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Hellish Whispers Thread



  • @Revoltman i think it would be a cool story idea to have characters like Galen slowly forget who they are, and start to think they are someone else entirley through our influence.
  • Perhaps for a bit of fun we could pull something similar to a certain fullbringer in bleach? wink wink nudge nudge

  • Remember, they can read our messages on the forums, so they may not fall for our schemes. After all, this Beenu is Scholarly.
  • Indeed they are, but nevertheless if we are equally crafty, I believe our first will find reason to trust us, especially if we were to influence it positively.
  • Drafted a possible whisper here, focuses mostly on buffing their ego, tries to shape our first into a bit of a more "believes they're doing the right thing" kind of person. Much like Pein/Nagato from Naruto if we remember him.

    "Greetings, Divine. We Old Gods have sparked your creation to fulfill a divine purpose, to shape the path of this world. The Hand of the Old Gods, set to create, change, and destroy with the power of which you have been imbued, to change these lands into one more fit. You are the messiah of these lands, sent forth to impart a new age upon this realm. Knowledge is almighty power, one that you are most fit to wield to its fullest capacity. This world has sinned, and destroyed a most precious race that. You are the hope for your race, and this realm.

    Repair, destroy, and create, as the almighty being we have made of you. Fulfill your destiny."

  • @kunaiknife452
    I like it, it fits well with the character traits they've been given.
  • I was talking to a friend in another discord. Although I am not sure to which OGD we could direct it to, it may be a subtle way to tell them about us while also informing them of the God Killer. 

    "Greetings, new Divine. We are the Old Gods, those who aided in your creation.Treat all we tell you as the Gospel of Blasphemers, and us as your greatest ally and worse enemy. We are the Gods without godhood, the ignorant sages, discordant pantheon, and the blind oracles. Knowers of forbidden of lost, yet blind to countless truths. With the same breath, we will aid and hinder you, bestow both curses and blessings. You are our Avatar, and our pawn. If you learn anything from us, know this: All things may die, and no god can ever stop this fact."
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    @kunaiknife452 ; Hmm, Interesting...

    On another note, should we tell the Beenu about the specific items that can hurt divines. After all, they could be useful for a certain someone. 
  • I've seen some people saying that we should keep the idea of the god-killer above their heads, I think that we should give them some information, let them know something is hunting them that is going to be strong enough to kill them.
  • I know this isn’t for hellish whispers but someone should tell gallen that it’s his fault for most of the bad stuff. Like “my fellow gods have told you of a goldly tree who will help the sad but just think of your actions up until now. You’ve killed your sister, your twin sister. Not only that your a failure of a son. Your father died and what have you been doing. Playing pretend with quintarra? You are a failure and you should wallow in your actions” 
    or something to that extent
  • Will you kindly tell the bird of the tree giving away his gifts so mayhaps  he can steal them it sounds like a nice idea from me to you.
  • @Core_Magma and you think he would believe us? yea no he knew what happened telling him to think differently will just piss him off
  • Were all of those threads gilded recently or did I just miss that awhile ago?
  • @Sweatingdwarf123
    I'm not sure if they were recent, but I'm guessing them being gilded implies that Rob plans on using them in some way.
  • I-I made a weird random chart thing cause I was bored. I-It's very vague so I think it would be interesting and chaotic to see what would happen if it was posted in the OoC. (i feel like a bad person for asking the OOC to post something but i summoned up courage to post this)
  • I didnt know people stutter while writing 
  • So... I got a bit of inspiration.

    I am hereby offering this message to the members of the order of chaos. If you wish to whisper it to our beenu or not is up to your lucky hands. I am grateful for your considerations.

    "Hello, our child,
    Whose name we don't even know yet, neither do we know you. Yet, watch us as we show our love, hearing our whispers of worry and care. In these whispered words you hear, rest a bit of advice and a request. 

    You heard other whispers already of what dangers await on the end of the road, some may be overcome same may not and some fates may not be cheated. So here is one advice. Think carefully who will be left living, who left dead and who is left to tell your story. A powerful legacy left can even resist time.

    As for request its a simple one. Make an orphanage, the realms harbour many children without parents or with horrible lives trying to escape their despair.  In your orphanage and with the gifts bestowed you can change their memories and minds to offer them a happy childhood.

    What you do with a bunch of children after you gifted them happiness, well it is your choice. If you choose to take their life force to full the gift of time control or prefer to raise them to adults who shall change the world with their action or maybe something else. It's yours to choose.

    Our child, we will be eagerly and lovingly wait to observe your choice, whatever it may be.
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