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Trees; Light vs Ageless

Ok as soon as Rawb brought up the possibility of the Forn join the Light or Bopen's ageless. So I took it upon myself to gather the pros and cons of each side.

The Light;
- Knows mortality and follows the cycle of life and death like the Forn
- Many civilians and innocents were threatened, attacked, killed, and forced to turn ageless by ageless
- Follow and worships the same 6 dragons aspects
- Trees are one of the first signs of life [simcowking]
- We have seen nonForn practice Tree Law meaning their life and culture is available to the citizens of the light

-the natural expansion of society would threaten the forest 

Neutral Facts;
- Likely have interacted with the light before (whether these interacts where good or bad we don't know)

The Ageless;
- Massive suicide rate and depression
- Exiled from all of society
- Little to no need for any type of consumption
- Smaller total population

- Destructive forces that could betray them
- The people of the ageless who are depressed, likely they were forced to become ageless and forced to follow Bopen
- The entire rest of the world (Besides spiders) shows extreme hate and distrust for ageless making them risky allies that could also alienate them from all of society
- Bopen identifies himself as the ageless god, therefore, rejecting the 6 dragon aspects including Rokesh
- Kidnapped and forced children to count pebbles for days on end
- The Forn being tree beings follow the cycle of birth, life, death the ageless are putting a clog in that system [Tamwin5]
- At the end of the Senate of Deadlantis, most if not all of the skull crushers got invigorated and sided with Bopen so they may not be considered depressed anymore.

Neutral Facts;
- New to the world, so not many preexisting encounters to base an opinion from
- Forn (if what Rawb says becomes canon) can't become ageless

Let me know if you have any other pros, cons, or others to add in the comments below


  • Personally, I feel that them joining the Light makes more sense from a story perspective in both the short and long run. Bopen full on winning and killing/turning all living things would leave quite a mess of the world to write stories in. But any ending where
    1. Light wins eradicating ageless
    2. Light wins accepting ageless in society
    3. Light wins enslaving ageless
    4. Ageless wins and lives in peace with light
    5. Ageless wins enslaving light (so long ass light still keeps up the fight from the shadows)
    These are the only options that lead to more development in the story. Whereas in Bopen full wins turning everyone ageless then what is there left to develop with. We have been shown that ageless left to their own devices just sit there motionless and don't do anything. Heck even when the elves were immortal they still had a society, and friends, and family, and parties. We have been shown ageless left by themselves don't aspire to anything and the few things they do aspire to do all involve the living in one way or another.
  • I would prefer if the Forn goes with the light, but it might go with he ageless. If that's the case my question is... Can the healing power cure the ageless curse? 

    If it works like that, giving the healing power to Zanaria Vinistro would be... interesting. She does seem depressed enough.
  • I also feel like it should be light.... but i can also see it go to the ageless.  So maybe a divine decision is need to deterimine the side of the o.g.d torn
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