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The Dark war. Stories of the 11th company (Soldier rp)



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    Brew being nowhere near a fear of his is not afraid at the moment but definitely paranoid of any horrible monstrosities his eyes are darting around making absolutely sure there is nothing that could try to kill him he looks very nervous right now
  • @Revoltman ; Give me a fear roll
  • @nikiduke (today should be the las hetic day for a while, so you may see me active late today but for sure tomorrow)
  • @Revoltman ; You get scared by a stray cat walking down the square
  • (anyone want to talk to the rich artillery boy?)
  • @Toruk hey I’m new sure))
  • @mlglevimonaghan (Alright, I live once more if you are still able. Just gonna be slow responses for a bit)

    *There is a man from the southern army that sticks out more than the others. He wears quite a lot of jewelry for a solider which contrasts heavily with the simplistic artillery  fatigues he wears. Currently he is just walking around, talking to a few others in the artillery division*
  • @Toruk there is a skinny malnuished and small western solder he seems to be from the infantry judging from his clothes but to contrast that he seems to be holding a b12  a fairly new weapon for just a peasant he seems to be giving everyone in the artlilary the stink eye
  • @mlglevimonaghan I would look toward you and walk over* "Do you gave an issue, you keep staring at us"
  • @Toruk “who are you what’s your rank name and division”
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    @mlglevimonaghan "Can I ask why you are giving me demandns now. You are no Sergeant, not one I know" *He looks extremely annoyed from the demands and fixes up his gloves some*
  • brew screams like a pussy (gET iT hAHa) and falls on his ass
  • @Revoltman ; The soldiers around you all stare
  • @Toruk “I am lance corporal prior of the infiltry devision”
  • @mlglevimonaghan "Ensign Domenico of the Souther Artillery. But Lance Corporal, I ask again. Do you have an issue with us or why were you staring" *He would look at you, with mild annoyance*
  • @Toruk “oh am I not allowed to look around ‘sir’ “ he sees extremely annoyed at the mention of artillery 
  • @mlglevimonaghan “No you can, I more meant you kept looking at us in disgust. Something wrong with artillery?” *He looks at the infantry man with slight impatience*
  • @Toruk “just go back to your massive guns on the back line you’d never understand “
  • @mlglevimonaghan “We.. all have your abilities Lance Corporal. not everyone fights in a trench or on a boat. Imagine the war without us.. things would not go well for us all”
  • @Toruk “imagine if all the time and energy spent advancing those massive guns you use were spent working on your big guns imagine an army able to mass produce B14’s all of us able shoot explosive rounds able to kill 10  humies at once instead of puring time money and men into your ‘guns’ that hurt humies and tinkers all the same that take time to aim and fire and you can’t even see the men your killing!”
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    @Revoltman @Jj_TeRroR_jJ @Maris @Toruk @Rein @Gushy48 @Phendrix @Personguy @mlglevimonaghan ; Alright. I'm gonna move this along a bit. You all suddenly hear the sound of royal trumpets approach you from the northern street leading to the royal quarter. Approaching is the gilded red carriage of the imperial royal family (The Yarks)

    Your Major. As well as all the other Majors. Instantly shout out for everybody to make a way and form an organized square in the center of the military quarter.
    Panic ensues. This was clearly much earlier then expected.
    The Major quickly rushes to you all "GET MOVING BELCHWORMS! THE TOP BRASS IS HERE!"
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    @ nikiduke @mlglevimonaghan "Reallt, you think you can Reallt love on your own ya fil" Domenico would hear the order and just leave without finishing the phrase to rush into the organized square*
  • @nikiduke
    Uhm, Blaine will do his best to get organized and situated for the top brass. 
  • @Gushy48 ; You situate yourself with the other cavalrymen and women. Right next to Leon. Who is sweating bullets as he sees the Carriage roll down the street towards you
  • Brian goes and gets himself into position at a decent pace.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ; Yup. You stand in line with the other scouts. You feel a bit out of place. Not alot of eastern army soldiers in the scouting cores it seems
  • @nikiduke (just bloody realized my @ for you didn't work on my previous comment. So eh)

    Domenico, after a slightly heated discussion was interrupted gets organized with the other artillery*
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