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The New Order of Chaos Members



  • congratz to all, have fun messing with our world!!! :)

    [Jealously grumbles to himself]
  • I'm happy to see wayoftime up there. Dude has been following for a long while, spent quite a bit of money and is the mod author behind blood magic iirc. 
  • I guess i rolled some kobold dies and got double twenty's.
    The odd's of getting picked twice are so unlikely that i didn't even consider this happening, After that happened i did not want to tempt fate and stopped partaking in the divine decisions.

    I will do my best as a part of the order of chaos. Congratulations to my fellow members, be careful with your powers, you might just get exactly what you want.
  • I was given to much power. I gave flight to a bird person.
  • @Beepatron you might've given them an extra pair of wings though  :)
  • @Beepatron
    At least we know they can fly super fast, which will come in handy. It's also better for combat than the teleportation since it said that the teleportation would make them nauseous after using it too much, and flight + time stop is as effective as teleportation.
  • Have good 'ol time telling the characters about the crazy stuff that just happened lol
  • congrats guys <3
  • So..who's gonna make the discord? Kappa
  • @Beepatron ;
    Yours was probably the best since it was the most hilarious one lmao
  • edited April 2019
    @PoppyrusRose someone say discord? It ain't much but its honest work.

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