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THE EMPIRE CALLS! PROTECT THE FATHERLAND! (Soldier RP Character creation and "Enlistment")



  • @mlglevimonaghan ; "Yeah. Don't mention it" You hear a loud stomping noise as a giant towering figure emerges from the train. His chin a chiseled masterpiece and his figure defined to perfection. His medals seem almost comical at his size. Yet still he is absolutely TERRIFYING. Everybody immediately forms into a line and stands at attention*
  • @nikiduke I immediately follow suit 
  • @mlglevimonaghan ; "ATTENTION!" *The man says harshly before raising his hand into the air* "INTRODUCING! MAJOR THALIA BROVEDAR OF THE 11TH IMPERIAL COMPANY!" *He sidesteps. Revealing a second. Much smaller figure hop onto the station. A small girl wearing a Majors uniform. Everybody is shocked at this "W-what?" *Suzy says as she sees the little girl approach the lined up troops* (For reference. She is even shorter than you) 
  • @nikiduke he stays firm and to attention 
  • @mlglevimonaghan ; The Major looks at all of you and sighs "Ill get tired of doing the same speech one day "The major looks all of you over before taking a back-step and clearing her throat
    "Good morning troops! I am Major Thalia Brovedar of the 11th company." *She says in a slightly childish but still very professional voice "Though i'm aware that 1st lieutenant Gavran has informed you of that already" *She lifts her arm and stretches it out to the side* "Today we embark on a 2 day journey to the Glorious imperial capital of Yark. There we will parade for a full day before embarking on a 3 day journey to the border city of Roseberg and will on foot be passing through Fort Rose on the southern imperial border. Your sleeping schedules will be from 10PM to 5AM. Any questions?"
  • @nikiduke “yes mam when will we join the main fighting force?”
  • @mlglevimonaghan ; "After the parade we will travel to the front by train."
  • @nikiduke he is silent from then on
  • @mlglevimonaghan ; "Any other dumb questions?" *The Major sighs* A person raises their hand* "Umm... Major" *The Major glares at that guy* "Yes Soldier" The man jumps back before answering* "W-when do we get to eat? I didn't get any lunch in"
    The Major sighs* "All rations will be provided based on the weekly menu. Today's menu includes processed beef, Factory sealed Potatoes, 2 nutrition bars, and 1 slice of pea bread"
    Everybody almost faints at the realization of how gross that sounds*
  • @nikiduke Layton seems happy with the spread being malnourished as a child
  • @mlglevimonaghan  ;; "HAH! YOU THINK THATS BAD! TRY WORKING AT THE NAVY! Anyways. *The Major waits for a couple of seconds* "Very well then. If there are no more questions. Line up and enter the train in uniform. There we will discuss the specifics of the parade." *She steps back into the train* "One last thing however before we depart." *She raises her hand up into the sky* "I would like all of you to know that this sky that you see above you. And all of the ground beneath your feet. Is a gift. A gift from the glorious god that watches over all of us. If we fail to protect it. It is not our enemies wrath that you should be afraid of. But the wrath of the one who rules above us. And his undying might. Do not fail me. Am i clear?"
    Everybody shouts "YES MAM!" *In unison*
  • @nikiduke follows behind the rest as he gets into line
  • @mlglevimonaghan ; You board the train after a bit. Suzy offers you to sit next to her
  • @nikiduke “oh of course mam” he says smiling as he sits beside her 
  • @mlglevimonaghan ; And that's it. You get onto the train. And after a few days travel the 11th company gets to Yark. You may do stuff in the main thread now
  • @nikiduke ... I am tempted to roll for the witch again because I just got a really funny idea after watching Tanya the Evil Saga
  • @Toruk ; Go ahead. Ill give you an extra roll because i see you're a man of culture
  • edited June 2019

    Witch roll  (WHYYYY)
    Cultured Witch Gift Roll 
  • @Toruk ; You know what. That was really close. Ima give it to you.
    You deserve it for multiple reasons. (Mostly cuz i really love Saga of Tanya the evil)
  • @nikiduke Witches flying tonight

    Army: Yippies
  • could I convince ya to switch those Niki? Faith gal does not need coinage
  • @Toruk ; Yeah alright. Rules are for foolz. 
    Congrats ms Witch.
    You are officially a 1st rank Military Witch.
    (Too bad it wasn't a 20. You could have been a white hat)
    That's 202 gold (Yes i gave you a bonus. Witches get good money)
  • edited June 2019
    @nikiduke *Generosity is neat*

    Name and Surname: Klara Hammerfalls
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19 
    Rank:1st Rank Military Witch
    Place of birth: Panzig
    Division: Witch Core

    Backstory: Technology, that is what Klara has always been surrounded by. This technology is a gift by Tavos, but the world primarily sees it as an excuse to not pray to him often. So Klara doubled up on her prayers and her faith when she was a child. At the age of six, her magical powers became apparent and was told to change faith to pray to the goddess of magic. But instead she doubled up her faith to Tavos.  But then her parents died in an experimental weapons drill when she was 8. She could of abandoned the faith, but instead she doubled up again with the practice. She was accepted into Huffledore and began to hone her potency. She applied to the Island of Witches and was accepted into their academy of Hexendorf. She transferred effective immediately and was met by the extreme curriculum, she prayed to Tavos to help her get through it when she started hearing snickering behind her, there was another witch from Sekwick there. She directly told her, this atheist swine, that magic is only science and bits of alchemy and that anyone with enough brains could figure magic is a way. Klara would constantly have confrontations with this witch that dared challenge the faith. She would refuse to relent in the faith each time that witch would dare to show her face and discard the names of the gods. She would then, when this witch was finally getting to her she found the wood of her broom, the symbol of Tavos could be seen naturally made through the bark of the wood when she was on leave and visiting home. She took the bark and began its transformation into her broom, inscribing the Pslams of the Smith around the natural icon, daring not to touch the actual icon with her tools. She returned to Hexendorf when the war broke out to finish her schooling and to ensure the protection of the Holy Fatherland in the name of Tavos and the destruction of the filthy infidels of the humans.

    Appearance: A large and lofty red hat hat with a purple trim. Her coven robes are a deep crimson red. Her eyes are covered by goggles tinted black. Around her waist in enough grenades for a decently sized box. On her back is a the B7-LR musket, with a small fachion  beside it. She has a concealed *magically* holster for a K4 pistol. Her Broom is something to behold. It's wood is a deep shade of brown, almost burgundy. Upon its side toward the front seems to be a naturally occurring hammer of Tavos, and around it are inscribed the Psalms of the Smith, regarding war and protection. To the poor souls fighting her, they seem to glow when she casts her magic. It dips in its center, making a somewhat convenient seat.

    Klara is very young for a high up Witch. Her eyes when not covered by the goggles are almost golden which come out even brighter against her eye light shadowing. Her hair is pitch black is long, going down to about the bottom of her shoulder blades. Around her neck is a simple, red collar with a steel trim that is held together by a hammer hitting an anvil.  

    Inventory: Broom (Free)
    Book of Spells (Free)
    Witch Clothes/uniform (Free)
    Eye Shadow (Free and Stylish)
    Goggles+Sunglass tint (8 gold)
    Box of Grenades (43 gold)
    x2 Religious Trinkets (57 gold)
    Red Rum (82 gold)
    K4 Flintlock Pistol (122 gold)
    B7 Long range class specialized Musket (B7-LR) (172 gold)
    Military Grade Saber (187 gold) 
    And some pocket change of 15 gold

    List of fears: That Tavos truly does not care about the Tinkers anymore. Rival witch is better than me. That the Fatherland can’t be protected by me.
  • @nikiduke that is the updated and what I got for now. I could not think of a second witch name so have fun with rival
  • Time for me to make my coward loli

    Army: The Southern Army
  • @Lady_Kari ; Those are terrible. Lance corporal. You got a whole 52 gold
  • Does the family photo come in a locket or do I have to buy that do?
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