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Why Miserable Forn wouldn't join ether side (now why they won't join the dead)

Ok they are miserable and they are sad as they have seen all the death and misery caused by people fighting, they see how the ageless suffer under persecution, they see the suffering Bopen causes by his actions. So they oppose the very war and go to stop it, and make it so that both sides live in harmony.


  • That conflicts with the OGD's purpose as warmonger.
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    Ya you might have a point
    Also cursed hands: Spring
    Tranquility: Winter
  • and, having cursed hands and likely tranquility as powers, they will join the side of the light.
  • summer can be creation magic
  • I really don't understand why forn would join the ageless. They see the ageless bringing death to the world. They can see their dead brothers stood for all of eternity. Then a Divine Forn comes in, why would they not use their abilities to bring the dead back to life and make sure the ageless don't do anymore harm. 
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    Tranquility: Fall
    Cursed hand: spring
    Sinner:  Winter
    Creation magic: Summor
  • I think with how it is set up now they will join the light as the people on the light side have lost so many people to the ageless and are the most miserable, while any fighting ageless are just mindless or vindictive.
  • The Forn themselves might not join the Ageless, but the OGD might give their powers to one of the Ageless, as they have some of the most depressing lives and backstories in URealms.
  • Speaking for the Light side is that they literally have Sad Lady.
  • I guess OGD giving their powers to the Ageless is a possibility, though I guess a vocal part of the chat wanted the powers to stay in Forn hands per the concept of four tree lords symbolizing the four seasons with the powers split accordingly.
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    Nobody is more miserable than Gwyneth. She has absolutely had the worst life. Some Cured Hands can make a real difference there.
  • With the spring, summer, winter, fall, and the fact that the Forn OGD will give away their powers, paints for me a story about the cycle of life, death and rebirth. The Ageless are the halting of that cycle, and so I think that they should follow the light, or at least be against the ageless.
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    I am personally all for the Forn keeping those powers within the Forn, or at least giving cursed hands to Gweneth or Galen.
  • though whoever gets creation magic will be dangerous as they can gain any other divine power.
  • So if the Forn joins whichever side is losing, it will create an interesting situation where we'll want the side that we support to be losing. 
  • The Forn comes down and turns off the powers of both sides to cast spells, which really hurts their abilities to commit acts of violence. Wherever he goes, the fighting stops, and the people fall into a simple restful sleep. I those aren't the powers of a God of Peace, then I don't know what are.
  • See that's the thing this divine will spawn into the realm at that point, so they won't speak for the forn, The divine will just give their powers to those who are suffering. So it mostly depends where it spawns as most of the ageless hoard is mindless, spiders or bopen every other ageless will most likely be at the back. The forn are beings of life and prosperity so they will most likely join the living as the ageless curse causes people to become depressed with their endless life not to mention the only depressed leaders are the skull bashers and they just want to die. Otherwise, there are plenty of living people are suffering as their loved ones have been killed by the ageless hoard.
  • I think the Forn divine would maybe join ogres of all races. I base this around Yvander being the most miserable character of them all.
  • ....... oh no will the forn divine give Yvander a power? if so what power?
  • Tbh I love the idea of 4 tree lords with the powers of the seasons, It's a really cool concept.

    Also, rob never strictly mentioned that the OGD would give away their powers forever and they don't have them or can't use them anymore. It could be a temporary boon or gift to allow someone in the realm to use their power for a short time.
    It also doesn't mean they can't give part of one power to multiple people. Aka followers that keep each other in check and from abusing said power.

    Also, I don't think Rob would allow the OGD to give away the creation power EVER unless there is super specific reason to do so and it solves cannon issues in the future
  • I personally believe that the forn would join the side that is winning. They do not join the light of darkness because they believe that either side is right. The forn protects the tree law. And the balance and well being of nature is being tarnished and decimated by war. Either by the destruction of battle fields or destroying more natural resources to create weapons. No the Divine does not join to win the wars. The Divine joins to end them swiftly. He fights not because he wishes to. He fights to minimize the loss. This is why he is  miserable. This is the best way to save the most people. The Divine is a warmonger not because he loves to fight. The Divine joins as many wars as as possible as to end conflict. But the Divine understands that this will never bring and end to the vicious cycle of destruction and suffering. That is why he leaves behind a chance for the future. The plants the seeds of hope and potential to people the Divine believes may make a change. With all their power they can’t find a way to end the war but maybe somebody else can find the answer. His powers also help illustrate this personality.

    cursed hands: the want to lessen the destruction that the wars bring and save more families from the grief of loss

    tranquility: the calming peace the Divine wishes to bring to the world. 

    Creation magic: the want to bring more life into this world instead of destroy it

    and finally sinner: this is their guilt. This is the power they must use to keep the peace. Even with minimal loss, a loss is a loss.

    I realize this is a bit selfish of a thought but I really do wish rob sees this and maybe takes a bit of it into consideration. This is his show and I respect that but I think this would give more depth of character as to who and why this Divine does what it does. It also explains what it will do after that light vs dark war, look for more conflicts to end. All the while carrying a heavy heart for all the lives that will end because they can’t stop the conflict. Because it is not their purpose we old gods made a peaceful tree a warmonger. This is the Divine we made. Now with their purpose chosen they must only fufill it. Unable to change its fate and fight on. While it leaves the hope that with the seeds he plants behind him that another will find a way to end the conflict. 

    Thank you so much to reading all this. This is once again just my opinion and don’t mean to say this is how it should be. This is just what I would like it to be like
  • Odds are this god will comit suicide and bestow his powers to the saddest members of whichever group it joins 
  • @DamnitDaBears but rawb did say that (paraphrasing) “he would find the most miserable people to give its power so it may rest” aka killing itself
  • @Revoltman he did say that but nothing is set in stone yet. I’m sure he has initial ideas of what to do with characters on the fly but when you think about them more you can make a better story
  • If you look at all the cards the Forn has, I would say they will join the side of the living. I'll be a little, tiny bit salty if they don't >>
  • @Nexid yes but odds are that he will follow the cards it would be a dick move to do the opposite of what we raffled for so he could have a better story
  • @Cloud The question is which  would have the most regrettable and lost characters as the miserable card says the powers would be given away to that side and due to the warmonger card I expect the OGD would also join that side.
    The ageless can be argued to be the most regrettable and miserable as the Skullbreaker faction is by far the biggest faction in the Senate and literally consists of ageless wanting to die. The living have a number of sad characters (However I don't count Gwyneth as she is dead and it doesn't make sense to give the powers to another divine (which I believe the GP counts as)), but the ageless have more and it can be argued that they are sadder. 
  • @BlackWhiteCavias but only a faction of them are the sadness meaning that if they did join the dead our Forn divine wouldn't be giving bopen, spiders, or just about any main character any powers it would have to be skull breakers aka characters like dead bones ageless.
    Also, it is horribly inaccurate to say that the ageless are the most miserable because if you look at how the ageless war has affected the living you see suffering on the side of the living wherever the ageless go as they attack with their mindless hoards and life-hating spiders.
    This is why I think the forn OGD would join the living, while there is a faction of sad ageless the living are suffering more with their loved ones being killed and turned into mindless ageless minions that they then need to fight and kill. Not to mention it goes against what the forn as a species stand for. Just because this forn is miserable doesn't mean the OGD is going to go F life, he might just not want to watch the suffering of the living any longer, so as the OGD just wants to give away their powers and die..

    Also one last question.. if the OGD wants to die why would it join the side that would give it the next closest thing to immortality?
  • @BlackWhiteCavias I know what the question is. But it was stated that whatever the Forn's card pool is would dictate which side it joins. I think with the selection it has, it definitely leans towards the living. It can still join one side and then give its powers to members of another. This is a show where anything can happen.
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