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Urealms Vs. Real world time

the Deadlantis campaign starts on bopens ship in present urealms then goes back in time to the birth of magic then going forward in time to present urealms for us there was only a few hours between the birth of magic and present urealms for them it was a millennium for us the first cannon campaign was band of thieves but for them it was senate of deadlantis now this means that our time and there time is different this begs the question does the order of chaos send messages at present urealms or the end of the most recent (in our time) campaign 


  • We don't know exactly how or when the Urealms characters tap into the Order of Chaos.

    Figuring out the time parallels between our world and their world is a real Jeremy Bearimy. It should be assumed that any character can hear any OfC message that currently exists in our world, no matter where they stand in their own timeline. Thus, they are hearing our messages wayyy out of our chronological order, making consistent, easy communication very difficult. But then again, no one ever said inter-dimensional communication was easy
  • I would say the easiest way to look at would image that all of the urealms world takes place in our past. All of there stuff would have already happened and we just see it in non-chronological order while what happened is decided by the GM and players actions. Any whispers from old gods are sent into their world and into our past but we have no control of when these whispers get delivered and heard.

    This probably isn't accurate but is a simplified way to look at the confusing nature of the timelines.
  • It is also good to note that once the animations get back up and running again, they are based around Nader telling us these stories in the way that he has deemed makes the most sense
  • @Beepatron that doesn’t make sense as the dice are rolled NOW not in the past therefore the shows don’t happen in our past they happen when they happen in our time
  • @Revoltman the dice rolls are part of the players actions that help decide what happened. That doesn’t make what I say correct though. If you where to graph the time lines together, ours would be a strait line while the urealms timeline would look like a toddle was given a pen and just scribbled. The scribbles would intersect our line at a bunch of points and those would be the campaigns. The way these timelines work together are just confusing and hard to explain.
  • @Beepatron so basically the live shows are not happenig live they have already happend and the rolls are deciding the past? if i understand this correctly and im not strawmanning you that doesnt make any sense
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    @Revoltman and @Beepatron , I think the main thing to remember is that the time-line and time's passage in Urealms is more a matter of perspective. Beepatron's description of our time being linear and Urealms being a jumble is pretty accurate. If you'll recall from Nader's Unforgotten Tales (*see below*), most of the stories don't exist until they are told. From our perspective we are viewing the events as they unfold, but these events can fall anywhere on the time-line from the perspective of the characters. We are also re-contextualizing and changing the meaning/events as we view and change events. 

    For example, if we created the OGD Beenu with the Baby-Boom arrival, we would have in effect changed the past of Urealms by effectively writing events that had happened in the relative past of the characters or will happen in the relative future. Or the divine decision to wipe out the Beenu or the person that killed the Dwarven king would be a dragon. These events already happened, and our choices re-contextualized or changed them. Suddenly we were the cause of events that would have happened regardless of our choice or since we couldn't change the events that unfolded we would have changed the character involve to fit our choice (in that instance turning ghostblade into a dragon).

          So, Just by pure process of creation the characters hearing from the order could not do so until both the message and a story of them receiving the message exists. So the character's exist in a state of both having heard or never hearing any whisper until the event unfolds in the show. This means the order whispers have literally no way of being delivered at the ended point in time. A warning message could be received too late, or worse too early. Which is why us being able to communicate to characters in such a limited way is not really game-breaking. I can imagine the situation where a character barely survives a deadly encounter and the moment the cause of the danger is dealt with, the character gets a whisper, "HEY! That thing. Yeah, that thing is dangerous."

    "Have you ever noticed how every story you've heard always seems to start in the middle? There is already a world already built-up around these characters that is never explained. With a history that is never told. These untold tales have never even existed, so of course they could never be forgotten. They are simply unforgotten."  
  • It's more like we our 4th dimensional beings that exist outside of the timeline of URealms. If we change the past, it effects the future of said timeline unless it would be impossible in which case we made a mistake and Characters may notice that the laws of their universe don't make sense.

    Characters who are marked with our sin have some connection to us and some seem to be able to see and hear things from our forums. When that occurs is dependent on us because we can't change any of the events of S1 to S3.
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