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Australian Community Members?

Hey! Been playing a few games of Urealms but it's always awkward because of the timezones. Wanted to know how many other Australian members of this community there were, sometimes I feel like the only one, heh.


  • Hello, I am a fellow Aussie. Yeah games are hard to play sometimes but they are so worth it.
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    I guess I've been holding off on buying the tabletop simulator until the mod comes out. Now that it's out I gotta go to EB games to buy Steam voutchers. Haven't really tried looking for a game yet.

    Also fucking Kiwis. I stayed up till 3:30 in the morning, waiting till the first stream started. AND THEN THEY HAVE TO SHOW with their "It's 5:30 am over here". Like, I am trying to brag about how committed I am to watching the show so early in the morning, and then they show up in their fancy island that exists 2 hours into the future.

    Man, I gotta save for a less angry avatar. I just wanted the goatee.

    edit: Also it looks like this thread may be in the wrong category since most of y'all are talking about the game and not the show.
  • Australian reporting for duty.
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    I dont find it too awkward, a normal sleep schedule is in sync with the US hardcore gamer sleep schedule of going to 3am in the morning so I can always play with them.

    Streams are a slight problem though but nothing going to bed early on Saturday cant fix.
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    For last New Years stream I ended up buying two seperate six-packs of Strongbow Applecider. I fell asleep an hour before the stream started. When I woke up, I thought to myself "No biggy. I'll just get drunk on the vod".

    *Sigh* I guess it's only fitting that my Strongbow go to my drunken son, and that sad ranger lady.

    edit: For posterity's sake, I don't actually have a son, and I'm just making a joke on my avatar... which is Michael Langstrom at the time.
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    *Raises hand* :3 Hoi hoi  :)

    Edit: I've been wanting to play a game of URealms, but I haven't found anyone to play with, not that I've tried very hard. Much love <3
  • Australian here.
  • Australian here too.
  • last time i checked i was an Aussie, bit more of a westie (sydney that is)
  • Woo, gotta love the commitment of getting up at 3am :dank: 
  • @Sixfeatunder
    Wait, You mean *yawn*, you actually *Yodels^ like an Indian* get up at 3 am? Shizzle, here I've been relying on *yawn/stretch*, my insomnia to get me through the first hour and a *ow my jaw from stretching* - hour and a half of the programme

    ^Or whatever you call it when you put your hand off an on your mouth while sounds come out.

    Also, now that's a really dank emoji. The epitomophy or pitame, or-whatever, of dankyness.
  • You Aussies must be really committed. Not only do you have to stay up late as hell to view Urealms, but you also live in The Land of Death
  • @AlternateWraph Yeah i have an early night going to bed at like 9 get some decent sleep then get up at 3am and watch the campaign with breakfast.
  • @Sixfeatunder I always try to go to sleep early for Urealms but it never works out, so most of the time I watch 50-75% of the campaign, go to sleep and finish on the vod.
  • The show starts at 1am for me so I'd have to stay up the whole night watching it. I just watch the VODS in the morning and have a nice lazy Sunday
  • Fun fact: Aussies make up around 2% of the fanbase.
  • @Rob whats that in people?
  • @Vongeo About 3000 people, going by his 150k subscribers.
  • Gday, another Aussie here *tips corked hat while sculling a VB*
  • I guess I'm who you would call an "Aussie", to solve timezone issues, have you thought about getting a campaign together with other Australians?
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