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The Top 20 Mightiest Old Gods (2019 Level Rankings)



  • I gotta say, thank you for setting this up again. I fell off with college stuff and then pretty much forgot about it since the last official campaign.

    I do hope that this list is constantly updated throughout the future of URealms
  • May, Start of Month Rankings:

    1.   Shuckle (36) of the Order of Chaos
    2.   Madiso (34)
    3.   AStar_ (34)
    4.   jmydale (33)
    5.   Badzee (33)
    6.   Boland (33)
    7.   graymorality (32)
    8.   WayofTime (32) of the Order of Chaos
    9.   magnetised (31)
    10. LexderMob (31)
    11. Kelp (31)
    12. nikiduke (31)
    13. blockington99 (31)
    14. HiveMastermind (31)
    15. Rukuri (31)
    16. Konpaatre (30)
    17. tak4n (30)
    18. CS1 (30)
    19. ThePhatSass (30)
    20. Mari_Solaris (30) of the Order of Chaos


    Hope everyone enjoyed making our Divines who will shortly join the realm!

    While I didn't think we'd get the experience right away I did think I should go and get us our ranking updates for the start of May now! I have to give a big thank you to @Astora I feel like I have official blessing to keep this going now  :3

    As always I give you guys information on the biggest changes and additions to the rankings each time...we have been joined by @Mari_Solaris just in time as they slide into 20th place. As noted they are also a Order of Chaos member, while @Shuckle stays well above everyone else on the list (It goes to show that being the highest level improves your chances as he is also an Order of Chaos member now).

    While the fierce battle continues for the three jumping into and filling the LvL 33 gap, jmydale Boland and myself fighting left poor @graymorality as they got leaped over. Keeping gray company now at LvL 32 we have @WayofTime who is now also an Order of Chaos completed our Triforce.

    I expect a crazy disruption in the Top 20 Force when the next batch of campaign exp comes out, we've just lost all level 20's but I think we will also see our first LvL 40!

    Finally I've got to say keep those daily rolls going, they do add up and make a difference.
    Just get 10 20's in a row!
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    Dear old gods, I like to propose an amenment. I like to propose that we increase this list to a top 35. The reason for this amentent is that the list has become to static since it was first introduced. With increasing the numbers we would see atleast more off a fight going on between the old gods.

    My amenment is open for addions, But my proposal should have atleast an increase of the amount of old gods on this list. 

  • edited May 2019
    @Spacewalker you want the 1% to let more folk in!? but then i wont be as much of a elite any more, 
  • you see old gods, and then i mean every old god. When we enlarge the list, the people on the top will look more elite than the people that are on the bottom. It the same with the richest person in the world. The people at the top look better when you put them in a top 50 compaired to a top 5. So i will ask again old gods, i propose that we increase this list. To truely see the most powerfulls of old gods.

    (I am trying to do it like the senators did in deadlantis)

  • *Sweats heavily since I missed all the deadrealm campaigns and had to watch them on youtube so not getting the exp but should get the 5x from this recent campaign so just hoping I don't fall off until then.*
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    What, don't wanna be overtak4n?  :p
  • This is why I voted Anti-Old God
  • The shake up is gonna be huge. People who donated for the 5th tier last week earned almost 8 levels. Everyone who came to the campaign earned 1.5 just for showing up. If you were looking for a boost before next season, last campaign ended up huge because you guys blew past the goal by a long shot.
  • 39
    thats a ting 
  • edited May 2019
    Well hot dang, that's lvl 43  :p

    Edited: From my estimates most people on the list have made it to around 35 but a few 34 and maybe 33 could make the list still.

    I do it via first come first serve after all!
  • 34, catching back up!
  • 36, hopefully a 3x boost is enough to stay on the board
  • 44...okay then
  • Well, talk about a level discrepancy that's started appearing.
  • hi im on mobile but let me know if i hit the level please and thank
  • edited May 2019
    Wow 5 levels jump for $10!
    This reward is dividing the big donators for the smallers ones. I don't mean it in a bad way :) You'd expect that this difference would have shown earlier.
  • 36, what a jump but somehow i fear i still lost spots
  • 39. 9 levels from the 5x
  • 37. Nice
  • Hello, 5x does wonders for the soul.

  • Jeez level 40
  • 43 wow
  • Oh... No...
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