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Season 4 companion cards discussion

Some of the new companion cards have been added.
This looks interesting.
Oh, er, uh, sorry if I shouldn't have made this thread.


  • bloodsnakequeen
    Ooh, I never thought about the lore of Blood Snake Queens. Makes sense and has some interesting roleplay implications. Like if a Blood Cobra enemy kills an important elf character, the elf and Blood cobra could sort of roll off to see which of their spirits would be in control.

    Interesting thing they've done with the Spirit companions, where Arcane spirits become Earth Spirits and vice versa when they die, same with Water(or Ice) and Fire Spirits. But what intrigues me the most is the seeming exclusion of Light Spirits, because it's still a Season 3 companion while Dark spirits get reborn into just another dark spirit when they die. It seems like Dark times are looming over the horizon for the coming season, if this is a sign of what's happening to the light.
  • @Sonderp I hadn't even noticed that. That's weirdddd
  • @Sonderp Other than the water spirit, any companion past goblin is still the old form so light probably just hasnt been updated yet.
  • Ah, OK. So it's just all cards alphabetically up until goblins at the moment that are added in, that makes sense. I guess it's possible they're just treating Dark and Light spirits differently by making it impossible for Light Spirits to turn into Dark spirits and vice versa. @Dolfinmaster
  • We are most likely gonna see the remaining companions update during the month as we get closer to the stream at the end of the month. I do think the direction the companions are going toward are an improvement over all, at least from what we Have seen so far, looks like a system where you can Have a ton of companions and still be relatively easy to keep track of from the GM’s point of view. Wounder If we get any new companions this season
  • Yeah, we aren't even sure if these were supposed to come out yet.
  • I just noticed that the supplies are now gone 
  • Hmm now all the companion passives and abilities are blue on the site.
  • Just as i predicted, some more companions Have now gotten update together with other Cards. all in preparation for the stream on this upcoming weeken.
  • edited May 2019
    Looking at the new companion cards, there is some great possibilities in there which could come into play:

    • Mimics have a real good chance of killing a single target by causing BDRs on a target per round till it gets a kill. VERY dangerous if players don't take care however.
    • Elemental Spirits are quite good since their deaths aren't a big deal, and the way they flip-flop (Earth-Arcane, Light-Dark, Fire-Water) can have some fun shenanigans.
    • Some companions aren't killed unless their skulls are broken. This is expected for some companions, such as the Skelephelk. But a few more unexpected companions have that trait too, such as the Pot Puppy or Mimic, both of which aren't exactly ageless beings. (I don't even really know what defines the skull of the mimic.)
    • Some companions are fun in how they work. Scrooges specifically target the toughest-looking foe, while the Gemling heals their favorite ally. A way for RP to have some influence in combat there.
    • Elemech X-404 is basically a different companion which can speak once it dies. High RP and power potential.
    • If a Porc manages to get Elemech X-404 as one of their passives (IF Legendary Companions are possible to be drawn, which they may not be), there is a good chance that character will eventually turn into a random talking companion, which could be a whole barrel of worms on its own.

    Currently [As of 25/05/2019], there are 44 Companions and 4 Legendary Companions. Out of this:

    • 1 Companion costs 100 Gold. This is the Pot Puppy.
    • 5 Companions cost 200 Gold.
    • 14 Companions cost 500 Gold
    • 13 Companions and 4 Legendary Companions cost 1000 Gold

    With this in mind, there's the consideration on how they affect the races now as well:
    • Dwarves get a companion which they could sell for full price. This easily means that a Dwarf always has an option for a companion, and has good odds for getting a healthy amount of gold if they don't want it.
    • Porcs get two of these Companions as passives. This alone has massive possibilities, both positive and negative. You could be able to hit all foes for 5 and be immune to magic while attacking a target for 5x Elements they can cast (Gorgon + Blood Cobra), or make the tiles around you give a No-Roll Bonus Action but also cause a target next to you to DR (Hobgob + Cowfrog).
    • Azveltarians could be returning at some point as they were redone as well, choosing a companion from a choice of 7 to take as a passive which they can control if it triggers or not.

    A lot of changes, but a very good chance for a lot of fun.

    Aside from this however, there is a couple of errors on a few of the companions:

    • Crunchodiles do not have a gold value.
    • The Shroomtrent does not have a listed DR value (e.g, failing DRs on a 3 or lower.)
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