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Most Underrated Campaign?

What campaign do you think doesn't get enough recognition for being really good or one you personally like but doesn't get brought up a lot.

I think the most underrated campaign is The Death of Virgo. It's my favourite Sidequest campaign and definitely a top 10 campaign overall. The characters were pretty good this campaign.Nathaniel was a hilarious character, Reginald Barringster the third was a standout and I liked that we got more Virgo character development, he reminds me a bit of a comical Tywin Lannister. Tennis and Ghana Ens Sin didn't get to do much but they were still fun (also Ghana Ens Sin rearranged is Shenanigans, love Coe's Trick Names ;) ). 

I liked the mystery story and a twist I didn't see coming. The combat this campaign was really well done too. Also every moment with Simone the elephelk is glorious, the pearl of hinsight was a nice roleplay rule bending and the qoute "nothing happened" remains one of the best inside jokes.

What do you all think is the most underrated campaign?


  • I really liked Battle of the Bards. I don't know why so many people consider it the worst side quests. I thought the other side quests were pretty uninteresting, but BotB was a blast for me.
  • @PurpleDynamite

    yeah BotB is actually my second favourite side quest, I think it’s underrated too. It also added fun lore to the universe like exp and porc lore. I liked the unorthodox format of casting spells purely for role play, felt like those ribbon contests in Pokémon. The tournament format of BotB has a lot of potential and I’d love to see a prequel/sequel to it maybe following Lance Briggs in his glory days or getting more lore on Tiefa’ni. 
  • I was just about to reply, then I saw I'm not the only one. Battle of the Bards is one of my favourites and certainly is underrated.
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    We need to see Tiefa'ni! (She even has art for her too, on Sixelona's patreon!)
  • Boy howdy did I love the cobblers, I loved the characters and the combat was long yes but The experience I had watching it was awesome. It was the first campaign I couldnt watch live so I watched it the second I could, and watching it well into the night with the horror goofs and, really cool, new class being made! Man that one just holds a special place in my heart.
  • Fall of donibourough still is one of my favourite campaigns, and I think it is underrated
  • Unexpected Discovery or Den of Devils.

    Both campaigns felt really smooth, especially DoD (with all it's player characters). Both are still my favorite campaigns out of any of them so far.
  • I vote for the Cobblers. Introduces one of the most important Classes, the Dreamweaver. Plus it expands Fleshweaver lore, but not by much.
  • Deadlatis, while it isnt an unpopular campain, it had my favorit charicters in it and is my number 1, shame its something you need to watch multible shows to enjoy it fully, another is I find URealms in whole is underrated tbh
  • @friskyBrisky
    Also the roleplaying in it was really great, even if there wasn't nearly as much of it as in roleplay campaigns. 
    I love how they gradually made the cobblers more and more psychopathic with how they had the whole goblin heart eating ritual.
  • Den of Devils. I still think its my favourite but feel like it gets sidelined by the Grand Paladin Order and Ageless campaigns 
  • @Mega_muncher the many gobos of pat! jk jk jk lol funnny joke don't hurt me
  • I second Den of Devil and Cobblers
  • Probably not underrated but my favourite campaign was woodcarvers by a country mile. The players characters in it were all memorable and fantastic.
  • Not sure if this counts as underrated (I just don't hear people talk about it much) but I honestly loved the Unseen Rogues. Just the characters and acts were awesome.
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