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Creation Magic QUESTions

So, with creation magic. Does using gold have a one to one ratio or does it have slight diminishing returns? Would a mortal wielding creation magics be truly dangerous? How much gold does it take to make a metric shit load of puppies? I wanna know any and all answers or dumb questions you all have!


  • creation magic has not been used in the show yet, not in a way that lets us know how it work properly at lest. so we can only really speculate but i think it is depending on what type of gold and the amount, there is something called dragon gold and that is really powerful stuff. 
  • @LexderMob We know mortals for the most part can not wield it. At least in terms of dragon gold. One of my questions is if it can undo things at will and how much magic it would consume.
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    @CaptainDeston ; creation magic has not been used in the show in a detailed way and there is no info that has been mentioned about the measurement when it comes to it yet. rob has mentioned it can undo things do, but once again he gave no info about its mechanics so there is no real way to answer your question. you will have to wait on answers until it gets a central role in a campaign. right now its just not a very explored subject. 
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    Theoretically speaking, it would depend upon the creation. The term Equivalent Exchange is often thrown around a lot in Alchemy and one could easily draw a comparison to potential of what Creation Magic can do. One could not make something from nothing. Being able to undo things though is tough one, by its name alone Creation does not mean Destruction but if creation magic does fall into the rules of Equivalent Exchange, if used to undo something, it may revert into the target into base materials or into something of its Equal Value. In theory anyway...
    Regardless of if it is right or not, "All Magic Comes at a Price" at some point or another.
  • @LexderMob Yeah, I know there're no feats. It's more so speculation from what we've heard. That and knowing how actively the gods themselves use creation magics which we've yet to learn.
  • @ZeoCobra Maybe it has some sort of equivalent exchange if one is a god. If one is a mortal or a lesser divine they rely on the massive amounts of gold as described.
  • @LexderMob Well it sorta has been used. Thor does create the Dwarves with it.
  • @Rob well Yeah But not in a way That gave us any real info of how it work mechanically, wich was My original argument, But you are rigth, claming it was Never uset was the wrong way of putting it.
  • @LexderMob Yeah, as a mechanic it'll be interesting to see. Who knows how game breaking it could be.
  • @Rob Wasn't dragon gold a physical form of creation magics?
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