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Too much to remember? (Solved)

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Let me clarify, Season 4 is shaping up fantastic! Everything I ever wanted is happening or may happen. It's a dream come true. (Shoutout to Meganzoor's new Patreon and Nisovin's new passion project! Don't forget the new poster <3) :drunk: 

But I do have a concern; with companion characters themselves having "at the end of every round" passives, porcs also getting those passives, introducing damage over time states (e.g. burning - deals 25 damage to the target every round) I'm noticing a trend here. At the end of every round we will have to go down a growing list of everything that's happening. I feel like even for experienced dungeon masters, they will forget things, myself included. Is this expected to happen? What do you guys think? I'm a little worried about this potentially increasing the game's complexity with the classic issue of "there's too many things to remember."


  • I'm sorry, this is off-topic, but I haven't heard anything about Nisovin, was there an announcement somewhere? I can't find it anywhere on the forums and his twitter is inactive
  • the passion project is the Puppet Pals and standalone Urealms client in one we saw during the stream, @CookiesAndMil_

  • This was the best way imo to have companions "do something" without just being full on characters themselves. Having tested some gameplay with 5+ end of round effects, it sorta becomes just part of the cycle. Mr Boar is always charging the furthest target and the elf wizard always casts a random spell at the nearest foe. If it's too much for the Gamemaster, make the players remember for you and skip over them if they forget like any other card. Forgetting to do a card isn't that bad because not everything has to go off like clockwork, nor should if your trying to roleplay.

    If you don't want their abilities to go off then you can ignore them and have them be fully RP companions. What I like about this change is that players no longer fully "control" companions. They do what they do and are in control of themselves more then characters. This will make them feel more like companions. You no longer have to tell mr boar to go charge, he was gonna do that anyway.
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    Ah, okay. I like the change too, I was just a bit worried! That makes sense though, and is a good way to go about it! Thanks for the quick reply Rob! <3

     @CookiesAndMil_ ; You can watch the stream VOD here while it's still up! Early on Rob discusses the possibility of a stand-alone client being created where they merge mechanics from the Tabletop Simulator steam game, and Puppet Pals. (PP is a complex, separate software they use to create and display puppets on the show with a green screen.) Currently being worked on by our very own wonderful Nisovin, It's not guarenteed to be completed, it might get shoved on the back burner due to it being a whole video game in itself, or become too cumbersome/complex to create for stanard consumer release, but the show's cast will probably use it for future seasons. (I really hope they release it to consumers though. It's definitely half of the fun of URealms. :drunk: )
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