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Notes from the S4 Hype Stream

I took some notes during the stream last Saturday but forgot to share them. The order of the list of what Rob showed/mentioned during the stream excluding 13 & 14.

1) S4C1 is being delayed for July, there will be a Deadrealms in June.

2) Megan made her own patreon for making URealms maps, she remastered all the S1 Maps, cleaned up S2 and is also releasing S3 and Deadrealms. Link to her Patreon.

3) Rob and Nisovin are in the process of making a standalone URealms game w/ Puppet Pals. This may never see the light of day.

4) Same inventory as S3 as of the hype stream.

5) “This season is about cutting the fat, making it fun and make sense.”

6) There are now legendary treasures. That’s why Gnome didn’t get a direct buff.

7) Items are nerfed with the addition of RP Items in the deck and the exclusion of many class items.

8) Limiteds now use the Anytime Gems.

9) The players now share a shop which is made up of cards added from your class. Every player may also purchase 3 Basic Abilities.

10) There is a new Danger System, not much was explained other than your Deathrolls can vary depending on what you get hit by while in Danger. As well you have to be helped out of Danger.

11) Forn may be playable at launch or when there is a Forn based campaign.

12) Rob is focusing on making Season 4 Cards this week, meaning no streams.

13) No more Spell Scrolls.

14) Mercenary Companions are still a thing as of the hype stream.

For the changes to classes here is a link to Red Dash Lion's thread.


  • 1) Rawb mentioned that the next Deadrealms will probably use S4 cards and mechanics
    4) Did Rawb say inventories will be the same? Because the CC board was the same too but obviously that will have to be changed
    8) Technically correct except there are no more limiteds they are all anytime actions.
    10) This Danger system was always in play it was just up to the GM. If you get hit with a sword on the neck while unconscious a good GM will be well you will probably die.

    (Good Job, just wanted to edit/add where I thought wasn't quite correct.)
  • 8) correct but they will use the limited's rainbow gem
  • @DungeonDavid I believe inventories will be the same as the remastered maps from Megan's patreon have the S3 in entity and it would seem odd to put those on if it were gonna change in a  month. CC board will no doubt change though 
  • Ya, nothing is changing with Inventories. We might change it so the max companions is moved from 3 to 2, but not until I feel that's really a problem.
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