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Season 4 Classes

Figured I'd make a thread for tracking what classes look like in Season 4. This is all mostly speculation based on the website and I'm sure there will be updates for me to make leading up to and after this Saturday. Just kinda wanted to see how things were looking and what everyone's thoughts were on the changes.

UPDATE: The official pool of Season 4 classes is set! Seeing these in action should be a lot of fun, thanks for the hard work Rob :D

Official Classes


Definitely looking forward to seeing the changes in action, the different shops in particular seem really cool.

Season 4 HYPE!


  • Still on team Surefire Melody should be called hot licks.
  • Damn,Rob finnily nerfed ranger, sure they look still good but they can no longer infident with rolling shot and Paralize isn’t as bad
  • @Knifu_Waifu You can infi roll shot as long as you don't roll 1,2,3,4,5. Your still gonna see those games where you pull it off multiple times per fight and it's amazing and its a roll thats in your favor.

    Rangers got buffs in other ways. Longbow is 10g and now 15 Damage (all basic attacks were scaled upwards so they got a flat +50% damage buff because of this gamewide change).

    Paralyze (or Poison Tipped) as it's now named, it's probly one of the best utility skills in the game with how powerful status's are. I'm pretty sure it's OP because you could get a Treasure Range Wpn thats Area or Line and then do AoE any Status of your choice all game lol.

    Volley is just different now. You can have it hit whole battlefield or focus fire an area for massive damage. It's like a pyroblast.

    I think it will be good in different ways now and while maybe not super OP if your GM was letting you for some reason, you'll still see those OP moments where you just keep rolling well and dodge everything.
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    The more I look at things, I'm really starting to like the new trimmed-down ability selection. It makes each class more focused so it's easier to figure out what they're supposed to do.

    Also, the following updates have been made:
    Finished: Bandito, Spellslinger, Cabalist, Hydromancer, Magician, Petalwalker, Thane
    In-Progress: Flamedanseur, Sea Chef, Seeker (Seeker is seemingly in the process of being deleted but I'm putting it in this category for now)
    Retired: Buccaneer
  • @Rob Oh, I am the GM, Im glad and I see were you went with that, Im really likeing alot of these season 4 changes your doing.
  • I'm very excited. I love the change to the Bard's backpack to add 5 spells and 5 items. In season 3 rules, I felt that bards lacked a lot of individuality. Monks seem cool as well with more expensive but extremely powerful abilities. Petalwalkers have lots of potential for great stories with Black Lotus and Prickle Dance.

    I can't wait to get my hands on the mod. Thanks, Rob. It's looking great so far!
  • Small update:

    Finished: Flamedanseur, Sea Chef.
  • elf wow elf got buff. So what would you guys chose, 4 random spells or legendary spell?

  • eh, "buff". getting to control element was pretty huge for highrolling and having a lower chance at utility\bad effect spells.
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    I haven't seen the decks yet, but I expect that random spells and basis abilities(utility spells) are different decks.  So which means, even with the loose of the element control, you still would get good spells. 
    @RedDashLion ; lumberjack also has been updated
  • Ya the lack of Companion Spells means regular spell deck is buffed. This is why we didn't really buff the Magician Class that much this season, we expect the RNG spell deck to be stronger on average.
  • @Spacewalker Yeah it's definitely been worked on, but it still has too many abilities listed so I'm gonna leave it in in-progress for now.

    On a side note, I didn't realize that things were moving back to a shared shop system, that is going to make things sooooo much less overwhelming for my players, plus the way it works leaves a lot of room for differentiation. Great change all around!
  • I was hoping to see Buccaneer this season, darn. I'll miss Puppeteer the most though.
  • saw some new Legendary spells on the site, some of them are still just titles and xxx, but the ones you can read seem pretty cool and silly. now when you can get your hand on Legendary spells easy with the elf race you could possibly start to really build your character around some of them. like Cures of Medusa is really just permanent upgrades after all.
  • So far I'm very comfortable with all the changes. However, with
    Race / Elf 
    Class / Cabalist
    Class / Spellslinger
    Class / Thane
    Class / Witch
    Class / Wizard 
    all providing Legendary Spells, I feel like we will see Legendarys frequently. I think it should be removed from a couple of the above.
  • @Cloud Based on ???? If your basing it on your gut vs my gut, i'm going with my gut.
  • Also in most cases, you have to buy the legendary spell for 500 gold, that's basically the entirety of your class gold spent on a single one-time use ability. It's very much a high-risk high-reward choice that I honestly don't think most players will choose under normal circumstances.
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    @Rob ;
     Haha no worries go with your gut man! <3 I'm just estimating based on the popularity of some of those classes. Plus Elf is a popular pick. Granted, they were mostly for Elf campaigns, I'll give you that.
  • also Elf says 4 rando spells OR legendary. I personally would almost always pick the 4 spells. (I'd rather have the choice there)
  • @CaptainThorn ;
    Yeah, I hear you. Most of my players just see the word "Legendary" and throw all their chips in for them, but the show's cast probably wont. Idk. We'll see. Should prove to be fun either way!
  • @Cloud haha lol. I can see some of mine doing that too! Indeed, boy S4's gonna be interesting.
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    Corrupted Bag of Holding got put into the Basic Ability Deck, while Sea Shanty stayed in the Booty Raider Class. Personally, i'd switch the two - because corrupted bag of holding is way more useful to a Booty Raider, who now has no reliable way of getting treasures, and if they strike rich, they don't proc their sea shanty. 

    Also for roleplay - i'd much rather have sea shanty come up than corrupted bag of holding. Sea shanty means you become a pirate, which is always fun. You're playing a wizard lovers, follower of th light paladin? pick up sea shanty and suddenly you've been a sailor who has been fighting the ageless pirates. 

    One thing i've always done when creating characters in urealms is base the backstory of the abilities and cards. If my character has a hammer of light - okay, where did they pick this up. Is this a relation to the GPO, or is it just blessed? For something like sea shanty, it instantly ties my character to the sea, whereas Corrupted Bag of Holding just feels eh as a basic ability, but great to a booty raider.

  • @Dart Thanks for the heads up! I personally don't have a lot of experience with booty raider, so I'll take your word for it, although if I had to think of a reason why bag of holding became generic, I'd guess it's because a bag of holding isn't necessarily something specific to a pirate class, while sea shanty is.

    Finished: Booty Raider, Dreamweaver
    Retired: Enchanter, Fleshweaver

    Glad Dreamweaver made the cut, one of my favorite classes!
  • Sharpsword has been finished!
  • @MasterDJV you sure? Class card doesn't appear finished for me?
  • It's still showing the old class card for me as well, but I'll keep an eye on it in case it updates!
  • Rob
    edited June 2019

    Corrupted Bag of Holding was removed from the game, not moved to Basic Abilities. It may be labelled as a "Basic Ability" but only because all class abilities we retired were mostly changed to this before I did a final pass. It was removed because it was an utterly boring card as you explained. It's still boring even as a booty raider.

    Also Sea Shanty would still be >>>>>>>>>> better then bag of holding. Re-read the card.
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    From what I can tell, it seems just Sharpsword and Suncleric are the only classcards left to be updated/removed, there's a few remnant Runemaster abilities too though.
  • Update:
    Retired: Runemaster, Shaman, Sorcerer

    Surprised to see Sorc go, although I suppose a lot of its kit was made of things that easily could be basic abilities. All that's left now is Sharpsword's new class card, Lumberjack's six abilities, and Suncleric.
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