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Campaign Thread: A Fate Worse than Death



  • Woot woot hyyyype!
  • @PoppyrusRose that would be amazing  
  • 89% filled
  • We did it Reddit!!
  • There are going to be a lot of new Order members joining the club. It'll still be small, but far bigger than it was before.

    I look forward to seeing what happens with this.
  • Most of the Personalities were very disappointing.
  • @Harkmagic I don't see that as such. I enjoyed a lot of the options and the abilities to create weird and wacky characters.
    But I mean, Rob couldn't create everything for everyone. Still, it was really cool for something that has never happened before.

  • Character not even done yet but I am amused.
  • edited April 2019
    One character done, and its amazing. XD
    The next one will be fascinating to watch! 
    So many chances to bring back the bennu but the gods of random didnt let us. Still I am sure it will bean amazing story XD
  • Old Gods, I have one wish for you guys; ask the Tree to give Lance back his life, and the ability to give it to others. Lance Willakers is the perfect candidate for the Cursed Hands.
  • For future reference, the pronunciation is Papyrus (for writing, ya know?) The rest won't matter once I get my name changed, but it kinda relates to nature Forn, so I MIGHT reconsider
  • time for the sinners to inform the benu the info that a god killer is gonna try to off him so he can use his powers to protect and prepare
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    These two characters are gonna making the story interesting. manipulation, war, a period of no magic... big things.

  • I would like if it the Arrival meant when they introduce themsleves, rather than where they first enter the realm. 
  • I literally looked at the time and thought "Huh, the campaign is starting in 2 hours. Better not forget". 9 hours later, here I am. This was such an important campaign. I am so dumb
  • May I ask about the 2 gods? I missed all of the second god and missed the arrival of the first god
  • Funny thing about the forn OGD getting tranquillity: when the Craft a God donation was activated Rawb had to draw 4 spells that would appear in the sky and be casted on each of the players and one of them was Dreamworld... coincidence or 13 dimensional chess? 
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    @Mortem our boy BigFoot made a thread and live recorded every decision in a thread here. Should b on the first page, even w the commotion
  • @friskyBrisky can it make an ageless alive again? does resurrection do that or would it just make a cracked ageless go back to an ageless, I'm not sure if that's been confirmed. Ageless aren't really dead Is how I see it so I'd think it wouldn't.
  • @Shane It technically said 'Any Character', so I assume that yes, Cursed Hands would turn an Ageless into a Living Creature again, even if things like Greater Lay of Hands could not.
  • SHOOT! My mental clock was all messed up and I forgot about the god building stream today!  :(
  • Our bird OGD could find the mortal with the raise the death ability makes them think they knew and loved beenu and they would raise the dead. Boom beenu are back! And if the order whispers all of the mortal characters names that get the powers from the tree ... Oh my the puppet master potential there XD
  • yea but rowb will never give us a way to find this mortal
  • The beenu absolutely has to ability to convince the tree to give him power.
  • One can dream :P Especial fun dreams. 
  • I mean the Beenu can technically brainwash the godkiller since there weren't limits on the card, but I doubt Rawb would allow that so i'm guessing there'd be some unstated limits, not sure if they'd do brainwash tree into thinking Beenu is super miserable.
  • @Shane the Beenu might be able to but we also don’t know quite how powerful this god killer is. It could be really difficult for the beenu to even get close enough to touch him. The god killer would probably be immune to time stop.
  • This was such a fun event to be a part of and watch! I can't believe that I didn't get any of the DD (I guess my luck ran out), but it was such an epic stream that highlighted the future of this show. Very excited to see what's next! 
  • im just putting this here...

    I didn't reed all the posts but I have an idea of how he can communicate back? The screen time that the benu has might be short, so in order to communicate his progress to us he can have his progress all over  the realm in publicity posters,  in simple code
    let's say that the great silence has occurred but he can't find the tree.

    (copied fromCaprikel)
    1 A great silence will befall the realm
    2 Those who don't rely on magic will overwhelm.
    3 No magic can be cast, 
    4 for 77 sights of Callisto it will last.
    5 With it a miserable Tree will come forth,
    6 bringing with, 4 gifts of the seasons to those with the most worth.

    If he can't find the tree, and this is his third edition,  in all the posters he would write,
    (the order of the message)(the line were his having problems)(the number of the word that he wants more info on)  

    (lest imagine is his 3 message)
    (more info on the tree)

    he could send its progress all over the realm in code so we can know his progress and coordinate accordingly
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