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Hellish Whispers Thread



  • I feel it is important to keep many options on the table here, as a Puppet Master Divine we have many political options here, most especially in mind Coup d'état. By manipulating those that are closest to the leaders of the different factions and organizations, we gain much power over these factions while remaining rather quiet.
  • @kunaiknife452
    By getting a Pupper Master with Memory manipulation, we've basically been giving the best manipulator to manipulate. 
    Also which decision did you make? All I remember is that you chose a decision I was glad to see.
  • @Caprikel They chose Fighting Power, which ultimately didn't come to fruition
  • We should ask our firstborn to seek out their sibling and either befriend or at least keep an eye on them
  • @Caprikel I Made the Decision for the "Last Fighting Power" Arrival.
  • I agree with core
  • @Core_Magma By befriend or keep an eye on, do you mean that the Beenu takes over the forest that the Forn is apart of?
  • @jsuoha well they are a sibling but the tree might be physically stronger so just uses them as the muscle
  • With the second of the divines being miserable, it will be important to keep an eye on them for sure, as now it will be likely that our second gives ageless their powers, meaning our first will have to work both sides more if we were to create as much disorder and chaos as possible.
  • maybe have the first ogd have the second one as a sleeper agent to turn on the ageless if they decide to join bopen
  • @Earth seems that they will likely join the light at the rate this is going.
  • wait, can't the Beenu make the Forn give their powers to the first.
  • if the first one was sad which is possible
  • @jsuoha it depends, the Forn will be arriving sometime in Season 5 so its likely we would have to inform the first of where the second arrived if we wanted that to happen.
  • I just thought of something devilish. What if we had our Beenu use memory manipulation to convince the Forn that our Beenu is the saddest person, so that the Forn gives their power to the Beenu?
  • I'm partial to our first manipulating the memories of key people so that they become miserable themselves, so that our second decides to transfer their powers to them.
  • @Caprikel great minds think alike?

  • @christherenegade13 The Beenu can make the Forn think that the Beenu is the most miserable being in all of the realm. @kunaiknife452 If the Global Divinity arrival is pick then the Beenu would know and just fly to the Forn's location.
  • @Hunter Bopen isn't a Sinner yet, he can't hear us.

    I ask the Whisperers to tell the Tree to give Lance Willakers his life, and then give him the Cursed Hands ability, because it would perfectly fit Lance Willakers.
  • nah lance should embrace his eternal ageless curse, also they should tell Maelstrom or Ghostblade to inform Bopen of my previous message
  • I have a suggestion: tell the ogd were every legendary is what it does and if it can kill divines
  • Sew Chaos. Tell the OGD that they are not who they think they are. There are instead, someone else entirley. And make up something
  • i should mention that this divine is smart and wont just believe everything that we tell it
  • edited April 2019
    Perhaps telling our Beenu that they are the one that is destined to rule this world from the shadows could be interesting? Creating superiority-complex in such a manipulative being could be entertaining, especially around the time that the second arrives in the Great Silence, perhaps to challenge that rule.
  • @Revoltman
    That would be helpful. We know legendary spell scrolls can be found throughout the world, and the Beenu will have control of the world's markets to get him/her all the legendary spell scrolls they could want. 
    In fact the ability to use memory manipulation and the political/economic power the Beenu will have will be far greater of a power than any normal power.
  • @Revoltman ;
    who said that was for the Divine?

  • @Dart It might be a bad idea to lie to the Beenu, since they are very smart, and will stop trusting us if we do. For now we should focus on giving them useful information to make them more powerful.

    That would be interesting, we could tell them that they are destined to rule the world, and possibly have that be what caused our old God to become a Puppet Master in the first place. 
    Also we could still try to have them revive the Beenu by having them use their global domination to create a sanctuary for Beenu, and find a way to use magical insemination to impregnate people with Beenu. 
    All they would need to do is find someone with creation magic or advanced resurrection magic, and manipulate them into creating or reviving Beenu.  
  • @Dart please clarify because i dont know what your saying
  • I don't think we can ever trust a character enough to tell them how or when they'll die. We need to always hold that above them - for they may do something drastic knowing their incoming fate.
    If we tell them anything about God Killer - I suggest we lie and say we can save them if they help us.
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