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Question for the Senior Order Of Chaos members from Pre-"Fate-worse-then-death"

Is it jarring at all to suddenly have such a large influx of new members to your ranks? I'd imagine i'd be a bit shook if i were in your position. From what I've seen at least, the ability to make a thread with just your words in it seems to have vanished, as more people able to reply to them have caused small debates in what could have otherwise been simple instructions or guides. I know if i made a thread saying character X should listen to me and do Y, but then someone else came in to my thread and said X should do Z instead, i'd probably feel a bit upset at this.

Have any of you felt that way? Or is it kind of just a bigger party "The more the merrier" kind of thing?


  • This is an interesting idea, especially considering that the position in the OoC is won practically by random chance in the first place. I feel like it was kind of the goal of the system from the very beginning to eventually get this feeling of discord between the Old Gods. What would be the point if they didn't bicker and fight amongst themselves?
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    I may have mentioned this elsewhere, but I think part of the reason that this event was conceptualized was to create more of a sub-forum setting, because--as you said--the culture was people making threads with nothing but their words, rather than discussion and discord similar to here. A house with a strange aura became an equally strange home, in my eyes (though I'm no senior, so I guess I'm just typing this out for my own benefit lmao)

    Edit: Aw geeze, I just realized that I basically said what @Meben said with more words looool
    I guess we share that opinion? Though, apologies if it wasn't what you expected when making this thread
  • I presume you're referring to the Come in and rest thread, as that is the only thread in which more than one ooc member has commented. In that particular case several of us did discuss that interaction before actually pulling the trigger and commenting. Additionally it was Caprikel, one the "Senior" old gods as you put it, who pulled the trigger and made the first comment. It seems as though we are for the most part respectful of one another's threads, at least for now.
  • I wouldn't consider it particularly jarring, my sense previously was "nothing is happening", and even with the influx I imagine a majority of ORCS members are going to be inactive long term anyway. All that really went on was we'd occasionally look at suggestions for things to put on the board, and a vast majority of the time, ignoring them, without a lot of communication between us specifically.

    Communication has at least picked up in that there's a Discord for ORCS members now, which is neat, buuuut it's been inactive for like two days now because the hype dropped quickly after its initial creation of it, and not even close to every member is in it anyway.

    Thus far I think people have been cautious about adding words to the threads of others, as with the exception of this thread nothing has happened with regards to people replying to one another, and that one seems to be mostly nonsense anyway. However, I do wonder how long that will last once the story picks up again and people start fussing over what direction things should be pushed in.

    But really, the total is still just under 50 people, which isn't all that much. It's not going to be a big deal.
  • @Mynameiswramos

    ... H'uh, you know, somehow i didn't even notice that. i thought there were more threads in there that had multiple posts chatting back and fourth on what people should / shouldn't too. I must have been getting mixed up, i mainly only look at the "most active threads" section of the forum, so i must have just seen some OoC people posting in a thread not in that subforum and thought it was in there... woops.
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    @Laito I feel kind of uneasy about posting in the order forms myself. Mostly because I feel like I wasn't really an active member of the forums before, but also because (to my knowledge) I am the first to by-pass the divine decision lottery.

    But, I am totally game to jump into the discord.
  • @Totenalle Oh yeah, you're the lunatic who got the tattoo for realsies, right?

    Here you go.
  • I feel it's more appropriate honestly to have OoC members having discussions in threads that in-realm characters can hear or could be forced to listen to. What's more chaotic: Hearing a single voice give a general instruction or hearing a full blown discussion between multiple entities about things you don't understand?
  • Speakin as a non order of chaos member. This is great because now its chaotic advice. Imagine the beenu OGD asking what to do and four different peices of advice come at you.
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    @Rinocorn i kinda figured the opposite was the point TBH. We're chaotic as-is, and it could be argued that any OoC member COULD hear those of us outside the forums, but there are so many voices it just dissolves into a static background voice.

    the OoC forums though were special and focused, where one could actually get through to someone on the other side and maybe even directly influence them. If someone hears a single unified voice saying "you should do Y", they might do it. if they hear dozens of voices all telling them to do completely different things though, they're probably not going to do anything at all. If i imagined the Beenu OGD asking on what to do and getting dozens of different results, i'd hazard a guess that they'd just throw up their hands and make their own decision, flip a coin or something rather then listen to any actual old god. I know that's what i would do

    just how i was interpreting things at least. Not on the order myself of course, so i can't say.
  • Even with the influx of around 50 people, the OoC forum hasn't blown up with activity. I'd reckon that only around a third of the Order of Chaos members are truly active users of the forum, while the rest are somewhat inactive. 
    Having more people definitely makes things more interesting, since we'll have more chances to see how characters change from what was said in the OoC forum. 
    Right now we have the potential to influence Maelstrom, and the fact that people aren't misusing that power shows that the OoC members are mature individuals.
  • I guess you're right about people not misusing it, but I'm not sure how that can last. The more the OoC grows, the more likely people will start pushing those boundaries, and the harder it will be for the crew running the show to handle what's happening. Really, we'll just have to see how it happens as time passes, it's gonna be interesting if nothing else, and I guess that's all I'd want from the Order of Chaos
  • My best guess is that if it gets to the point where a dozen people are all posting conflicting ideas or whatnot, Rob and Co will just pick the most interesting one(s) and go with that, maybe just leaving the others as background noise. hard to be sure. As far as we've seen so far, the characters don't hear / see EVERY post in the forum. Though a sample size of one isn't really much to go on.
  • I've been seeing a lot of people posting about how they plan on getting that tattoo to join up. You think that might cause some sort of explosion: having people who were either committed enough to get a tat now bringing that activity to the order or otherwise try and play around with the systems in place?
  • I mean, it is called the Order of Chaos.
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