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Question about believers

It is a well known fact that a believer cannot accept the fact that they may be a believer. However, what would happen if one were to write a book where the main character is a believer, and knows they are a believer (or just knows they may be a believer)? Could a believer even inhabit this book? 


  • A believer could not inhabit that book.
  • Like @PoppyrusRose are saying, believers choose their book, so They will not go for books That doesn't make sense for a believer, hence why you won't see a believer inhabit math books, stuff that doesn't Have any characters to mimic or like in this case a book where it would be unfiting for the believer.
  • It might still work. Just like how a believer can't read or write unless the book specifies they can.
  • The card for Believer says "You generally lack the ability of self awareness" so I would think that they would become the character in the book who knows they're a Believer, but they won't know that there is another level to the being a Believer.
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