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What Old God Divine Would You Make?

Out of all the choices on the campaign for the Old God Divines, what would you liked to have seen and why? Share your reasons too because this should be good ^^


  • Cursed Hands + Honorable + Spider + Uniter is my pick. I just want to make a character who is the most wholesome and good of all characters be a race that doesn't seem like it would be that at all. Also, it adds a lot of the ability to be sad if they die or glad if they are the ones to attain Dragonship.
  • + Tranquility lol
    Sleepy wholesome dreams for wholsome waifu? Sign me up.
  • scrooge + champion +  Chaotic + Chaos control + mind smith + creation magic 
  • Scrooge+Wallbreaker+Theatric+Summon Chaos+Cursed Tattoo+Creation Magic+Hellish Whispers+Through the Fourth Wall. Just going all in on the #metaduck 
  • Kobold+Fall of Divine+Sinner+ Hellish Whispers+Divinity+The Great Silence
  • Walrus+Flight+Baby Boom

    just... why not?
  • Walrus, Extinction, Scholar, Legendary Tome, Memory Skin, Creation Magic, Blood Ink, Blood Meteor


    Scrooge, Champion, Chaotic, Cursed Hands, Cursed Tattoo, Creation Magic, Sinner, Fighting Power.
  • Gnome, Wanderer, Theatric, Chaos Control, Mindsmith, Instant Transmission, Blood ink for clones, and whatever basically for Arrival.

    Boom. Time Gnomes. Guardians of time after the fall of the Sandbolds.
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    Walrus, Puppet Master, Scholar, Legendary Tome, Mindsmith, Divinity, Chaos Disciple (Shooting for some sort of Carpenter), and The Frozen Order. Goo Goo G'joob.
  • Highbear champion that is double immortal that brings the death of magic.
  • Loving these ideas so far ^^
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    I have a few ideas. I really like making characters and have kinda ended up being good at it if there are rules in place. 

    One would be a spider with the endless suffering purpose. A theatric personality. The arrival would be patient timing and the Great Silence. Chaos control + memory skin + instant transmission + sinner. Over powered spider who can be anybody and be anywhere and change fate. A truly evil OGD. 

    A Shezaite with the survival purpose but a goofy personality because it's already kinda hard to kill her. Her arrival would be the last fighting power. Powers would be summon chaos + mindsmith + creation magic + chaos disciple. Far more neutral and sort of drunken master style of character. If there was only one OGD in the game I would prefer this one. 

    The last one would be an elf with the self-fulfilling prophecy purpose, something I will explain. The personality would be honorable. Their arrival would be baby boom. Powers would be cursed hands + tranquility + divinity + hellish whispers. So assuming that there would be 2 OGDs like in the stream because everybody donated I wanted to make a sort of good character who would know that the spider old God was coming and wanted to make the God killer as powerful as possible to not just kill themselves but also the spider. I liked when Deadbones said a Yang Yang sort of deal but this would be a good character sacrificing themselves to stop a super villain. 
  • Beenu, Utopia, scholary, cursed hands, mindsmith, instant transmission, sinner, baby Boom.

    Spider, Extinction, Malicious, Legendary Tomb, Cursed Tatoo, Divinity, Blood ink, Blood meteor.

    In essence, two divines that are direct opposites, with two extreme goals that may not be as favorable (with unity possibly undoing the birth of magic). 

  • I'd make a nice spider that would pretty much just be Jeff from Billy and Mandy.

    Give that boy the cursed hands, tranquility, divinity, and sinner with a Goofy personality and a wanderer purpose.
  • @Railith

    Man I remember that show. That’d be a funny divine

  • Elf, Warmongerer, Scholarly, Cursed Hands, Memory Skin, Creation Magic and Chaos Disciple.

    Gotta give the Living an Advantage. ;)
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    Shezaite, Monarch, Theatric, Legendary Tome, Tranquillity, Instant Transmission & Hellish Whispers 
    edit: also with The Great Silence as the arrival 
  • Kobold, Puppet Master, Goofy, Creation magic, Tranquility and The Frozen order.

    He uses creation magic to make the best ice cream you'd ever imagine and just gives it out to people, making friends with everyone in all political factions and thus accidentally recieving a massive amount of political power he doesn't even know he has.
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    Gnome, Monarch, Malicious, Legendary Tome, Memory Skin, Divinety, Chaos Disciple. Baby boom. 

    I made the so called Whats the Origin of Gnomes thred here at the forum, so i would make shore That i would get My awnser. 
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    My second old god divine would be.
    Gnoll, Fall of Divine, Theatric, Summon Chaos, Cursed Tatoo, Creation Magic, Sinner, the great Silence.

    mostly becose a War aginst the gods of the realm would be cool as hell.
  • Kobold chaotic wanderer without sinner would be neat rolls two dice when deciding what to do
  • Waifu Goku with Creation Magic
  • @Swampmist Would waifu be a Shezaite? 
  • Sure would. Using the "fight the strongest people" quest, Fighting Power entrance, and with Instant Transmission and Creation Magic and probably the book of legendary spells.
  • Spider+great uniter+honourable+cursed hands+tranquility+instant transmission+hellish whispers+baby boom
    Goblin (GOB GOD)+monarch+malicious+legendary tome+memory skin+divinity+sinner+blood meteor

    The spider is solely for the purpose of making a good spider that saves the world and causing the insanely horrific baby boom. The goblin is the perfect Goblin redeemer, there to unite the goblins and take vengeance against an unjust world.
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