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Classes Graveyard

With Season 4 on the horizon, we now have Classes that were available in Season 3 being axed for Season 4. It's possible we'll see these classes under new titles, or split into other official classes, but right now, let us pay respect for the classes we have lost.


May they rest in peace.


  • This is a sad day, but these classes have sacrificed themselves so that new other classes have a chance in this world.
    *sniffles, thinking about sandbender*
    This isn't an end. This is a new beginning. 
  • Where is it we can see where all them are being axed? Been on and off for awhile now.
  • I’ll say f to all but Sandbender, cause that class was a tiny weeny bit overtuned
  • @CaptainDeston Type in 'retired' in the Card Search, you'll see all the (current) retired cards.
  • Several of the classes have been updated as well. I see spells like Fireball and Iceblast in the retired section, and I can't imagine those being cut completely, so the old spells in the retired deck may still get repurposed as Basic Abilities
  • R.I.P. Death Knight it was my favorite class. I just really like how versatile it was. Death Knight had 3 really good viable build options with just the class cards. 

    1. Using the axe of malice to be a sort of lifesteal tank fighter hitting stuff for 25 damaging and healing for 25 too

    2. Although admittedly a little worse in my opinion the Bane of Ice weapon can also be very fun and good as a glass cannon sort of build getting up to 60 damage basic attacks if you can fill ablility slots with ice spells.

    3. Getting neither weapon and just going for the good spells Death Knight has, mainly being able to use Absolute Zero because you don't use Ace of Malice while still being quite tanky because you are not using bane of ice. 

    ( Extra. depending on how the GM rules it you could also get both axe of malice and bane of ice if they don't count the additional ice damage as part of the basic attack being able to do the 25 + ice damage. )

    Also all of the death knight abilities are useful. 
    Bitter Blaze, dealing damage and healing you for quite a bit useful for drawn out battles where you need to outlast your foe.

    Death strike, the best one turning your basic attacking into a ranged spell that can't be blocked or dodged is wonderful.

    Rotting frost, applying poison is only situationally helpful it's still a basic attack so it does good damage and keeps then from healing temporarily best used on the foes turn so they have to wait a full round to get the free roll to break out of poison.

    Dark mending, restoring anytime can be mega helpful if you have a party member who benefits more from them like a spellslinger or a karazime bow staff. Anytimes being generally more useful than a regular action being that you can use them to stop and enemy attack and do damage too. 

    Command the dead, being the worst of the abilities because of how situational it is but is still really good if the campaign is based around ageless like if all allies are ageless you basically get 4 basic attacks for one action.

    Frost grip, is the second best one for me stunning and doing damage while you can use it as a regular at anytime makes it super useful for stopping whatever you need to in a fight. and super cool imagining your character just force gripping your enemies like darth vader.

    Magic shell, gives death Knight a good support spell too being able to save allies in a pinch and a bonus attack from you is great if the foe can't be normally interrupted for some reason.

    Absolute Zero, is a must have if you don't have Axe of malice giveing Deathknight the Burst to take down even some of the most tanky foes with usually a 200+ damage attack

    Ice Wraith, Gives death knight a really good defencive option if stuff is going south for the team everyone gathers and gets in ice wraith and boom much harder to damage for a round giving time to damage or heal.

    Resurrection, is also awesome making for some really tense story moments where an ally just died and you now have a 30% chance to bring them back while the odds are not in your favor you know there is a chance if you high roll.
  • I will miss the puppeteer. Sad days.
  • I mean they will all get re-added. Basically they got cut if they required a massive overhaul or were minion based cause minions won't be in the base urealms set i think.
  • I'm super excited for season 4, gonna miss some of the classes while they're gone but there's always the option to create custom cards to replace them in the meantime!
  • @RedDashLion Agreed; I especially want to see any of the changes to Races. Can't wait for Saturday! :)
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