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OGD Beenu a sugestion of how to show its power...


So we made a beenu OGD(Old God Devine) that is capable and it's going to infiltrate all organisations and seek guidance (sometimes) by using Hellish Whispers(the order).
Due to the nature of this OGD, he will be working outside our view never or rarely appearing on the screen, sad yes but that doesn't mean that his work can't present itself to the old gods.

What I am suggesting is  a way to see his progress for example
Imagen in the show we see an organisation, for example, the paladin order, in a round table the important leader, speaking to it's subordinates about the ageless treat and defences, solving complex problems and leading... then the meeting ends and he calls his most trusted in private were the following happens... 
 The leader-  Our order is being infiltrated 
The others- how? are you sure? what do we do?
 The leader- We need to catch the spy..This will be your task.
(the leader leaves the office)
One of the others still in the office- (in a low voice) well everyone in here is a spy.
(all the others start smiling to each other showing a mark that can only be seen by the audience and the spies, and we role back to see, all in  the table... with that mark except the leader, every last one of them, spies)

That is what i want, all of his spies to carry a mark or a sine or something... that signifies that they are spies, so the audience can feel the real power and progress of the old god divine.

I fear that this OGD will be used for a plot twist and then discarded, tho i know rawb would not do that, he appears to be a very busy guy, i would not like such a powerful ...creation to fall as background noise...I want that the reach of his power to be only those who know how to look...

After all, what is a great mind with no ambition... and why make a work of art, if no one can see it...  

I would like to see, all of his spies to carry a mark or a sine or something... that signifies that they are spies, so the audience can feel the real power and progress of the old god divine.


  • Because of the method in which he infiltrated It wouldnt make much sense to have that many spies whom would most likely be order of chaos. That being said they might show of the order of chaos mark.
  • @Rinocorn Some characters have the order of chaos mark and don't know what it represents, and just because you belong to the order, doesn't mean you are a spy working for OGD benu. As well i think you don't have to belong to the order to be a spy, many can be manipulated to give information and work for you.

    It's going to be hard to infiltrate all the organisations in the world if the number of spies you have can only be recruited from the order of chaos.
  • @migueldcr Well because of his arrival it would make sense plus he has people like gallen
  • Well, it could be cool to have a “meta level” mark for character’s who have been manipulated. Could help with keeping track of their progress.

    As for an in-universe mark, I don’t think that’ll be necessary, unless all these characters are becoming apart of the order of chaos.
  • there is a chance that this Beenu Old God might be Ghost Blade father now that it confirm that she was an old god in last campaign season 2 . I'm only basing this off the powers, race and purpose. Example would be the powers this old god can shapeshift  to sleep with lynn or alter mind to forgot it happened. The race thing is simple that they are both old god and beenu while purpose is for being the puppet master only way to get in lynn's clan is through her desire of having a baby  . Also that Ghostblade might become a god-killer if this theory is right due to hate of the beenu old god because of  her bad experience in life or the old god beenu teaches her how to kill god with scholarly knowledge and her assassin skill. What your thought on this?
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    Wouldn’t be possible because of how the OGD was chosen to enter the world. The Beenu OGD is just entering into the world with the order of chaos. Since its only a recently forded organization, it couldn’t have been in the past.
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