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Beenouch vi Britannia

I’m sure many other people have noticed the similarities between lelouch from Code Geass and the old god divine Beenu. For those who don’t know what I am talking about let me list how these two are similar.

spoilers to Code Geass

Both character share many similar trates and while I’m not saying I want the Fivine Beenu to mimic Lelouch I would like to see maybe some traits from lelouch to make it into the character.
what are your opinions about this?

1. Both have had their family/loved ones killed.

The beenu race was utterly eradicated and now The amount of beenu that remain you can count on your fingers. 

Lelouch saw his mother die and his sister’s legs crippled from the attack and lost her sight due to trauma. (Spoiler) To be fair it was just a ploy and the mother “survived” it doesn’t change the fact that this was a big part in his past. 

2. They are both have a similar ability in controlling others

The Divine has the ability to alter the memories of others and may have them do anything they wish. Just adding or changing a few things here and there. They are completely under his control with just a touch.

Lelouch has the Geass (Ability) that allows you to issue a command that the target will follow no matter what. No matter how much they don’t want to. All he requires is direct eye contact with the target. (Spoilers) some examples are Suzaku who wanted to die as a martyr or sacrifice to atone for his sins and guilt for killing his father and for the people of Japan but was ordered to live. Or Euphy who was told to do something that she would never wish or do....

3. Both are smart and master strategists

While we don’t know for sure how the Divine will act, being a scholar and a puppet master shows they are more then capable to devise plans and has the means to complete them. 

Lelouch though just a student trident was gifted with a brilliant mind and an amazing strategist who not many can claim to have bested him in a round of chest. He with a bit of information was able to turn around a loosing battle with little to no planning or resources beforehand.

4. Their followers

Divine Beenu has the order of chaos

Lelouch has the Black knights

in conclusion both characters have similar back stories, mind sets, abilities and resources. And yes I understand that the Divine Beenu is more closer to Lelouch’s father but his Geass is pretty much mind control, and altering memories are still pretty similar. And yes the Divine Beenu is stronger with time stop and other abilities. I’m not trying to say they are the same person. I just want to display the similarities. Lelouch is a great character and I would love it if the beenu could pull some inspiration from him.

thank you for reading this far. Please let me hear your thoughts about this. Also should I open another thread about the Forn Divine and what the four tree lords could be like? I may do it anyway so please look out for it. But please let me hear your opinions on all this. Have a good day Old Gods


  • Frankly I couldn't stop seeing the similarities from our Beenu and Dio. Can fly, stop time, drains peoples life force, is manipulative, probably will get a god-complex, and gets their power from a higher power (kinda).
  • I love the beenu we made. He/She is so anime.
    And yeah id say that the beenu reminds me of both.
  • So Beenu Divine is Lelouch + Dio both powerwise, and with many similar personality traits to both. Our Beenu Divine has the potential to either be the best villain or the best anti-hero.
  • I love the idea of Dio and Lelouch in one being. One thing I love about each one was their personality. Especially lelouch as Zero. Now I know the Divine didn’t get the theatrical personality, but wouldn’t it be fun if we was as expressive as either one of them?
  • I sincerely hope that the beenu does have some sort of mask or some striking garments.
    I believe if Rawb and Deadbones handle this well enough it could be a fan favorite character 
  • @nikiduke
    The Beenu will probably still need a disguise so that people won't be suspicious of a random member of an extinct race walking around.
  • edited April 2019
    Tbh this Benu is a perfect King Crimson & Dio mix only with mind manipulation instead of king crimsons time prediction & erasure ability.

    The mind alteration is just a plus allowing them to completely hide just like how the Mafia boss in Jojo Part 5 leaves no loose ends in order to stay hidden from the rest of the gang and remain anonymous.
    If a Benu divine needed any power it was that one to hide their existence from the world.
    The only issue with them is that rob will need a character flaw for them or there needs to be some way to reverse/realize the mind warp so that they can be discovered/exposed for a cool story line/campeign

  •  During the show, I could only think of the Beenu as an overpowered Sheev Palpatine, as he never had the ability to manipulate time, but he was able to drain life force, control the dark side in a manner never before seen, & manipulate the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire. I would love to see a Palpatine type character in URealms.
  • How do you think he will drain life by the way? Does having chaos control also give you a way to drain life force? Since we never did make a Divine to use them, what if alongside using Their own life force to stop time they can use the blood pool. In fact I may even make another thread to discus that.
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