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Consumer Release

First off, sorry if this info is already somewhere, I've tried doing some digging, but couldn't find it. Also I know I shouldn't expect release dates.

I was casually listening to some of the lore streams and I'm hearing a lot about a physical release of the game. Is this something coming sometime during season 4 or is it a pretty long term project like post season 7?

I'm perfectly content playing with TTS but would be neat to get some more casual friends into it with the physical cards so I'm just curious with everything being geared toward a card game with the cutting down of decks and classes and such.

Just trying to get back into things. I'm excited for season 4 so if anyone who works on the show reads this keep up the great work. I love all the Urealms content!


  • Hmm, I've always figured that the game would have to be completely ironed out before it could be printed in release, so I'd prolly guess post-7, yeah.
    To be honest, I'm still having trouble imagining a physical URealms, but these things become easier to visualize with time
  • Nothing is set in stone right now, but talks have been made of a passion project physical release. No date has been set, and we don't even know if it'll be released. The changes to the game in Season 4 seem to also be in preparation for a physical release. I think a physical release would be cool, but I understand the crazy amounts of work behind it.
  • There is no timeline. It isn't even something we are utterly set on releasing the public. This is a passion project by Nisovin and it may end up being too much work to see it all the way to the end, but it's something cool I'd like to get out to the community cause I think puppets+rp is a great way to do tabletop content online with friends.
  • @Rob if you do release can you also release velcro puppets with the game so we could do real life puppet pals? Or just make it as an extra add on for true fans?
  • Ohhh My bad! Sorry, the physical version is something I want to do as soon as I believe the cards are finished. With the release of Season 4, we will be very close, but who knows how long it will take before it's a product you guys can buy. It's something I'm striving to tackle this year, but trying to give a date is pretty hard still.
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