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Season Titles

If you were to give each season of URealms a title... what would it be?


  • Season 1, Season 2, Season 3 and Season 4.
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    In line with 10% serious 90% jokes, and keeping with the spirit of the show, I'd give them these serious titles so far.

    Season 1 The Making of Heroes
    Season 2 Sins of the Unforgotten
    Season 3 Divine Decisions
    Season 4 The Order of Chaos
  • Season 1: The Calm Before
    Season 2: Rise of the King
    Season 3: Sinning Gods
    Season 4: The New War
  • If Season 5 is the one we get the Beenu Old God in, then it should be something like:
    Revenge of the Beenu
    Or something like that. I don't know if the Beenu will be after revenge though.
  • Season 1: A Diamond in the rough ( this was a time in which urealms really had no overall direction or goal, all we knew was that this is something fun and needs to be discovered more)

    Season 2: From Ashes to Ashes (at the end of season 1 we hit our lowest point with Goldestant escaping, and we reach a even lower point with the death of Virgo and the rise of Bopen)

    Season 3: A Broken Dream (The order of chaos though being involved a bit in season 2, in season 3 they truly start breaking "The Dream" aka the lie of the reality of the world.)

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