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S4 Black Boar question

Would the stamina doubled by armor add the stamina on a shield or only the armor card itself? Does a shield count as armor?


  • Never mind, I just rewatched the launch party video and Rawb said to double shields.
  • S4 Black Boar is gonna double ALL of your stamina at the end of CC. Shield, Armor, race stamina, all of it. Just count it up then multiply with two, and then you got a stamina beast ;)
  • Jack is correct. For season 4 you're gonna double everything. If you're curious about season 3 still, you only double your Armor card, not the shield.
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    I am already anticipating 1000 plus stamina characters. (Edit: It's probably possible in S3 but those are rare niche circumstances. I am saying that it will be slightly easier to go for.)
  • I would argue that Blackboars wouldn't stack with other "double stamina at the end of character creation" effects, since you don't double doubles for damage, but that would sort of deter Blackboars going for Chivalry Pledge or even take away one of the big features of the race with the fact that anyone that gets Chivalry Pledge will have about as much stamina as a Blackboar.
  • I can't recall for sure, but did Rawb say something in the "Release Party" about changing Chivalry Pledge to make it worth it for Black Boars?
  • Chivalry Pledge is supposedly getting changed. @DungeonDavid ;
  • Yeah I went back and watched the launch party videos and answered my own question as I hit post lol. Thanks though, team!
  • @Sonderp There won't be any other double your stamina effects.
  • Ah, right. Makes sense then. Guess since it's so easy to double doubles for Basic attack damage, it sort of needs to not be doubled or everyone would just be rocking Enchantments, a Blunt Saxophone, combat banner, banner of courage, Blessing of Strength etc. to deal a million damage with basic attacks. @Rob
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