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Animated Tiles EDIT: & Animated Status Effects

Just started going through my URealms stuff when I realized that Tabletop Simulator recently started to accept video along with image files. It seems like it could be really cool for boss tiles or if you are like me almost all your tiles as you spend way too much tome making URealms stuff.
Video Example of my Test:
EDIT: I animated some Status Effect as well!


  • That's actually really neat. Definitely has a lot of potential! Like you said, would be awesome for boss tiles to show how important/strong they are. There'd be a lot of oh shit moments for players.
  • Lightly animated my personal tile inspired by your post:

  • @MasterDJV That's pretty awesome! I think there is a lot pretty awesome things you can do with this. The only catch is how much time it would take if you really wanted to animate more than a select few tiles.
  • I think this would be really cool with something like the player character's intros or something that made legendary characters look awesome

  • I quickly threw together some animated status effects. This is probably best saved for special tiles but I think it looks pretty cool!
  • @DungeonDavid
    wow these are fantastic I’ll have to look into making some animated tiles
  • @DungeonDavid That makes them much easier to notice in combat. The Danger one is the best with flashing colors which could be very useful
  • Dude. This is pretty cool
  • That's actually really cool. I wouldn't just use it for bosses, but important NPCs like Gwyneth or Nisovin.
  • @Cloud That's true. You just don't want to over use it because it will stop sticking out for the cool tiles and because it takes long to animate and render the 9 videos :evilsmile: 
  • Super cool! I don't think I'll add this type of thing to the tiles of S4, but for sure they will be awesome custom tiles to add to the game. I'd be concerned what lag would be like with every tile behaving like this haha but for bosses and cool characters? Great addition.
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