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If you could spend a day with a URealms character...



  • I’d totally choose Kinney, she knows a lot about the realm and is both smart and cute!
    Kinney is my original URealms waifu, you cannot convince me otherwise.
    Also, just hanging out with a kobold in general would be cool. Maybe I’d even get the answer to the forum’s favorite question and drop subtle hints about it just to annoy people!
  • we are gathered here today to pay our deepest respects to @KaeawynShifter ;
  • @knguy
    Hey! I’m not dead yet! And besides, Kinney doesn’t murder people randomly, just when they are annoying douchebags!
  • Ahhh... I guess all time would be my boy, Dave. I have no idea how romance works and I honestly would read Boyfriend Quest, hehe ... 

    I mean, don't get me wrong. Penelope is my Urealms waifu (I'm going to level the floor with nerdiness!), and there is also Rick Snot in case I want to play a game of Urealms with him. 

    But honestly, Dave's got my lock ever since Coe and his poofy hair. That was sold from the beginning. 
  • I would want to meet Bruce Willakers, because he is just that cool! :smile: 
  • Lyn Azveltara
  • Quintara Lotus for me. I'm kind of curious what kind of random things she would do. 
  • Rohbear Leomaris
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    Kallark he needs a friend more than ever.
  • Mmmhh, it's a very difficult question to answer, there are too many cool characters

    Gut feeling I'd say Vitali (I want to know more about the beautiful lands of Abracadab!), but to spend a day with Virgo would be so cool as well....
  • @Chingoro ;
    ah yes id love to spend a day with a corpse.

    (Jk im sorry i luv virgo) 
  • @bl1ndn3rdtoo soon, man, too soon (it will always be too soon) :frown: 
  • I just assumed this went off Tambok logic, so it doesn't matter if they died. @bl1ndn3rd
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    For me its hard to chose between the characters but some options for me would be Are'ani, Ghostblade, K4, Kallark, Maelstrom, Percy Bast, and Phineas Baringster
  • Quiset. For reasons.  ~_~
  • @Arkanite Id like to change my answer to yours.
  • @Nene
    We all love Dave, I drew him last year if I remember correctly
  • Man if have to go with the paragon of justice that is Reno, or the world renowned master of strong magic Vitali.
  • If I'm not going to die, then Phineas. Otherwise, I want Davey Dave Davidson.
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    I think I've changed my opinion. Rather than going to Wendy's with Roamin and Garry, I'd rather spend a day being dragged around by Quintara Lotus, or tour with Tiefa'ni or Lance Briggs. Or y'know, Lyn Azveltara because reasons. Maybe other people have changed opinions after the end of Season 3 too :o
  • Revising my answer! Douglass Winechester
    I'd like to be able to interact with one of my favorite characters without feeling like I'm influencing him or pushing him towards an abyss--and find out whether more of his personality shows through when not in the company of the foil he shares brain cells with lol
  • Honestly I think hanging out with Vitali could be a lot of fun.
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    All these people with these low-tier choices. CLEARLY the best option to spend a day with is Bearo.
    On a more serious note probably Jeanie Jaredson or Quiset or just straight up Deadbones from deadrealms. Deadbone's characters are like all good choises.
  • I would hang out with Borracho if it weren't for the fact that he's a cold blooded killer who may just rob and murder me.
  • i'm a lonely troll with not a lot of luck, so i'm gunna say either Lola Van Drych, or Quintara Lotus.
  • Neena Brando for ... reasons
  • Probably Galen or Gwyneth.

    Galen to assure him that yes, the voices in his head are real and he isn't crazy but also to tell him he doesn't have to listen. Make sure he knows he's a good man and if the voices are working for something he knows to be wrong, he can work against the gods.

    Gwyneth to try and set her free. Gwyneth is The Grand Paladin, which means she is now three separate beings in a single body. See if I can't pull some Old God bullshit out to separate her out somehow. She deserved better.
  • I'd go with Kinney for more shameful reasons than why @KaeawynShifter chose Kinney,
  • Rick Snot so i could just play URealms with him or knock him out in one hit. Just in case he goes murder hobo.
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