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  • I was thinking that instead of days and nights, we could instead talk about the revolutions of the Sun Gods. Otherwise I think it is quite good.
  • Quick question. Since when was @Caprikel 's message to Lunk to join the Ageless side gilded? Was it just recently, or did it get gilded a long time ago and k havent seen it
  • @Phendrix way b4, I'm p sure
  • edited April 2019
    I might be able to check, actually
    Nvm, mobile. I did find something funny, though--I chose Rokesh as my favorite Dragon God way b4 this, and aren't Forn related to him, somehow? I remember that being a thing for some reason

  • @Caprikel btw it's unrelated but who's going to receive this message? because sending it to a member of the OOC like maelstrom would be quite useless since the forn god will arrive during the war which happens before maelstrom's ascension in the final talon and we still don't know if "normal" people can hear what you guys write (except for kobolds like chimera who can hear our whispers after consuming dragon silver)

    also @Phendrix the message was sent early last year but it was gilded recently, like in the last few days I'm pretty sure
    The only ones that have been gilded for a while are the one with the numbers and the first one to maelstrom.
  • I changed it so instead of days and nights it uses Callisto instead. I still feel that it could be improved, so I'm still accepting ideas.

    A great silence will befall the realm.
    Those who don't rely on magic will overwhelm.
    No magic can be cast, 
    and for 77 sights of Callisto it will last.
    With it a miserable Tree will come forth,
    bringing with it 4 gifts of the seasons to those with the most worth.
  • that sounds real good
  • maybe omit the and in line 4 for a better flow, and the it from the last line, replacing with a comma.
  • @kunaiknife452 Here it is with your changes.
    I'll probably post it as is unless anyone else has some last minute ideas.

    A great silence will befall the realm.
    Those who don't rely on magic will overwhelm.
    No magic can be cast, 
    for 77 sights of Callisto it will last.
    With it a miserable Tree will come forth,
    bringing with, 4 gifts of the seasons to those with the most worth.

    @Weslid ;
    Since it seems the Beenu God will be coming after the Forn God, the message will just be to anyone in the Order of Chaos who can hear us. I imagine it would be relevant someone like Galen, or even Lunk. 
  • a-aw... am i too late now
  • And so it shall begin.
  • @Caprikel dont forget we can talk to them before they exist as well, implied by rawb when he was talking about the freezing thing

  • Do you guys think you can post links and Videos? Could you just post normal memes about minecraft? I think it would be hilarious if Maelstorm had a fidget spinner.

    Also, if links do work, could you post the Wiki Link? Arm those who follow us with the Tools of Knowledge?
  • I would think they would just get the link in their head then just be like "O, what is this random string of letters and numbers?!?!?!" and they couldn't do anything with them because their brains aren't computers
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    Maybe we could give some aims/goals in the whispers as well.
    Like graffiti on the biggest sword in the world. 
    Find out about and tell us what species can breed whit which other species.

    Record us the sweetest love story in the realm. 

    Create a sporting tournament, like football with spells.

    Find the four miserable people that received tree powers and use them to get the beenu back.

    Find out what happens to Neena Brando and Romulus

    Make an unsuspecting character king of a dwarfen kingdom.... etc.

    The possibilities are endless.

  • I think someone mentioned in chat that believers are magical and will probably disappear during this time of no magic. Anyone feel that this is relevant to the prophecy thingy?
  • @friskyBrisky no he doesn’t outrank her he’s on the path to becoming a sun dragon at the moment he is only a welpling
  • I like this community collaboration. Good stuff!
  • We also need to guide the uninitiated order of chaos - people like Lola, who may be lost. Guide them to the final talon. We can probably convince Lola with whispers of power, things only we could know. 
  • I didn't reed all the posts but I have an idea of how he can communicate back? The screen time that the benu has might be short, so in order to communicate his progress to us he can have his progress all over  the realm in publicity posters,  in simple code
    let's say that the great silence has occurred but he can't find the tree.

    (copied fromCaprikel)
    1 A great silence will befall the realm
    2 Those who don't rely on magic will overwhelm.
    3 No magic can be cast, 
    4 for 77 sights of Callisto it will last.
    5 With it a miserable Tree will come forth,
    6 bringing with, 4 gifts of the seasons to those with the most worth.

    If he can't find the tree, and this is his third edition,  in all the posters he would write,
    (the order of the message)(the line were his having problems)(the number of the word that he wants more info on)  

    (lest imagine is his 3 message)
    (more info on the tree)

    he could send its progress all over the realm in code so we can know his progress and coordinate accordingly
  • however, how do we tell him this?
  • Wonder if this was the best shot at getting into order of chaos. There probably wont be another stream with so much DD
    (and I missed it. I hate my stupidity >:( )
  • yeah feel like i will never join the order, levels doesn't really matter when the numbers gets to big, but i hope you folk how just got in to the orders do have fun and  write some cool texts. i wish you all a fun time and great moments 
  • @Dall it was, though there is the options of finding rawb at a convention and getting his riddle or the tattoo to get in
  • i would really think through getting a tattoo before anyone does that to get in to the order, depending on your line of work and where you live it can end up severely affect your life and income. i work in theater and with help organisations so it is sadly of the tabel for me. and sadly lives rob on the other side of the Atlantic so will not run into him easy, but yeah for anyone thinking of getting the tattoo so you can get in to the order, just think it throe first.
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