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S4 Shields are mostly done.

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New design promotes a different use for Anytimes other then the big powerful class abilities or to just give you more options in battle. They come with a benefit to blocking (which is usually always worse then just counter attacking with an Anytime which does the same thing but also maybe some damage or an effect) and a once per game ability to give more impactful moments where everyone forgets you have that ability and you pull it out to save the day.

The downsides are Shields no longer give Stamina and no longer give free blocks. The free blocks were too many extra rolls that we honestly almost NEVER used in the show. New shields promote active use with a cost, but can do some really cool things that will open up new game play styles to live out fun powerful fantasy characters. I know that sounds like an over promise, but give a few of these cards a read and if your anything like me, you'll get excited to start messing around with what could be made in S4 with them,



  • giving shelds more chances to do stuff is just a smart move over all, the stamina you got from shelds was not that important to begin with so getting rid of it works out fin. having a few shields with non anytime abilities baste functions could be good for variety sake, but then i mean like two or three of them so not half or anything, but i dont think it will be a problem as most of them seem to be different enough from one another that it will gives a good amount of variety, but could still be something to keep an eye on if they end up not being used enough again. 
  • Legendary Shield Bois! 
  • I really like this new direction for shields. The S3 shield mechanics really slowed down combat. I know it was mentioned before that you can only use each ability as an anytime once per combat, is that also true with shields? Can you only block with a shield once per combat, or can you use as many anytimes to block as you have?
  • These are all really cool, each as it's own effect and the ability to restore anytime actions, even just for more blocking, makes the lack of stamina worth it
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    Looking through all the shields, I really appreciate that all the effort has been gone through to give each and every one of them unique effects. Though there are some things that sounds as if they're mistakes or sound a bit too powerful.
    - Sacrificial Guard: "Once per game, you or an Ally may a failed Death Roll" I'm guessing you meant to say "Once per game, you or an Ally may survive a failed Death Roll"
    - Tower Shield: The "rolling a natural Average of Higher Roll will restore all of Anytime actions" part sounds quite strong, especially for a regular item shield, considering that's the same effect as that of the once per game effect of the Legendary Ancient Carriage Wheel. The Bonewall, another 100 gold shield but this one's a treasure, also has this same effect, except it comes at the cost of having to do a death roll.

    Also, I like the change to blocking mechanics where some of the shields mostly work like in Season 3, like Dexterous, where it's still a free dodge if you high roll, but you also get off the dodge if you roll average, but then it consumes an anytime.
  • Not gonna lie, I was worried when the new Anytime system until I saw the new shields. This looks like a fun resource system now. Keep up the good work, Rawb!
  • Wow, tower shield plus Kobold would be amazing, and that's only the second shield I've looked at!
  • @Rob Maybe make it so if you have a tower shield you can only use any times to block because if you go kobold you can spend 2 any times a turn to fireball, for example, save your last one to block then do it again next turn. Or make it only succeed on high rolls because it seems op kobold or no kobold.
  • @Sonderp For the Tower Shield, I think it might be better to have it be "If you do not roll low, Restore one of your Anytime Actions". This would be a nerf to the power level for sure, and it feels less cool, but I think it might be a bit more in flavor.
  • The shroom cap blinds foes in an area around you, and the attacker. Does that mean the attacker gets blinded even if they're outside of the radius? (Say they use a ranged attack?)

    That's not nitpicking, that's just me being hopeful. I'd love to have a Plants vs Zombies "Fume Shroom" thing going with my characters in the future
  • There's an Ageless on your lawn!
    There's an Ageless on your lawn!

    I know your type, bony, dull and dead
    You want to breathe your fumes into my head
    and then convert or kill the ones who planted me here
    (Paladin: Noooooooooooooo)
    I'm just a shroom trent but watch me fungal shield the entire light army
    You'd like the world to be a bony utopia, we don't like ageless.

    Reapers: We will slay the light and create a perfect world (Perfect world)
    Pebble Boys: I will count the time (rock by rock)
    Skullbreakers: I will smash my own head
    Together: We are the undead!

    Maybe its time to re-evaluate
    You know you can't put food onto your plate
    You don't get enough calcium
    Your apathy is getting dull
    You should crack your own skull
    And i'll use this flower power to make a lawn defense at any hour

    Bopens Crew: I wan't all of ye gold (ye gold)
    Gravediggers: We need to spread our gift (not our gift)
    Boneguard: We should stay away from the living before things come to ahead
    The Light: Lets aim for the head!

  • Yeah, I think it's fine if it just restores 1 anytime, because that'd pretty much just make it the S4 version of the S3 Obsidian Wall (block that's successful on Average roll or higher). @Tamwin5
  • @The_Epic_Espeon No, this has to do with Anytime Abilities themselves, not just using your anytimes to do other stuff.
  • Rob
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    @Sonderp You don't remember the old cards as well, Sac Guard already did that function. As for tower shield, it's just a typo. Restoring all your anytime actions would be goofy.
  • @Drapperbat That's what the wording would imply yeah. The shield spitting something at the attacker and then also blinding the area around you.
  • Rob, I think Sonderp was pointing out that there was a typo in the Sacrificial Guard card. As the last Line says, "You or an Ally may a failed deathroll".
  • These look good
  • These look good
  • I don't know how often the shields will show up in shops yet but I feel like a shield that allows you to avoid critical hits is really strong as critical hits don't show up that often unless certain cards make them do and having a card that lets you just block it makes that awesome moment you roll a 20 much less awesome because I rolled high on blocking your attack. I'm a big fan of if someone rolls a critical then the only way to stop that is another critical.
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