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Where would you tattoo the OoC mark if you had it?

Give me some interesting choices Old Gods, please give a reason. It can be stupid if it has a good reason, perhaps connected to lore. 


  • Probably the shoulder, like Lunk and *maybe* Lola have--I don't wear tank tops too often, so it'd be ideal if I didn't want people to judge at a glance (like, you know, at a job interview, where I definitely wouldn't wear a tank lol.)
    As for a stupid place, it looks kind of like a dragon if you squint, so maybe at the small of the back where a tail would be?
  • @PoppyrusRose Gimme that OoC tramp stamp.
  • Already got mine planned for the front of the shoulder so it ties in with my others
  • if I even wanted it back of the hand simply for the pride of it
  • I would say somewhere on the back for a dramatic shirt lift when reveling the order and what it is to someone.
  • on my side in the middle-ish of my torso is where im planning on getting mine
  • I actually like it and I've always thought of having a tattoo on my shoulder blade. It would either be the mark or the Ouroboros from FMA.
  • Side of the neck/collarbone
  • OG fan so it’d have to be inner arm.
  • I'm like NeedsMoreLimes. Inner arm. I don't know if I will though, I'd get a lot of weird glances where I work.
  • I just got mine on my upper arm. First time tattoo and that's one of the easier places in terms of pain/discomfort. Plus, I work as a rehab therapist (COTA for anyone that cares) working in nursing facilities and it just makes things easier to not have an obvious tattoo visible all the time.
  • @Totenalle so are you instantly accepted into the order? After you send a photo or something?
  • I am thinking of putting a small one on my foot!
  • @ErrolVoid probably on my back, on one shoulder, it's tempting!
  • edited April 2019
    @Dall I don't want to paint anyone on the show runner side into a corner, so your mileage and experience may vary. I was prompted to send my forum user name after posting a picture of the completed tattoo on Twitter.

    Edited to clarify.
  • I might put it on my ass. I’m not sure where else I would get it honestly.
  • @EveryCarpet If you do that make sure to tweet a picture at Rob so you can get OoC membership. 
  • I think my forehead would be a good spot. >:)
  • @VerySeriousLewis where would you consider getting one? 
  • @EveryCarpet oh I already mentioned I would want it on my shoulder blade. Be specific my right shoulder blade. If I were to ever get a tattoo it would be there even though a lot of people have told me that's one of the most painful places to get a tattoo, and I know it would be a lot of maintenance to begin with
  • I think I'm going to get mine on my upper thigh. Like my hip, ya know? I usually pants or long shorts but the OoC tattoo is something that shows off a group I'd be proud to call my family so I'd wear shorter shorts more and it might help with my confidence. But I still have a few months to decide so I might even decide on my upper arm so I can show it off but still cover it for work. 
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