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Sixelona is doing a test run of Urealms Charms and there is a poll (closes today Sunday May 26th)

Here's The poll .The five fan favorites based off of this poll will be the ones that will eventually be sold (in the first run at least). It closes today towards the end of the day in the eastern timezone. As you can tell, the characters would be in chibi form and are the same designs as the new poster but it is the full art. GO VOTE! 


  • Maris would suggest voting for Ida the fluffbold, but the way I see it, only one of these chibees has a robSneakyMouse on it.. >:)

    Nah, but in all seriousness, the best thing to do would be to vote 4 charms that you would actually buy, imo. Sixelona has a test run on herTweeter if that interests y'all
  • Wew, this what I get for using that d20 sm lmao
  • Thank you for posting this, Igloo! I kept wanting to but I've been a bit busy this weekend :(
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