that, that of your close Neighbor Roose. 
    “Every here speaks the truth, Altra and her father are hard working people who keep to themselves, but it doesn’t make them kind and loving. Altra is fairly strange, which can be forgiven, but her father is a unbridled monster.” Everyone now looks at Roose, does Altra have anything to say?
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    @WritingWyvern ; Altra says nothing at that. But has a look of acceptance on her face. She looks over to her father
  • ( @nikiduke )
    David sees his daughter and looks down in shame as Roose says this.
    ”David have been blackmailing me for months now, he had sins of my Father Ray. He did little thing, like a few Noa a month, but the price had gotten larger as time goes on. David or his family shouldn’t get the easy treatment. Look at the facts and what David has already said, one or both of must be the guilty party.” He states with a lot of emotion and most people seem to be listening to this very closely 
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    @WritingWyvern ; "If what you're saying is true. Then ill assure you all that i had no part to play in it. By the look of my father i can only assume that a part of it is true. So all i can say is that i won't stand in the way of his judgement. But i consider punishing me for the crimes of my father to be foolish at best. I am nothing but a simple farmer. Nor did i choose to be born as his daughter. I work hard and live humbly" *Altra says with her usual poker face. Her words are said with an air of genuine disgust at her father*
  • @WritingWyvern
    "I was scared that if I told anyone, my people, food shipments would stop...i did not want my people to starved..."
  • @WritingWyvern
    No clue.

    I guess he just starts helping wherever he can, be it in holding off some Nimers or working to get some civilians to safety.
  • @WritingWyvern
    He would be studying history
  • @WritingWyvern (You okay? I know you mentioned you were going to be busy I was just worried)
  • @Mortem ; (He's ok. He's away and has a bad internet connection)
  • @nikiduke (Ahh all good)
  • ( @nikiduke )
    The crowds seem to be yelling more angered with both of them as Roose continues.
    ”but the evidence still point to you Altra, they saw you there before the fire started, right behind the building. A guard said you lied, I can’t lie to Altra. Everything points to you.” He points
  • ( @Pufflemore )
    she sighs, “explaining it like you just did was all that was needed.” She gives Nev a small hug, “it’s obvious that he was manipulation you, if you had spoke about it earlier I would have been able to help you then.”
  • @WritingWyvern ; "The reason why i used my fake alias is because i was doing something unbecoming of a lady. If i have to spell it out. I was defecating. That is why i came there. Just because i was in the proximity of a place that burned down doesn't make me responsible. Your evidence is weak.  It's nothing but conclusions drawn upon small connections. If you really wish to find the culprit. I suggest that you not act so rash in casting your judgement. As Elders you should be aware that one must think before acting. Or else you are sure to make a mistake" *Altra keeps her poker face*
    "I don't pretend to be a great person. I consider myself fairly average and unimportant in the grand scheme of things. However i cannot speak for my father. But i had no reason or need to destroy anything"
  • ( @Jj_TeRroR_jJ )
    (been a while m8,)
    Okay hard for to explain what is happening if you don’t pick what your doing, can’t really do an or thing 
  • @WritingWyvern ;
    *she just doses a small nod and dose say this
    "Do you want a full account of what happened... I did run into him after I deliver the letter"
  • ( @Mortem )
    Most of what he reads was sort of the stuff in the front tab, but I will allow him to learn some extra tib bit of history, any ideas of what he would read?
  • @WritingWyvern
    Most of what he would read is the history of the academy
  • @WritingWyvern

    In that case, i'll specify that he's giving orders and pointing to situations where the others can help the civilians get to safety, while having the group move through the masses of people.

    He also tries to find someone with any form of medical training to help the one who got struck in the hand.
  • ( @nikiduke )
    The crowd is chatting and arguing among themselves, the Elders stand silent, until Wacca's grandfather, an elder with long grey hair and colorful robes and a fancy beaded headband. He been a kind man to everyone and treat everyone well. 
    "Altra is a wonderful young girl, strange, but family. We can't punish her for something she might not have done."

    But then the Elder knows as Ram, for the Ram horns he wears on his headband and for his time as a solder. "We can't let love blind us to the truth, she is the only one there at the time and evidence of her's was there. She needs to be punished, justice for this act must happen soon."

    "Or we wait." the Third elder spoke, who is covered in grey robes head to toes. "We place her in prison and keep her there until we. FInd the truth."

    But before anyone could say a thing, the fourth elder, who is missing an eye and half their teeth walks up and stares into Altra's eyes. She staring but says nothing.

    does she have any more words before the end?
  • @WritingWyvern ; Altra just stares back. Extremely calm and emotionless as usual.
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