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Kobold Genitalia Thread: Race to the final page



  • I'm pretty sure Kobolds don't have dicks btw. 
  • Well if they don't have dicks, how do they breed? Also, you said that Nisovin had a 5-hour erection in Murder Bros :P

  • Rob just shut down this 1000 comment thread
  • Yeah that kinda happened XD
  • @Rob Then how did Johnny Feo get assaulted by that woman? (I think that's what was implied or at least mentioned in the behind the scenes)
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    Guys, remember... Just because Rawb says something in a campaign doesn't mean it's stone cold canon in URealms. If they don't have dicks, then they don't have dicks.  ;)
  • But I thought porcs were the dickless race. If kobolds were to be dickless, they would need an alternate form of procreation that allows for children. And yeah, Johnny Feo in Murder Bros does contradict the dickless concept, unless there's something else that on a kobold that could have a form of erection and carry similar social connotations.
  • Okay so they don't have dicks, but what about penises.
  • @Jimmy_James46 @Galeden @Emperor ;
    I mean yeah... or a wizard did it.
  • @NeroFireKick Or that's Johnny Feo's deformity. He has a penis.
  • Well, even if it's not cannon, we can still discuss what they have because remember guys. Everyone's game of Urealms can have it's own cannon. I see it as very unlikely that most people are going to want another dickless race all around. 
  • @Rob
    But if kobolds don't have dicks, what is the point of having female kobolds when there are no sexual reproduction happening since it was their genitals that would provide the sperm to create the offspring within the female's egg.

    Unless you're about to imply that the male kobold is going to for example spit into the female's virgina to "impregnate" them which would then just basically turn them into Porcs2.0, it doesn't appear to make much sense for this anyway, it's not beneficial nor does it sound like an effective way of breeding.

    Then again, maybe you posted that for some reaction to spike the thread again. Which'd mean you did lurk here and most likely laughed at us, Rawb you genius.
  • I always hoped @Rob would comment on my thread but not like this.
  • @Angoman Rob has to be fucking with us. lol 
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    You know, we had a lot of good discussion, and put a lot if focus into this, it's kindof a dick move, don't ya think?

    Ehh? Ehh? Anybody?

  • @Angoman
    But in the end, the real discussion was about Rawb.
    Kobolds actually have a Rawb as their dick.
  • @OldFredBear dammit now I just have the image of a kobold in a trench coat, flashing his dick to reveal a small man, holding a small gun, just shouting "GIVE US YA TUNA JIMMY"
  • @Angoman
    Rawb gave this thread life and now hes most likely going to regret it.
  • @Angoman Oh my god, please no. That killed me!
  • Okay new discussion topic, since kobolds no longer have dicks what kind of strap-ons would they have? Knotted dog dick strap-ons or normal dick strap-ons?
  • Well they could have either, but I am still not convinced until it has really been cannonized. 
  • we can't logically have TWO races without dicks. and we haven't seen any alternate way for Kobolds to exist. they gotta have genitalia of some kind.

    maybe they just have tentacles that secrete reproductive fluids into the female.
  • @TamTroll
    You're just begging for a hentai scene to happen.
  • edited June 2017
    Hey girl, you wanna get freaky~?
    *slimy, wiggling tentacle slips out* 
    Su-uhhhhh oh woah, woah! Wtf is that!?
  • @Loomer ;
    Why not magical "Doggy dick"?

    "URealms is my favourite hentai, those kobolds are just smexy af"
  • @OldFredBear Wow, now Rawb has just opened a completely different can of worms. 
  • @Lucius_E
    Rawb does not realise that my power grows the more this thread gains comments and the longer it's at top.

    Speaking of which, how long could said tentacles stretch, how sticky/slimy are they?
    Do they produce honey cum?
    Do kobolds still have balls if they do have tentacle dicks?
    We've got more questions.
  • @OldFredBear how many tentacles do they have? would it be a single one? if they have more, would kobolds women have more than one vaginas since only one doesn't seem to fit with tentacle dicks, or at least fit more than one inside for increased impregnation chance. No animal has multiple from what i know so i know sure how the logistics would work for birthing and stuff.
  • @runegod20
    I'd imagine theres a chance for more than one, but they'd at best have one since they want to at least be able to impregnate and yes they would try and get multiple in one hole since it has a better chance for getting them pregnant, but then it's just going to turn kobolds into basically sex gods.

    We're getting deep, Rawb can't stop us now.

  • I mean, it could be that the tentacle dicks are multiple small tentacles that could FORM a regular-sized dick.

    Regular-sized in this case must be Dwarf-sized. So, short and stubby.
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