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The Great Silence

Discussion for the Great Silence that will come with the arrival of our Forn Old God Divine.

One thing I'm wondering about is what happens to Believers and Ageless during the Great Silence.  Aren't they beings alive from magic?  And is the Ageless city in a natural air bubble or a magic one?  The latter would presumably collapse during the Great Silence causing mass destruction.


  • Deadlantis lies in a bubble filled with noxious gas, so likely it's natural, but indeed, the ageless are beings of magic, so I would assume at the very least that they are forced into dormancy during the great silence.
  • I think that would be a bit of a bummer for the show, so maybe it would put them into a coma-like state for that time? Then again you can never be sure with rob. I can see him just nuking them all for the sake of it.
  • @Pyrotrap My new idea is that the Forn God is going to use his hands to resurrect all the Ageless back to mortality. I was originally thinking he would just give the power to Lance (or someone else), but it appears he can't do that immediately now. But yes, the Death of Magic could also be the birth of life as well, as everyone (who isn't purely elemental) would come back to life thanks to the Forn Lord/Lady and their aides. Then when Magic Comes back, Bopen no longer has an Army, and has to start from scratch.

    ... Also, how will the Deadlantis Campaigns work if all the Ageless are dead/brought back to life?
  • Usually ageless die by their bodies being destroyed, so likely that will be the outcome here, their magic is silenced and unable to control their bodies, but they wouldn't necessarily die as it would end the entire war instantly.
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    also what happens after the death of magic runs it's course something similar to the birth of magic where everyone goes insane? new races are born? etc.
  • I expect that the Ageless can survive without magic, they are "living" beings, not creatures being sustained by a spell. I would assume that their old life force is what is being used to keep them animated as skeletons, though they may not be able to be in human form during The Great Silence.
  • It depends, I would imagine that the great silence might destroy any ageless thralls, but ageless with in-tact minds may live.
  • I really love this idea because it sounds as such a unique concept. Has there ever been a story where magic casting goes away in the middle of the plot?
  • @Morphine I would assume not.  Because the "Birth of Magic" things weren't caused by the creation of magic, but the death of Phanto.  Not to mention that magic existed before the "Birth of Magic," the event actually describes magic splitting from one type, Light, to a spectrum of 6 types, which again happened because one of the two "Light" dragons died creating "Dark" magic and the other 4 inbetween.
  • It's called the Great Silence, maybe it's referring to the Silence status condition where you can't cast magic. It doesn't necessarily destroy all existing magic, though it might not be possible to create new Ageless during this time.
  • What happens to Bopen during the Great Silence, like will whatever magic that's holding him together fail? Also what about gold, will people be incapable of making new gold, or using old gold?
  • @Caprikel The card said that those who rely on magic to survive will suffer greatly during the Death of Magic.
    I take that to mean that it does not extend to just new magic but also has an effect on existing magic.
  • Maybe all ageless and believers are frozen in time in some sense? I know believers can't be frozen by conventional magic but maybe the beings couldn't infest the books?  
    Otherwise by the same logic Divines, High Bears and Raskum would temporarily be mortal

    Or like @Caprikel ;said maybe its just that everyone has lost the ability to control/cast magic.
  • @Greyson losing the ability to create gold could actually be an interesting political crisis as it could suddenly cause hyperinflation if the value of gold suddenly seemed to become meaningless to everyone, so how would people trade?
  • @BlackWhiteCavias
    Then that means once the Forn arrives, the Ageless will either be weakened, immobile, or just dead, and the Forn would have to join their side since they would become the losing side. 
  • If you read the card it says that people will be unable to cast magic and that beings that depend on the magic to live will suffer. The ageless won't die they will just have a really bad time.
  • @TheIr0nKn1ght
    I wonder what that suffering entails. My guess is that they're simply weakened, with a bit of suffering thrown in as well.
  • see I was thinking that the less magical races will just have a field day while the more magically inclined ones are weakened as their main advantage over the other races is gone.
  • On a side note how does this affect Funks?
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