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The Order of Order!

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The world need rules more then ever as the embodiment of disorder Have its own organisation and they are growing in Numbers fast, they are known as the Order of Chaos. But do not worry i give to you all a way to fight the chaos, i give you The Order of Order where we make rules and laws to help make a more orderly world, a world of paperwork protocols and harmony! So join Today and become a member of the Order of Order.

You can join the Order by simply leaving a comment asking to join and then your in! 

Rules of Orderly Orderliness.
1: (suggested by @Laito ; ) all things read here on the forum shall always be reread at least more then three times to insure that nothing is missed or misinterpret. all failures to uphold to this rule will be documented on cats and the cat will be named and treated by the person how failed to uphold the rule. if you cant find or believe you cat has yet to arrive please go out look for it as the cat most likely don´t like you and have chosen to run away from home. after all the cat know its your fall it as been forever marked with the facts of your failure to follow the rules on its body.

2: (suggested by @nikiduke )  all members need to ones a day refer to them self as gamer and or use a "rad" vocabulary, using words like Bodacious and extreme, if questioned for prof about upholding to this rule the accused will have to submit a cringe compilation holding the prof, if no cringe compilation is submitted it will be assumed they are no true gamer until one is shown.

3: (suggested by @Revoltman ) May I quarter join the order is now the official way to ask for entrench to the Order of Order, any one how ask to join in any other way will still get to join but is not seen as truly equal by the top comity of the Order of Order.

every new member gets to make a new suggestion to the rules of orderly orderliness. At the end of the month i the Temporary Orderly Orderliness Overseer will go through and pick the three most fitting suggestions, they will be added to the list of Rules of Orderly Orderliness untill the next month where new rules will be added and old rules That end up not Working will gets discarded. Every current member are allowed to post a new suggestion at the start of a new month and the suggestion are allowed to be the a repeat of a former suggestion as long as That suggestion is not already on the list of Rules of Orderly Orderliness.

follow the Rules of Orderly Orderliness to the best of your power and be an example of Orderly behavior, That is the only way to truly fight the Chaos!


  • I'd like to see your Order Licence please to make sure everything is in order with this order.
  • We need to get someone knowledgeable in tree law to make those licenses! (and an artist to draw them!) But I do feel that some of us old gods need to work together to help curb the destruction caused by the order of chaos! While the voting is random if we work together we can get the odds in our favor!
  • So I read that like three times and didn't get it. Is there actually an objective to this group other than to create paperwork?
  • I personally think we should make all combats require the proper paperwork to be filled out before all combatants are able to participate in the fight. Waivers must be filled by all individuals participating in any way. It must be agreed upon that non-combatants and healers are to be left unharmed unless otherwise stated in the agreements decided upon by the competing parties. Any items, equipment or supplies brought into the combat must be registered and a consensus must be made between all parties to decide what will happen with said personal belongings after the combat. Any party or individuals will be punished via death after proper execution paperwork has been completed.

    I think I'm doing this right...
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    Its a bureaucracy joke, the Idea of taking the Chaos part of order of Chaos to literally. Just a place to write som silly nonsens with folk as we pretend That it maters @Laito  just Chanel your inner politician.
  • @Laito  in other word it's supposed to be overly complicated and make no sense
  • saying the word “the” in the order should be a fineable offense this law is retroactive
  • We need to pass a bill that puts higher restriction on teachers teaching the art of cabalist. Today we have an affluent elven youth hanging out with undead skeleton King, inappropriate usage of blanket of darkness, and is mentally troubled. To protect our youths we must kill this epidemic and hinder the freedom of expression! #cabalisttakelivesofinnocentelvenboys
  • Dibs on signing the release forums in triplicate that will allow me to consult the prime elect official bureau on the logistics of assigning release forums to those tasked with engaging in long-distance video-meetings in order to determine the numerical value and organization of the pamphlets to be handed out to the promoters to file away for executive review at a later time when the largest orbital satellite has requisitioned the forums to transmit it's visage for your viewing pleasure in a manner that is reminiscent of a 2nd-dimensional sphere coated in the fluids of an organic reproductive organ commonly mistaken for a vegetable, which is then coated in layers of pressurized curds, and labeled under the moniker of no more and no less then 3.14159...
  • @TamTroll the Temporary Orderly Orderliness Overseer are intrigued by the proposal and will start looking in to its likelihood as a new rule 
  • This tread fills me with unquestionable amounts of joy. Which means I must now be playfully opposed to it.

     I see the order you are attempting to bring Order of Order, and I humbly request a form to submit for approval to apply for a submission  form of strong rebuke. Which I will fill out in crayon and in sentences that change language and color without reason. Nor shall there be any semblance of syntax. Let chaos reign. 
  • I propose 'The exception that proves the rule' rule: all rules may be broken only once.
    Consequently, when this rule is applied to itself, a single rule may be broken twice.
  • You should call it The Balanced Order of Order that is way your acronym says BOOO
  • Id like to join the order of order order
  • Well this looks fun, I would like to help contribute.
  • @ZeoCobra ; your hired as Top Member of Membership Committee For Order of Order. and @nikiduke ; are our Honorable First to Actually Ask to Join Order of Order Member,
    or as acronyms TMMCFOOO and HFAAJOOO. (yes that sounds awful and thats the point)
  • order more like or durrrrrr am i rite 
  • All Men Must Choose Between Two Paths. Order is the Path of Honor, Heroism, and Nobility. Chaos... Well its Just Cooler.
  • Sign me up. c:
  • Wait a minute. Are we the baddies?
  • @Mynameiswramos
    Of course not. Just send in a neat and properly done membership card like I did, and you'll officially be on the side of Order.
  • @kunaiknife452
    You think the Order of Chaos needs membership cards?
    This gets the same treatment.

  • Just look at them, the bringer of Chaos, all of them liars and scandals But there is No need to worry, we are the Order of Order and we will be better than them. Just ignore their childish acts and stay on the road of order, remember fellow member Winners don't do Chaos.
  • @LexderMob

    My form thingy actually has my name on it. Am I accepted?
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    after 4 hours of flipping through the same one note with the one rule of ask and your in on it, i have decided yes. at least until we get more rules of how entrance will work. @Laito ;
  • @LexderMob ;

    This is not the immediate denial I was expecting and now I don't know what to do.
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    use it as a chance to repent for you sins and embrace the bureaucracy. @Laito ;
  • @LexderMob Don't worry. I made you guys a poster to combat those chaotic crazies. It really reflects your demeanor :smilebold: 

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    @Maris ; Thanks gamer
    Image result for snap this is going in my cringe comp
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