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Urealms Census Poll

Let's get some stats about the urealms community and what they are thinking about the world we are crafting.

Stats; (I will update these as more people take the poll)[I will also try to post the charts themselves so my reporting of them is more accurate]{also Rob if you see this and want me to send you a stats directly let me know}
ATTENTION EVERYONE don't use survey monkey for your polls, we have reached over 100 responses and to access those ones past 100 I need to pay money

Whom do you want to win the Light vs Ageless war?
The Light - 34 votes
Ageless - 16 votes
Both should be destroyed - 10 votes
Peace should be achieved between the two - 28 votes
Don't care about the war - 12 votes

Whom is your fovrateDragon Aspect?
Ouro'ras - 7 votes
Rokesh - 8 votes
Yavander - 19 votes
Valrunga - 13 votes
Quintara Lotus - 36 votes
Golestandt - 9 votes
I don't care about the gods - 7 votes

How do you feel the mana council is doing managing the realm?
27 votes towards the Mana council not doing great
64 votes towards them doing ok
9 votes towards them doing great

Which do you believe is the best race in the realm? The worst?
1. Kobolds
2. Keen
3. Dwarf
4. Gnomes
5. Elves
6. Dvergr Dvergrs
7. Porcs
8. High Bears
9. Dwelf
10. Black Boar
11. Goblin
12. Gobolf

Do you want the Beenu Divine to control the world?
36 votes to no, they and the order of chaos should be stoped
21 votes to the middle with no decernablechoice
43 votes to yes, the beenu divine should control everything

What side in the war should the Forn and Forn Divine take?
The Light - 54 votes
The Ageless - 12 votes
They should stay out of it - 8 votes
They should fight for themselves as a thrid party - 23 votes
They should fight for whoever pays the most - 2 votes

Rank the members of the order of chaos.
1. Nader Leomaris
2. Maelstrom
3. Sallazhar Sintour
4. Galen Sunsword
5. Douglass Winchester
6. Ghostblade
7. Lunk
8. Lola van Dryach

Rank the Grand Paladins.
1. Bruce Willakers
2. Virgo Sunsword
3. Gwyenth Sunsword
4. Thor

Do you trust Maelstrom?
Yes - 44 votes
No - 56 votes

Do you trust your fellow Old Gods?
Yes - 31 votes
No - 69 votes


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