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mark of the order of chaos tattoo

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I got this bad boy in Saint Mary's GA


  • Wow that looks great, the order of chaos symbol makes for a great tattoo
  • this thing is really starting to pick up speed isn't it? That's what, four people getting it in the past week?
  • i really like it. the guys at the tattoo shop asked a lot of questions about it and its kind of hard to explain to someone who hasn't seen the show.
  • Just out of curiosity, as someone with no idea how tattoos work, why did you choose to get it in black rather than red?
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    I've been wondering that, too, Cloud--IIRC, I haven't seen anyone get it in the classic reb
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    @PoppyrusRose , Spookyskeletons got his in red and tagged Rawb on twitter. 

    @Cloud I chose to get mine in black and as whole symbol without any damage for the simple fact that it was my first tattoo, and I figured that if something went wrong and it did not turn out right that I could get a larger tattoo to cover it up. 
  • @Cloud I literally just took a screen shot of the symbol during the youtube and told the guy I wanted that now I might add red around symbol to make it pop.
  • @Totenalle ;
    Smart! I didn't even think about that.
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